Medic Mind

We aim to reduce inequality in access to medicine and help students achieve their dream of studying medicine.

Medic Mind

We aim to reduce inequality in access to medicine and help students achieve their dream of studying medicine.

Our Aims


Providing bursaries for UCAT, BMAT, Interview & more

We are proud to provide over 1000 bursaries each year for students from Widening Participation backgrounds, including courses, classroom sessions and personal mentoring.


Working with the NHS to run
Widening Participation schemes

We've worked with the NHS, Bristol University, King's University and other organisations to run Widening Participation Schemes.

Making medicine and dentistry
accessible for all

It is disappointing that over 80% of medical applicants come from just 20% of schools. Medicine should be an opportunity and goal achievable to all students.


Working with schools to help
students access courses

We love working with individuals, charities, schools and other organisations to help students with bursaries, online courses and more!

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If you are a school teacher and have students from a widening participation background, we would love to provide free courses for UCAT, BMAT, Interview, A-level.



If you are a student from a low-income background, please fill out our bursary application below and we will look to provide free courses to you!



If you wish to partner up with us, we would love to brainstorm and discuss ideas for WP events. We love branching out and helping as many students as possible - don't be shy to drop us a message!


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