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HPAT Practice Tests Section 1

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HPAT Practice Tests Section 3

| Section 3 - Mock 1

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| Section 3 - Mock 2

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| Section 3 - Mock 3

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| Section 3 - Mock 4

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    Experienced HPAT tutor
    Experienced HPAT tutor
    Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
    48 ratings
    Interview - offers from Liverpool and RCSIGCSE - Tutored year 7s and 8sA levels - Tutored year 12 Biology studentsMedical School - tutoring medical students

    Hi, my name is Joanna a current Foundation Year 1 doctor eager to connect with you to create a learning environment that best fits your learning style and helps you achieve your dreams.

    The road to medicine can be long, however, my aim is to pass down the wealth of knowledge that I have gained over the years to ensure that your journey will be one where you enjoy the application process and cultivate long terms skills to help you as you enter medicine. Building up endurance and stamina for this journey can only be done with the right level of guidance and advice.

    Know that you do not have to go through this process alone and that we are here for you to support every need you have during this path.

    Apart from medicine, I have a love for languages and often take pride in the number of languages I am able to communicate. I enjoy teaching IELTS and have helped a significant number of students get through this exam with higher scores than they aspired for.

    I hope you are ready to embark on this journey together. Be ready to come to each session eager to learn and walk out of the session inspired to learn more.

    Experienced HPAT tutor
    Experienced HPAT tutor
    Imperial College School of Medicine
    3rd Year
    33 ratings
    Top 3% in QR in UCATTop 5% in AR in UCATTop 10% in s2 in BMATOffer from ImperialOffer from KingsOffer from SheffieldTop 1% of Leaving Cert Scores in Ireland9As in Junior Certificate182 92 Percentile in HPAT

    Hi everyone! My name is Masroor Salam and I am a third year medical student studying at Imperial College. I have been through the strenuous medical entrance process two times now, so trust me I know how difficult it is. I’ve been through the highs and lows and will be able to give you an insight into what it takes to get into medical school.

    I will make sure that we focus on your weaknesses and how to utilize your time to ensure you get the best results possible. I can help you with anything you like and the sessions will be wholly based around what you want to cover, be that HPAT, BMAT, UCAT, Medical Interview or Personal Statement. As well, rather than me simply showing you what the answer is and how to get it, I will help you and guide you to get to the answer yourself, that way you learn a lot more. As well, having the appropriate thought process when reading the question is vital.

    On top of this, as a UCAT test editor for the UCAT Medic Mind course, I am well versed with the intricacies of the UCAT Test and will be more than happy to handle any questions and fears you may have with the UCAT.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions!

    Experienced HPAT tutor
    Experienced HPAT tutor
    University of Dublin, Trinity College
    3rd Year
    10 ratings
    Offer from TCDA*AA at A-levelMerit in Mental Health MSc70th percentile in HPAT

    Hi, my name is Joowon and I’m a medical student at Trinity College Dublin. I was born in Korea but raised in London and studied chemistry as an undergraduate at Imperial College London and did a masters in Mental Health at QMUL before joining the medical course at in Ireland. As a mature student, I have a wealth of experience from working in hospitals, nursing homes and research and can bring a lot into helping you build your skills as an aspiring medic. In terms of medical applications, I do have experience of being unsuccessful and therefore I can share the things that made a difference for me the second time I made an application. I believe the key thing for medical interview is to build up your confidence by practising so I’m keen to support any student who is wishing to train their interview skills through lots and lots of practice!

    Experienced HPAT tutor
    Experienced HPAT tutor
    University of Dublin, Trinity College
    2nd Year
    9 ratings
    UCAT: 94th PercentileOffer from University of BristolOffer from Queen's University BelfastOffer from Newcastle UniversityOffer from University of GlasgowExperience with both Panel and MMI InterviewsHPAT: 92nd Percentile

    Hi I’m Hannah! I’m from Dublin and 2 years ago I went through the process of applying to Medicine in the UK and Ireland. I achieved a high UCAT score of 94th percentile, this along with my personal statement allowed me to receive 4 interview offers. I was then fortunate to receive 4 offers to study Medicine in the UK after interview (Bristol, Newcastle, Glasgow, Queen’s University Belfast). I also sat the HPAT and received a place in Medicine in Trinity College Dublin and am currently in 2nd year there. Over the last two years I have learned the ins and outs of applying to Medicine in the UK, from the UCAT, the personal statement and of course the interview. I have experience in both Panel and MMI interviews. I understand how stressful the process of applying to Medicine is and I would love to help you on your journey to achieving a place in Medicine 🙂

    Experienced HPAT tutor
    Experienced HPAT tutor
    University of Limerick
    3rd Year
    32 ratings

    Hi! I can offer help with the GAMSAT, GCSE English and Spanish and also the HPAT if needed. I did my undergraduate in UCD in English with a specialisation in Spanish.
    Despite not having a science background, I managed to raise my section 3 score by 15 points over two sittings, which, along with my high section 1 and 2 scores, was enough for entrance to medical school in Ireland. I sat the GAMSAT twice myself. I used a wide variety of resources and tried a few different study styles and approaches to the exam. I have a way of approaching each question which worked for myself and a friend who I tutored, and which will hopefully work for you! I have an approach to section 2 that I haven’t heard from anyone else but which appears to work. I also know a lot of people who sat the GAMSAT and I can tell you the various approaches to section 2 I heard. I know how frustrating GAMSAT can be so I really hope I can provide some insight into the exam and help you get into medical school! I’m currently in UL so if anyone is interested in going there I can answer any questions you have!

    GCSE Spanish/English:
    Along with my undergraduate I lived in Spain every summer between the ages of 11 and 17 so I can definitely help you out if you’re looking for a Spanish tutor! I also have some experience teaching a foreign language as I teach English to children at weekends.

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