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I attended a very engaging tutoring session and found that the tutors were very helpful in their advice and gave advice that was not general but rather specified to the topic itself.

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            Medic Mind provides an excellent client service to students and are always happy to assist promptly. We have found their tutors to be highly knowledgeable and approachable. They are great at building an excellent rapport and have helped my daughter to become more confident and comprehensively prepared


            Hamza Daudali is a brilliant teacher and explains techniques very effectively and efficiently!


            He was very supportive! Definitely recommend :) Thank you for all the help, I got to learn my own personal style of communicating


            Bavin was an excellent teacher. He was always listening to me, giving great advice, identifying my weakest areas and then working on them. He also helped me out with all the questions I might’ve had and overall, I had a wonderful experience with him. I know that if I ever needed Medic Mind again, Bavin would definitely be my first option. I don’t think I have anything to say to improve his skills as a teacher. To me he was just what I needed.


            One of the best tutors I've had lessons with. Made me feel as a friend and made me comfortable from the first day which allowed me to understand what I was taking.


            Tutors are friendly and competent


            I love how the tutors ask you to reflect on what you did well and what you didn’t do well and how you can improve your answer . This really helped to understand which aspects of my answer I could improve and pinpoint the areas specifically . I love it how they provide structure for how to answer the questions as well .


            The experience was very useful as it provided me with direct feedback on my performance as well as many useful pointers and information.


            Hariesha is very helpful and has great attention to detail. Her explanations are easy to understand & she is able to guide me at my own pace when we are covering sample questions.


            A lot of content is covered in a short period of time in-depth and with a chance to practice the skills acquired. Also given multiple chances throughout the lesson to ask any questions which is very beneficial. I had Mohammad Eisa as a tutor and would highly recommend him as your tutor.


            Really amazing! My tutor always helps with specific questions or topics I'm struggling with. So grateful for all of his help!


            I think every lesson we have had has been productive and straight to the point. Every class doesn’t feel repetitive as we are always looking at content that is the most beneficial


            It was a very informative and positive learning experience, and I hope to build upon the knowledge and tips I gained from it.


            I found that the tutors were really insightful and provided a lot of feedback which was helpful for improvement. There were a few technical issues at the beginning but it was sorted out quickly. The tutors actually boosted my confidence


            They used really good challenging questions. They provided great feedback and were supportive the whole way through! Definitely do recommend this experience!

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            Medic Mind Tutors

            • Help students reach their full potential

            • Keep students on track

            • Prepare you for exams, work on specific areas

            • Give encouragement and praise

            • Create an environment free of distractions


            • Easily get bored or under-stimulated

            • Can't track their progress

            • Learn all, don't know which part is important

            • Easily overwhelmed or frustrated

            • Requires extreme self-control

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