GAMSAT for Graduates

What is the GAMSAT?

The Graduate Medical School Admissions Test, or GAMSAT as it is most commonly known, is an admissions test used only for graduate admissions for medical school. It is not used for all graduate admissions to medicine in the UK, but it is used by a few, so be sure to check if you need to sit the GAMSAT so you can register in time to sit the exam. 

The GAMSAT evaluates the nature and extent of your abilities and skills that you have gained through prior experience with learning, including concepts of basic science, as well as the acquisition of more general skills such as problem solving, writing and critical thinking. Scientific knowledge is test at a basic level, enabling students whose first degree is in a non-science subject to sit and success in the exam, however it is stated on the GAMSAT website that the GAMSAT is not possible without knowledge and ability in the biological and physical sciences. 

How much does it cost, and when can I sit it?

The GAMSAT is quite pricey in comparison to the UCAT and BMAT examinations, so be sure you need to sit it before booking. The cost is as follows, correct for the 2019 sitting:

$505 ASD – Australia

£262 GBP – UK

€335 EUR – Ireland

With additional late fees of:

$100 ASD – Australia

£60 GBP – UK

€70 EUR – Ireland

*Fees will be charged in Australian Dollars for those sitting the exam outside of the UK and Ireland. 

The GAMSAT has two sittings on offer, one in March and one in September, be sure to check the registration dates for the test sitting you have chosen, you don’t want to miss the deadline! 

For the actual sitting of the GAMSAT, you will need to allow a full day, as it is recommended on the GAMSAT website that you anticipate being at the test centre for at least 9 hours from the arrival time stated on your admission ticket. It is imperative that you arrive early or on-time for your exam, as no latecomers will be admitted once the reading time of the exam has commenced. 

What’s in the GAMSAT, and how is it structured?

The GAMSAT assess your ability to understand and analyse material, critically think about issues, and organise and express thoughts in a logical and effective way. Typically there will be a passage of writing for candidates to read, graphical displays of information for you to interpret and tables of data to apply mathematical relationships and reasoning skills to.

The exam is divided up into three sections, these are as follows:

1 Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences

2 Written Communication

3 Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences

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