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OSCE Personal Tutor

We understand the stress of taking your OSCE for the first time or re-sitting. That is why we offer personal OSCE to make this process much more easier!

  • Prepare for the OSCE exam
  • Past exam stations included
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The tutor was really helpful and answered all my questions perfectly. The mock was just like the real thing, and gave me an insight into what it was that I needed to do to obtain the best outcome.

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    prepare for OSCE

    Prepare for the OSCE exam


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      You must pass the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), which measures your clinical, practical, and communication skills—all of which are necessary for the position you’re pursuing—as part of your studies to become a licenced nurse.



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        "Honestly is the best OSCE resource out there. It gives you highly detailed notes in the form of a book for each section, along with accompanying videos. These have specific strategies that really improved my scores. Not only that, but it is very affordable (especially compared to the majority of courses which are heavily overpriced) and the price is for unlimited access to the courses." - one of our feedbacks


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        Investing in tutoring is a worthwhile investment. Therefore, we guarantee a refund if you are dissatisfied with your online learning experience with Medic Mind.


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        OSCE Individual Tuition

        3 Lessons

        All about our service and tutoring courses which give you the best preparation for the OSCE exam.


        Lesson 1
        Online 1-1 Classes

        One-to-one revision sessions, led by an accredited and experienced tutor to help you prepare for the OSCE exam. Our course also includes past exam stations. The classes will be scheduled to fit around you and conducted through MS Teams.

        OSCE materials
        Lesson 2
        About Our Service

        During the exam, you will be required to study a variety of scenarios and complete tasks based on questions about the scenarios you are shown.

        We are offering one-on-one revision sessions with an accredited tutor who has extensive industry experience to help you prepare for the tests as much as possible. This will allow you to discuss the complexities of the exam and what you need to know to give yourself the best chance of success. You will be able to ask your tutor questions and get clarification.

        OSCE tutoring
        Lesson 3
        Getting Started

        The advice and tips you receive will help you navigate your way through the exam, and you will be able to ask your tutor questions during your one-on-one sessions, so take advantage of the lesson!

        After registering for the session, you will receive an access link as well as the login information required to attend the one-on-one Teams class.

        OSCE online course

        Our Main Focus

        2 Lessons

        Medic Mind tutors will work with you to improve your weaknesses, using previous stations as a guide. We also provide assurance and methods for optimising your work for the best results.


        Lesson 1

        By opting for this session, you will undergo revision sessions with an accredited tutor. The class study materials include past exam stations.

        study OSCE
        Lesson 2
        Course Details

        This course is suitable for all registered nurses preparing for their OSCE exam. The class will start after the first free consultation, based on your schedule and availability.

        OSCE tutor

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