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My tutor Alexander prepared me for my interview at Cambridge for Medicine and helped me get my first choice college!


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      A quick intro...

      The Oxbridge Interview can be scary, especially in these turbulent times with competition tougher than ever seen before. Rather than generic preparation, you need personalised Oxbridge preparation for your subject and your needs ✅  The video on the right refers to our medicine course but you may still find it useful!


      How Medic Mind’s 1-1 Tutoring works

      Interview prep can be scary –
      3 applicants to 1 place makes this the
      most competitive hurdle.


      How Medic Mind’s 1-to-1 Tutoring works

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        How can tutoring help?

        Your Oxbridge interview may very well be your first formal interview and,
        like your exams, you can prepare for them by learning the core topics covered
        and practicing your interview technique to perfection.


        Your time is valuable.
        So we’ve summarised it for you!


        How can we improve you?

        1. Increase your confidence

          Learn how to articulate yourself, perfecting your language, tone, posture and mannerisms

        2. Know what’s good and bad

          Breakdown the strengths of model answers and weaknesses of poor ones, to help build your unique responses

        3. working-girl-mobile
        4. Develop answers with depth

          Want to avoid the cliché? Tutoring can show you how to create personalised and genuine answers to the big Qs

        5. College-Specific guidance

          Each Oxbridge College has their own way of interviewing and we'll help you meet their requirements

        6. Practice mocks

          We drill you through mock interviews and then provide you with video recordings and extensive analysis

        7. Learn the core knowledge

          Make yourself better prepared by learning what the main topics are and how to approach them


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          Some info about our Oxbridge Interview Tutoring

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          Our course is designed by experts who have excelled in Oxbridge applications and is proven to be successful.





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            Our Reviews

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors


            July 2019

            Max and his team are very helpful right to the night before the interview. They are very helpful throughout the whole application process and provide the necessary support at every step.

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors


            July 2018

            Without Medic Mind's help I would never have gotten into my top university choice. Their support was so heart-warming. My tutor, George couldn't have been more helpful. Thank you!

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors


            March 2019

            Medic Mind go the extra mile. I liked how accessible the Skype lesson were, and the quality of the tutorials and mocks was superb. They also had lots of King's specific content for me to use.

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors


            October 2019

            Their MMI mocks were fantastic! My coach Riya, prepared me with the updates on latest issues, NHS hot topics and interview techniques in a systematic way.

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors


            December 2018

            I secured 4/4 Oxbridge offers! Medic Mind have been an integral part of me achieving 4 out of 4 Oxbridge offers. Their Oxbridge interview course is of the highest quality!

            Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 8.18.20 pm


            March 2020

            Medic Mind’s interview tutoring is outstanding! I signed up for the 40 hour package offer. All 3 of my interview tutors were incredibly patient, kind & effective during our lessons - thank you!

            Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 8.18.20 pm


            Feb 2020

            My 1-1 Oxbridge interview tutor was incredibly resourceful and provided useful tips. With the help from medic mind I was fortunate to receive offers to study Oxbridge for 2020 entry.

            Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 8.18.20 pm


            Jan 2020

            I loved the format of each 1-1 Oxbridge interview lesson as well as the materials used to explain. My tutor helped me prepare well for my interviews by giving really good constructive feedback.

            Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 8.18.20 pm


            December 2019

            My 1-1 tutor was really friendly and helpful. She gave me some really useful feedback and insight on my university specific mock interview. I definitely recommend Medic Mind!

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Without Medic Mind's Oxbridge help I don't know how I would have succeeded with my interview

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Really friendly tutors

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            I can't thank them enough for helping my son get into Fitzpatrick's College

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            My daughter was dreading her Physics Cambridge interview and with Medic Mind's support they were able to get her in to her dream college!

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            I'm really grateful for all of Medic Mind's support.

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Thank you Medic Mind for your Oxbridge tutors

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            I got a tutor for my specific subject - they are as personalised as they say

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            I counted on Medic Mind to deliver the sessions - at first they were a little slow but in the end they did as they said they would

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            I really like their fast communication - I booked a consultation and within a few hours I was able to reach my tutor

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            The tutors were great!

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Thank you

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Thanks Medic Mind

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Excellent tutoring service

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Really happy with the outcomes

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Could have a more diverse set of tutors for all subjects but otherwise I was happy

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Couldn't fault their service

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Thanks Medic Mind!

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Their Oxbridge tutors are really friendly and encouraging.

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Would recommend 5/5.

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Excellent service

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            My daughter and her tutor built up such an excellent rapport!

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            I was skeptical at first but they certainly delivered

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            It was a bit expensive but we got the outcome we wanted

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Proficient and hard working tutors

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Excellent tutoring

            Oxbridge Interview Tutors

            Thank you!


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              The interview is the final stage of your application - the only thing, besides your exam results, that stands between you and Oxbridge. So here at Medic Mind, we want to do everything we can to make sure you give it your best shot out there!

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              24/7 support throughout

              Our tutors know first-hand the stress of the Oxbridge interview, and they are there to promptly respond to anything you’re struggling with. After the interview, you might even want to chat to them about what universities to choose.

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