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The following table shows sales of three separate magazines. There are two versions, the normal version which is 300 pages, and the deluxe edition which is 400 pages. The normal edition costs £8.99 whereas the deluxe edition costs £13.99


Magazine 1 Magazine 2 Magazine 3
Normal 36 41


Deluxe Edition (+100 pages)

29 25



1. Which of the following statements is true?
  • 5


    The correct answer is C.

    Magazine 3 made more revenue through its normal edition than its deluxe edition.

    Normal Edition

    61 x 8.99 = £548.39 (Could estimate by doing 60 x 10 = £600)

    Deluxe Edition

    27 x 13.99 = £377.73 (Could estimate by doing 30 x 14 = £420)

    There were more sales of deluxe edition than normal copies

    Deluxe: 29 + 25 + 27 = 81

    Normal: 36 + 41 + 61 = 138

    Magazine 1 was more popular than Magazine 2 overall

    Magazine 1 36 + 29 = 65

    Magazine 2 41 + 25 = 66

    The deluxe edition was found to be more cost effective by its customers

    No evidence of general consensus of public

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    Employee A Sales Employee B Sales
    May 100



    120 105
    July 75



    150 130
    September 55


    The table shows sales from Company X last year in terms of items sold.

    Summer months are June to August.

    2. Choose ‘Yes’ if the conclusion does follow. Choose ‘No’ if the conclusion does not follow.
    Employee B made more profit over the whole period.
    Employee A sold 125 more across the whole year.
    Employees A sold more in the summer months.
    Employees A and B sold the same number of items in total.
    In combination, Employees A&B sold 1000+ items in these months.


    No – Whilst the Employee had higher sales, this does not translate to more profit.

    No – We do not have data to describe sales across the whole year.

    Yes – In June, July, and August, the total sales for Employee A is 345 whereas for Employee B they are 340.

    No – Across the period, Employee A sold 500 and Employee B sold 515 and so they didn’t sell the same number.

    Yes – Across the period, Employee A sold 500 and Employee B sold 515 and so they sold 1015 in total.

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    Sun, 19 Sep 2021 19:30:21

    heya, how are partially corrects graded?


    Sat, 25 Sep 2021 17:37:54

    do i get marks for partially correct

    MM Tutor Medicmind Tutor

    Partially correct is graded as follows in the UCAT: 5/5 = 2 marks 4/5 = 1 mark 3/5 or below = 0 marks Keep going, you're doing amazingly!

    Ticket Type

    Early bird Standard On the Door
    Adult 15 20



    7.50 8 10
    Student 12 16



    12 16 20
    Family 40 50


    • All prices in £.

    • An adult is 18+

    • Students must present a valid ID or pay an adult on the door price.

    • A senior is 65+

    • A family is 2 adults and 2 children.

    • Early Bird Tickets are available until 30 days before the event.

    • Standard tickets are available until the day before the event.

    3. Tick ‘Yes’ if the conclusion does follow. Tick ‘No’ if the conclusion does not follow.
    A family booking 25 days before get a £6 discount.
    A student paying on the door pays less than a standard adult ticket
    A child ticket is always half that of an adults.
    A couple bought two tickets for £24 - they must be students.
    A student who had bought an early bird ticket turned up without ID and so paid £37 in total.


    Yes – They would be purchasing standard tickets. 20 x 2 + 8 x 2 = 56 which is £6 more than the £50 paid for a standard family ticket.

    No – They both pay £20.

    No – For both Standard and On The Door tickets the cost of child tickets is less than half that of an adult.

    No – There is more than one possibility for reaching £24 such as two seniors purchasing early bird tickets.

    Yes – Initially the student would have paid £12. They then would have had to purchase an adult on the door ticket for £25, paying £37 in total.

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    nadine Medicmind Tutor

    Sun, 16 Jan 2022 16:36:55

    I'm not understanding the first answer

    Ricardo Medicmind Tutor

    Thu, 10 Mar 2022 03:11:10

    The first answer makes no sense, they shouldn't be eligible for any discount because 30 days is cut off for early bird

    Anonymous Medicmind Tutor

    Mon, 11 Apr 2022 14:17:27

    So confused by first answer


    Points Scored Points Conceded


    50 75
    March 25



    75 75
    July 150





    The table shows points scored and conceded in a fantasy football competition in various months.

    By the end of March, the team had scored 150 points.

    4. Tick ‘Yes’ if the conclusion does follow. Tick ‘No’ if the conclusion does not follow.
    In the months shown, the team scored more than they conceded.
    In February they scored 75 points.
    In May they scored as many as they conceded in January.
    July was the highest scoring month.
    In September they scored more than in March and May combined.


    No – They scored 400 points and conceded 475.

    Yes – They had 150 by the end of March so 150 – 50 – 25 = 75.

    Yes – They conceded 75 in January and scored 75 in May.

    No – The highest scoring month shown is July but we do not know about the other months.

    No – They scored 100 in September which is the same as 25 + 75 (the scores in March and May combined).

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    xxx Medicmind Tutor

    Fri, 27 Aug 2021 23:30:34

    I don't understand February... how do you know they have 150 by the end of March

    Ross Medicmind Tutor

    Thu, 02 Sep 2021 13:49:11

    It's an additional comment beneath the table

    tentacion Medicmind Tutor

    Wed, 22 Sep 2021 08:17:05

    Dumb ass question

    biigggg Medicmind Tutor

    Mon, 27 Sep 2021 17:23:00

    stoopid shit

    A company produces two cars – Model X and Model T. One Model T takes 50 hours to complete. One Model X takes 20 hours to make. The table shows some combinations which utilise the maximum available hours of labour.. Time is the only limiting factor.

    Model T

    Model X







    5. Tick ‘Yes’ if the conclusion does follow. Tick ‘No’ if the conclusion does not follow.
    An order of 2600 Model X alone in a month can be completed.
    A target of 2100 Model X and 160 Model T is possible.
    A target of 150 model T and 2000 Model X would leave workers idle.
    If 750 Model T are made, more model X are produced.
    The maximum number of Model X produced whilst still making Model T is 2498


    No – The maximum number of hours is 50,000 (50 x 1000). 50000/20 = 250.

    Yes – The maximum number of hours is 50,000. 2100 x 20 + 160 x 50 = 50,000.

    Yes – The maximum number of hours is 50,000. 2000 x 20 + 150 x 50 = 47,500. This leaves 2500 hours spare.

    No – The maximum number of hours is 50,000. 750 x 50 = 37500, 50000-37500 = 12500. 12500/20 = 625 so fewer Model X are produced.

    No – For the maximum of Model X, 1 model T would be made. Therefore (50000-50)/20 = 2497.5. As you can’t have half a car, you round down giving 2497.

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    tim Medicmind Tutor

    Wed, 28 Jul 2021 22:54:45

    Hi, I don't really understand what the numbers mean in the above table and I'm not sure where 50,000 comes from. Thanks.

    komail Medicmind Tutor

    Sat, 07 Aug 2021 08:08:28

    Hi I don't understand the table and how it links to how much you can produce and the time it takes for the cars to be produced

    ?? Medicmind Tutor

    Mon, 09 Aug 2021 07:54:17

    I'm so confused

    Kharma Medic Medicmind Tutor

    Wed, 11 Aug 2021 08:16:44

    Hi Tim... 50,000 comes from the square root of the number of purple frogs in the factory. Hope that makes sense.

    M Medicmind Tutor

    Sat, 21 Aug 2021 00:16:10


    Pari Medicmind Tutor

    Mon, 23 Aug 2021 12:39:37

    Hiya, I was really confused what this whole question was asking me and what data I was given in the table to work from.

    annon Medicmind Tutor

    Mon, 30 Aug 2021 17:35:36

    this question really doesnt make sense

    Ali Abdaal Medicmind Tutor

    Wed, 22 Sep 2021 08:20:02

    Remember to buy my UCAT course lol

    ?? Medicmind Tutor

    Wed, 22 Sep 2021 17:58:01

    this question is too confusing and where does the 50000 comes from?

    Ricardo Medicmind Tutor

    Thu, 10 Mar 2022 03:13:26

    50,000 comes from 1000*50, this is because all time is utilized in producing Model T so that is the maximum time available for production

    There was an outbreak of food poisoning on a hospital ward.

    The table shows the data from the incident.


    Number who ate and were ill Total who ate Number who didn’t eat and were ill Total who did not eat
    Soup 10 10 2



    5 15 7 15
    Peas 10 10 15


    Chicken Curry

    20 20 7 10
    Apple pie and custard 20 30 0


    6. Tick ‘Yes’ if the conclusion does follow. Tick ‘No’ if the conclusion does not follow.
    Everyone ate apple pie.
    The most likely source of the outbreak is the soup.
    One-third of the group ate chicken curry.
    Two-thirds of the group fell ill.
    The chicken curry was the most popular.


    Yes – From the table, 0 people did not eat apple pie.

    Yes – From the table, the option which has the highest percentage of those became ill and the lowest number of people who were ill without eating it, the soup is the most likely source.

    No – From the table, we are told that 20 ate chicken curry and so this is two-thirds of the group.

    No – From the table, we cannot ascertain the total number who fell ill.

    No – We’ve seen before that 100% of people ate apple pie whereas 66% of people ate the chicken curry and so the Apple Pie is more popular.

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    doesntmatter Medicmind Tutor

    Sat, 14 Aug 2021 10:39:28

    The table states that 30 people eat the apple pie, and 0 don't eat it; there are 30 people in the group. Therefore we know that apple pie includes everybody, 20 people get ill, so 2/3 of the group get ill. Major skill issue.

    Aya Medicmind Tutor

    Sat, 14 Aug 2021 15:37:25

    How can you tell how many people are in this group

    Lucía Perruchot Medicmind Tutor

    Thu, 09 Sep 2021 16:14:19

    aya, you can add the number of people who ate and the number of people that didn't eat a particular food

    Tony Medicmind Tutor

    Tue, 26 Apr 2022 06:11:42

    Statement 5 should be NO as commenter "doesntmatter" explains the flaw in the question.

    medaspirant Medicmind Tutor

    Sat, 07 May 2022 15:07:25

    i was marked incorrect for the 4th statement, though i wrote the one given in the key. Kindly look into this.

    David plants berry bushes in his garden. They grow blue and black berries at a constant rate without shedding any. At planting, they had 0 berries of any colour.

    The following table shows the number of berries on each of the five bushes after two months.


    Blue Berries Black Berries
    1 5



    6 1
    3 8



    0 6
    5 8


    7. Tick ‘Yes’ if the conclusion does follow. Tick ‘No’ if the conclusion does not follow.
    Berry bushes can only grow blue or black berries.
    Berry bushes only produce berries after two months of growth.
    5 months later, plant 5 will have 20 blue berries on it.
    80% of David’s berry bushes have both blue and black berries.
    2 months later, a plant has 16 blue berries - it must be plant 5.


    No – We’re told that the bushes grow these at a constant rate. They could grow different berries at a non-constant rates.

    No – We’re told that they have 0 berries at planting and the numbers from the table after 2 months but not that these are the first fruits.

    Yes – We’re told that they grow berries at a constant rate. Plant 5 has grown 8 in 2 months so grow them at a rate of 4 a month and so after 5 months will have grown 20 blue berries.

    No – We’re told three of the five have both which is 60%.

    No – Both Plant 3 and Plant 5 grow blue berries at a rate of 4 a month so it could be plant 3.

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    T Medicmind Tutor

    Sat, 14 Aug 2021 14:20:50

    For the third statement it mentions "3 months later" but the answer states "5 months later"

    steve Medicmind Tutor

    Thu, 19 Aug 2021 19:39:10

    yes it means 5 months after planting

    Civil servants are promoted depending on their performance rating. A department rates all its civil servants between 1 and 4 for their bonus allocation with 4 as highest and 1 as lowest. Civil servants are only eligible for promotion after two years of service in the same job and if they got a 3 or a 4 in their most recent performance review. All civil servants receive a £1k bonus if they receive a 3 or above in their performance review. The following table shows the employment record of some individuals. Years of service refers to their current role.


    Performance rating Years of service Promoted?
    Dan 3 2



    1 1.5 N
    Tim 4 2



    3 1.5 N
    Marion 1 3


    8. Tick ‘Yes’ if the conclusion does follow. Tick ‘No’ if the conclusion does not follow.
    Marion cannot be a civil servant.
    3 people are eligible for promotion.
    If she is a civil servant, Jenna is not going to receive a bonus this year.
    Tim will receive the largest bonus this year.
    Tom will be eligible for promotion next year.


    Yes – Marion got a performance rating of 1 and was still promoted so cannot be a civil servant.

    No – Only Tim and Dan have a performance ranking above 3 and 2 years of service in their role.

    Yes – Only those with a 3 or above get a bonus and her rating is 1.

    No – We are told that people get a £1k bonus rather than one dependent on performance.

    No – He will be eligible only if he gets a 3 or a 4 in next years’ performance rating.

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    Oil Paintings






    A group of artists collectively takes commissions. Each oil painting takes 20 hours and each watercolour takes 15. They are only limited by time.

    9. Which of the following orders can they not fulfil in a month?
  • 1


    The correct answer is B.

    They have 200 x 15 hours which is 3000.

    148 x 20 + 3 x 15 = 3005 and so they cannot fulfil it within a month.

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    .. Medicmind Tutor

    Wed, 21 Jul 2021 09:05:14

    where does 200 came from?

    s Medicmind Tutor

    Thu, 22 Jul 2021 22:24:23

    from the first row. it's easiest to use in the calculation because it's the simplest one as you're just doing 200*15 and not adding anything as the oil paintings column is 0 for that one. (I think)

    Poppy Medicmind Tutor

    Mon, 02 Aug 2021 08:36:27

    I didn’t understand what was in the table, is that how many artists there are, or how many orders they can do?

    Damien Medicmind Tutor

    Sat, 11 Sep 2021 09:35:57

    The table shows the number of each type of painting that can be painted in a set amount of time. By multiplying 200 (no. of watercolour paintings) by 15 (hours it takes to paint 1 watercolour) you get 3000hrs which is the max. amount of time they can spend painting. This can also be found by multiplying 150 (no. of oil paintings) by 20hrs (time taken to paint 1 oil painting). As in both of these cases no other time is spent on another painting, hence the max time.

    Jonny’s photos have an introductory offer. For all new customers, first orders are reduced by 40%. On every order there is a flat delivery charge of £3.50. The standard prices are as follows:


    Price (£)
    6×4 print


    5×3 print



    3x Fridge Magnet

    Pack of 5 Coasters




    10. Dan is a new customer, which of the following statements is true?
  • 2


    The correct answer is C.

    The reduced price is 0.6 x 10 = £6. This divided by 5 gives £1.20

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    Rustam Medicmind Tutor

    Mon, 30 Aug 2021 07:09:50

    why 3.50 is not taken into account? it should be 10*0.6=6.0 6.0+3.5=9.5 9.5/5=1.9 for C

    Troy and Gabriella are planning their wedding. They have a list of items which they want to put on a wedding list. The following table shows the cost of various items at two department stores All prices are in pound sterling.


    Jack Louis

    House of Frazier


    20 25
    Dishwasher 200


    Dinner Set

    150 100
    12 Wine glasses 30


    Baking tray

    15 10
    Breadmaker 65


    11. Tick ‘Yes’ if the conclusion does follow. Tick ‘No’ if the conclusion does not follow.
    The bread maker is 35% more expensive at House of frazier
    The dinner set is 33% cheaper at House of frazier
    If a person buys the drill and the dinner set, it is £45 cheaper in House of Frazier
    The breadmakers must be different models
    Overall Jack Louis is cheaper


    No – It is £35 more expensive rather than 35% more expensive.

    Yes – This is selecting the relevant information from the table 150 + 20 – (100 + 25) = 45.

    Yes – This is selecting the relevant information from the table – Jack Louis costs 150 +20 = 170, and House of Frazier costs 100 + 25 = 125. This is £45 cheaper from House of Frazier.

    No – Whilst the prices are very different, this is not a valid conclusion which we can draw.

    Yes – If all the prices in the table are added together, Jack Louis is cheaper – this can be done by inspection as some of the House of Frazier are significantly more.

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    3.3 Interpreting Tabular Data Questions Review Screen


    Below is a summary of your answers. You can review your questions in three (3) different ways.

    The buttons in the lower right-hand corner correspond to these choices:

    1. Review all of your questions and answers.
    2. Review questions that are incomplete.
    3. Review questions that are flagged for review. (Click the 'flag' icon to change the flag for review status.)

    You may also click on a question number to link directly to its location in the exam.

    3.3 Interpreting Tabular Data Questions Section

    Final Answer Review Screen


    This review section allows you to view the answers you made and see whether they were correct or not. Each question accessed from this screen has an 'Explain Answer' button in the top left hand side. By clicking on this you will obtain an explanation as to the correct answer.

    At the bottom of this screen you can choose to 'Review All' answers, 'Review Incorrect' answers or 'Review Flagged' answers. Alternatively you can go to specific questions by opening up any of the sub-tests below.

    3.3 Interpreting Tabular Data Questions Section



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