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Pharmacy Interview Course

Pharmacy Interview Tutoring

Do you have a Pharmacy Interview coming up?
92% of our interview students secure offers from universities with our tailored 1-1 Pharmacy courses!

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Eleanor B

Medic Mind was a huge help in preparing for my pharmacy interview. During the one-on-one sessions, my tutor assisted me with my interview technique and answer content, as well as some very useful mocks.

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        Our Pharmacy Interview Course...


        Flexible Online Lessons


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        Realistic Mocks


        Key Topics

        Pharmacy online tutoring

        Pharmacy Lessons Online

        Our Pharmacy Interview lessons are interactive and personalised to your specific university. We have a flexible timetable and schedule, and all lessons are video recorded!

        pharmacy study

        Practice with a Pharmacy Tutor

        We will pair you with an interview tutor who has previously assisted Pharmacy and Medical applicants. Our Pharmacy tutors are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and entertaining!


        Accurate Pharmacy Interview Questions

        In a realistic Pharmacy interview mock, we can conduct full Pharmacy mock interviews with detailed feedback and analysis.

        Pharmacy tutor

        Learn Key Pharmacy Topics

        We will discuss common interview topics such as Why Pharmacy, NHS Hot Topics, Covid-19, Personality & Skills, Work Experience, and others.

        How can Medic Mind help with yourPharmacy Interview


        Your time is valuable.
        So we’ve summarised it for you!

        online tutor

        Step to boosting your Pharmacy interview performance...

        1. Key Interview Questions

          We go over topics like Why Pharmacy, Work Experience, Personality, NHS, COVID-19 and much more!

        2. Pharmacy Interview Handbook

          We will work with you to create concise, high-quality responses to questions about your motivation, skills, and experiences.

        3. Pharmacy Interview Tutoring
        4. Pharmacy Practice Questions

          We will talk about important pharmacy topics like NHS news, Covid-19, and common ethical debates.

        5. Personalised Approach

          The lessons are extremely flexible because they are one-on-one, and we can truly tailor sessions to your specific needs and desires.

        6. Additional Pharmacy Materials

          We also provide an online interview course with over 100 tutorials and mock interviews in addition to lessons.

        7. Trusted by the NHS

          We have worked with over a hundred schools and universities, and we've run interview prep courses for NHS national programmes.


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          All hours booked can be used flexibly between UCAT, BMAT, Interview, UCAS, GCSE and A-level over the next 15 months and shared between friends and family.

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