UCAT 2021 Interim Scores

The UCAT 2021 interim scores have been released. This report gives us details of the score distribution for the 16,996 candidates who took the exam before 12 September 2021.

How should I interpret interim UCAT scores?

The UCAT consortium are expecting another 20,000 candidates to take the exam before testing ends. You should use the scores as a rough guide to give you an idea of how well you’ve performed in comparison to other applicants. However, please exercise caution and expect the averages to change before the end of testing. In previous years the interim UCAT scores have tended to be higher than the corresponding final scores.

UCAT Interim Scores 2021

You will often see UCAT scores reported in deciles. Medical school exam results are also often reported in this way so it’s a good idea to get your head around how it works now! The first decile represents the lowest scoring 10% of candidates, while the second decile represents the next 10% and so on. This means that if you’ve scored the first decile score, you’ve scored higher than 10% of other candidates. Conversely scoring at the ninth decile means that you’ve scored better than 90% of candidates – well done!

Decile RankOverall Score

Interim Section Averages 2021

SectionAverage Score
Verbal Reasoning584
Decision Making631
Quantitative Reasoning685
Abstract Reasoning671

Situational Judgement Interim Scores

Band 116%
Band 240%
Band 332%
Band 412%

What does this all mean?

There’s a lot of data here to interpret so let’s go through the main takeaway points:

  • Lots of people are sitting the UCAT. Compared to this point last year, over 2,000 additional students have taken the exam. This might be an indicator that we’ll be seeing an increase in applications overall and perhaps more competition too.
  • Less Band 1 SJTs so far. Last year 35% of candidates scored a Band 1 SJT in the interim report, whereas the figure this year is 16%. This may mean that a Band 1 will be particularly advantageous – if you have a Band 1 make sure to check out which universities place more emphasis on the SJT!
  • Scores are roughly in-line with 2020. This means we might expect final scores to sit at roughly the same marks too. Expect final scores to drop slightly from interim scores.

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AnonymousMedic Mind Tutor

21 January 2022

I thought the 1st decile was the worst and 9th was best