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GAMSAT Section I | GAMSAT Section 1 Questions

50 | GAMSAT Section 1 Questions: Non-Fiction

Question Paper Mark Scheme

36 | GAMSAT Section 1 Questions: Fiction

Question Paper Mark Scheme

29 | GAMSAT Section 1 Questions: Diagrams

Question Paper Mark Scheme

GAMSAT Section III | GAMSAT Section 3 Biology Questions

32 | GAMSAT Section 3 Questions: Biology Part 1

Question Paper Mark Scheme

32 | GAMSAT Section 3 Questions: Biology Part 2

Question Paper Mark Scheme

GAMSAT Section III | GAMSAT Section 3 Chemistry Questions

73 | GAMSAT Section 3 Questions: Chemistry Part 1

Question Paper Mark Scheme

73 | GAMSAT Section 3 Questions: Chemistry Part 2

Question Paper Mark Scheme

GAMSAT Section III | GAMSAT Section 3 Physics Questions

13 | GAMSAT Section 3 Questions: Physics Part 1

Question Paper Mark Scheme

13 | GAMSAT Section 3 Questions: Physics Part 2

Question Paper Mark Scheme

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    Experienced GAMSAT tutor
    Experienced GAMSAT tutor
    University of Nottingham
    Medicine Graduate Entry
    3rd Year
    100 ratings
    Distinction in Chemistry A levelHelped 6 receive UCL and Leicester offerLecturer Bioethics Princeton University

    Hello everybody!!! My name is Dana and I am very excited about tutoring and giving students the opportunity to fulfill their dream to become doctors. Aim high and never get tired of achieving your dreams is my mantra.

    A start in life signed by trauma and many difficult other circumstances could have represented the word end to the perspective of aiming high. Many people around me kept reminding me to “keep it simple and stay low”. I did not listen.

    I worked very hard to get to the level of achievement that would have made me go to places I wanted to be. And I did it with some tears, and by changing two countries from my original native country of Italy. But mostly I did with the joy of knowing that one day I would have GOT THERE.

    BSc and MSc in Political theory at LSE

    PhD and Postdoctoral Research Appointment in Bioethics at Princeton University. Being the youngest, only female and foreign member of the Department of Politics in Princeton, working with and learning from some of the biggest bioethicists alive gave me the sheer pleasure of thinking “I HAVE ACHIEVED MY DREAMS”.

    Then severe illness stroke, I become unable to work at the usual standards that had given me success and happiness. A need to reinvent one’s life and start afresh materialised.

    After recovering from illness, mid-late thirties, my journey towards medicine has started. At thirty plus I attended College to achieve A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths with best result of the year for Chemistry.
    Prepared for GAMSAT and received high scores the very first time sitting.
    Received 4 interviews and 2 offers in total.




    Experienced GAMSAT tutor
    Experienced GAMSAT tutor
    Dow University of Health Sciences
    99 ratings
    A*A*A at A-Level7A*1A at GCSEsGot 5 Medical OffersHosted MMIs for Medicine and Dentistry Interviews900+ hours of tutoring with Medic MindHelped 52 Receive their Desired OffersHelped 5 Receive offers from BuckinghamHelped 3 Receive Offers from SheffieldHelped 3 Receive Offers from LeicesterHelped 2 Receive Offers from Hull YorkHelped 1 Receive Offer from Flinders UniversityHelped 4 Receive Offers from UCLAN in 2024Tutored Students for Interviews atLancasterLiverpoolPlymouthWorcesterUCLANQueenMaryHull YorkLeedsUEABrunelFlindersBond UniversityJames Cook UniversitySpecialise in GAMSAT Section 3Specialise in BMAT Section 2Hosted MMI for Veterinary Interview

    Hi there! My name is Zunaira Saeed and I am a Junior Doctor. I have been tutoring students for Medical Interviews, A-levels, and GCSEs for about 10 years now. I also teach GAMSAT, BMAT and Interviews for Australian Medical Universities. At A-Levels, I achieved 2 A* in Biology and Chemistry and A in Physics. At GCSEs, I secured 7A*1A. My lessons are personalized to the individual student according to their requirements with special focus on their weaknesses and I give my students enough time until they are able to clear their concepts and improve before we move on to the next topic. Recently, one of my students got 2 offers from Queen Mary and Sheffield and another received an offer from UEA. My aim is to contribute to Medic Mind’s goal of helping students get through the doors of medical school through my knowledge and teaching skills. My students have always been satisfied with their final results and I hope that I can meet your expectations and that you will have a wonderful learning experience with me.

    Experienced GAMSAT tutor
    Experienced GAMSAT tutor
    University of Wales, Swansea
    2nd Year
    56 ratings
    GAMSAT Section 2 score: 74Offer from Swansea (GEM)Undergraduate Medicine Offer from SheffieldUndergraduate Medicine Offer from SouthamptonUndergraduate Medicine Offer from PlymouthInterviews at Nottingham (GEM) and Bristol

    Hello! My name is Anusha, and I am a 2nd Year Graduate Entry Medical Student at Swansea University. I have also completed a degree in Population Health and Medical Sciences, so I have a good knowledge of public health issues and a solid grounding in Biology.

    When I applied the first time, I received interviews for Undergraduate Medicine at Sheffield, Southampton, Bristol and Plymouth, and offers at Sheffield, Southampton and Plymouth. When I applied for Graduate Entry Medicine, I received interviews from Swansea and Nottingham (Grad Entry) and finally chose Swansea as my Medical School!

    I have good experience with the UCAT and the GAMSAT, and in the GAMSAT I scored high enough to secure two interviews at highly competitive graduate medical schools, so I have a wealth of tips and tricks for these exams. I have been tutoring for over a year now, and my students have come out with great results.

    During my spare time, I like to partake in Dance and Painting, both of which have helped me in maintaining a work life balance.

    Experienced GAMSAT tutor
    Experienced GAMSAT tutor
    University of Southampton
    3rd Year
    43 ratings
    Top 20%graduateoffer from hymsoffer from southamptonA* EPQ1st Class Bsc Biomedicine


    Over 170+ hours taught!!

    My name is Jane and I am a 3rd year medic at Southampton.

    I applied to study medicine as a graduate after having studied Bsc Biomedical Science. I graduated this in 2021 with a 1st Class Honours and applied to medical school in my final year – thus I know how to juggle a few things!

    I studied for both UCAT and interviews by myself, achieving 2810 in my exam and around ~3100 in my practice exams. I am able to help and coach UCAT as well as go through practice questions and give tips and tricks. I can help you all with all sections of UCAT to build your confidence and smash the exam.

    In my interviews I received interviews from HYMS and Uni of Southampton, to which I got offers from both. I passed both interviews with flying colours and was able to conduct this is confidence!

    Re my personal statement, I was able to write my PS confidently, having a structured approach which I can help you all with and share with you.

    I hope I can help you with your medicine applications to receive as many offers as you can with enthusiasm and confidence.

    Experienced GAMSAT tutor
    Experienced GAMSAT tutor
    University of Limerick
    3rd Year
    41 ratings
    Offer from University of LimerickPassed First Time with 3 months of studyHelped organise personalised study

    Hello! My name is Halin and I am a third year Medical Student at the University of Limerick, Ireland. I was able to plan, study and pass my GAMSAT on my first try and I hope to be able to help others do the same! My primary degree was in Biomedical, Health and Life Science at University College Dublin which gave me a strong foundation especially for section 3. There was a strong focus on anatomy, physiology, chemistry and physics during my four years as well as thesis writing and problem solving. This was a great benefit during sections 1 and 2. I had a great opportunity to work in oncological research at some of the most well-known research institutes in Ireland. This opportunity created a deeper passion to study Medicine and with 3 months of study for the GAMSAT I was accepted to a great college in Ireland. University of Limerick follows a great syllabus with heavy emphasis on Problem Based Learning. I have always loved teaching and my academic and research experiences have greatly aided me in helping others study by identifying and personalising a suitable study plan. Having just completed the GAMSAT recently, I believe I can offer guidance and support as well as help my students achieve the very best that they can!

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