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King’s College Dental School was ranked 1st in the UK and 2nd in the world for Dentistry (QS World University Rankings 2019). With Partnerships with the world-famous hospitals: Guy’s, King’s College and St Thomas’, students will be working in state of the art clinical and technical facilities.

Key points

  •  Integrated Learning
  •  High UCAT score required
  • Very Competitive

About the university Compare

Key Information
Phone number020 7836 5454
Course Information
Teaching style Integrated/Traditional
The integrated nature of the course means that the basic science teaching will relate to clinical practice and clinical teaching. Throughout the degree, the teaching will shift from theoretical and academic science to practical and clinical experience
From Year 3 onwards more than half your time will be spent on clinics.
Course length5 years
Students have the opportunity to intercalate a BSc degree.
Courses offered4 Courses Offered
· Undergraduate and Graduate entry – 5 years
· Dentistry entry Programme for Medical Graduates - 3 Years
· Dentistry Graduates for graduates in biomedical-related science subjects and healthcare professionals with a degree - 4 years
· Enhanced Support Dentistry Programme – 5 years
Graduate entryYes
Foundation or accessNo
University Life
Local areaCentral London
Most accommodation options are in central London. There are convenient transport links to every part of the city.
Social lifeThere are more than 300 clubs and societies to be a part of. There are plenty of options for a night out. There are world class and theatres and museums to enjoy.
Interview styleMMI
6 stations lasting 5 minutes each
Interview datesDecember - March
Interview topics
  • Communication Skills
  • Exploring general and ethical Issues
Admissions Tests
UCATThere is not a threshold UCAT score however a higher score is advantageous in securing an interview offer.
The Situational Judgement Test is also taken into account when shortlisting.
Academic Requirements
GSCEN/AGCSE’s not used beyond minimum requirements.
Grades required: Grade 6/B In English Language and Mathematics
A-levelA*AA is common
Subjects required:Biology or Chemistry in addition to studying one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths or Psychology.
Grades required: A*AA
Retake policyYes
Applications will be considered who are resitting one or more of their School qualifications where there are mitigating circumstances.
Scottish highersGrades required: AAA
Must be combined with two Scottish Advanced Highers.
The same subject in both Higher and Advanced Higher will not be counted
Scottish advancedGrades required: AA
Must be combined with three Scottish Highers.
The same subject in both Higher and Advanced Higher will not be counted.
Subjects required:Chemistry and Biology
IBGrades required: 35 points
Subjects required: 7,6,6 at Higher Level with HL6 in both Chemistry and Biology
Bachelor's Degree (Gradutes Only)2:1 Honours Degree
A grade B in Biology or Chemistry and a B in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths or Psychology at A-Level must be achieved.
The GCSE requirements must be met.
Applications in 19/20Total number of home applicants: 665
Interviews in 19/20Total number of applicants interviewed: 321
Offers in 19/20Total number of offers: 221
Success rate in 19/20Application success rate:
Offers per applicant: 1 in 3
Interview success rate:
Offers per interview: 1 in 1.5

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Post as “Anonymous”


Harveer SinghMedic Mind Tutor

24 February 2021

Dear MM,
I am a student who was affected by the COVID pandemic and received CAGs in Summer 2020. Unfortunately I was only given AAB. This was an unfair result for many reasons but given that I had only decided on a career in healthcare (after work experiences) after the deadline for 2020 entry, I was already going to apply again and therefore didn’t have the months of time needed for an appeal. Someone who started an appeal at my school in September 2020, is still in the appeals process now that is February 2021, with no certainty that it will be successful.
I was originally going to correct my CAGs by doing the autumn exams but I found myself increasingly unable to for the following reasons:

– My school gave me very little support in my application and since I found out I would need predicted grades to apply, I asked if I could be predicted higher. They took so long to reply that I missed the UCAT deadline and sadly therefore I couldn’t apply to any universities I wanted to. I tried my best to apply to Leeds since they are the sole BMAT Dentistry University, however, it is possible I could be rejected and especially since I was robbed of the chance of applying to universities I want to go to. The only real evidence for my school’s actions is the lack of replies they gave me and the massive delays between emails, however I understand that this is probably insufficient. Although, my next point is backed up strongly though.

– My mental wellbeing had deteriorated increasingly as throughout the period of August until now, I have been isolated from family and friends. I have domestic issues with my parents and whilst in school I could handle this because I had libraries to study at and help from friends, I was unable to withstand this burden during the pandemic. I couldn’t study anywhere except home where I had issues. All this stress of not knowing where or if I could apply combined with these factors lead me to develop depression and anxiety which has afflicted me since summer last year and is ongoing now. At the time of making an application, very little was clear on universities’ stances for people in my situation and even knowing what our exam options were remained unclear for a long time after results day. On top of this Autumn exams were less than 2 months later.
I have prescriptions and doctors notes as evidence if needed. Specifically I take anti anxiety and anti depression medication. As a result I decided to do Summer 2021 exams over Autumn, as the only universities I could apply to would take Summer 2021 and Autumn 2020 exams to be the same. Therefore it made logical sense, for my mental wellbeing.

I have been predicted A*AA. Will I be able to apply in 2021 for 2022 entry, after sitting summer exams?


AnonymousMedic Mind Tutor

24 February 2021

Same issue pls help