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      2024/5 is predicted to be the hardest year ever to enter medical school with only 16% of applicants getting a place last year (Source: The Guardian). The #1 reason? LOW UCAT SCORES. Fear not – with the help of a Medic Mind Tutor, your UCAT score can improve to OVER 700.




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      2024 is predicted to be the hardest year ever to enter medical school with increasing competition for places. Fear not - with the help of a Medic Mind Tutor, your UCAT score can improve to OVER 700.


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            I would not hesitate to recommend Medic Mind to anyone thinking of applying for medicine. I used Medic Mind for UCAT, BMAT, and interview help and it was the best investment I made.

            Jordan A
            Scored 820

            My UCAT tutor Shameena helped me prepare over 7 weeks for the UCAT. She was very motivational, and gave me some really useful tips for each section. Thank you Medic Mind!

            Jorge S
            Scored 710

            As a GEM applicant, a high UCAT score was essential. I was delighted to be paired by an experienced fellow graduate tutor who helped me score well in both UCAT and BMAT.

            Georgina L
            Scored 780

            My UCAT tutor Daniel was very friendly and insightful, helping me score 780 in the UCAT! He taught me some fantastic time-saving techniques for each section of the exam (July, 2019)

            Raphael R
            Scored 732

            Honestly this is the best UCAT scheme available. The whole group were so supportive and replied instantly, from Max to Mohil. The UCAT tutors were great too, especially Cathy and Steph.

            Danial N
            Scored 860

            The Medic Mind team have been an integral reason for me securing 4/4 offers. I booked 30 hours, which was a good amount for UCAT and used their great videos alongside.

            Sara S
            Scored Top 10%

            I had 6 hours of 1-1 with Medic Mind, which have been incredibly helpful. Everybody is friendly, knowledgeable and keen to help even if you are short for time.

            Maryam A

            These have specific strategies that really improved my scores. Not only that, but it is very affordable (especially compared to the majority of courses for the UKCAT and BMAT which are heavily overpriced) and the price is for unlimited access to the courses.

            Sophie A

            With the recent change from UMAT to UCAT, we were worried about how much companies in Australia would know about the UCAT. This is why we turned to the UK and were lucky to find Medic Mind!


            Really great and informative resources on UCAT and BMAT exam!

            Hana S

            Learnt some useful skills for approaching UCAT. Good teaching style. Easy to follow the tutoring.

            Jessica L

            Brilliant resources, really broke down the ucat exam into the different sections and gave great tips for the various problems. Highly recommend!

            Joshua W

            The teacher was supportive and friendly when coordinating the UCAT session and helped in clearing any doubts about anything.

            Megan A

            It gave important information on the UCAT that I wouldn't know otherwise. I would like to pass on my thanks to Medic Mind!

            Sean G

            Really thorough teaching of all aspects of the UCAT, including explaining the significance of the GMC Guidelines in the SJT

            Beth G

            Really clear explanations of how to do each section of the ucat with lots of example questions.

            Tessa Y

            It was informative and boosted my confidence ahead of my UCAT exam.

            Tess A

            Feeling much more confident about the UCAT


            Great! Gave good insight in to UCAT very clearly explained.

            Lucy G

            Very informative and in detail. The tutor was extremely helpful and understanding whilst explaining the UCAT.

            Alice A

            Useful tips for the exam were given which made me feel more confident about sitting the UCAT. Highly reccommend.

            Jessica L

            Brilliant resources, really broke down the ucat and bmat exam down into the different sections and gave great tips for the various problems: especially abstract reasoning in ucat and essay writing for bmat. Highly recommend!

            Daniel S

            This course provided great tips and tricks for the UCAT exam, I would recommend it for any med-school applicants. It helped me understand each aspect of the exam and went through in detail how to answer each question style.

            Syed H

            I thought the UCAT course they have for offer was exceptionally beneficial, entailing towards students similar to me. The speaker was confinement and spoke in a clear and considered way and projected their voice very well.

            Haider S

            The question sets were motivating and challenging, while still remaining similar to the real thing. In order to improve I would personally recommend spending more time on individual slides to give a better chance for mentees to make important notes.

            Gonn A

            Absolutely inspiring! The help and advice given is nothing like you can find anywhere else.

            Bhaskar R

            I hope that every one gets the chance to use medic mind and truly appreciate the immense support given. I feel very confident and sure of myself thanks to all the help I have been given. The exam is very stressful and I found myself very worried about the horror stories I had heard.

            Sahil R

            I have seen literally every video on YouTube with the keyword ‘UCAT’ and I can honestly say nothing else compares to the help provided as it gives actual techniques for each section that I can apply to good use in the test.


            The course I was given really boosted my confidence regarding the UCAT, as it informed me of numerous techniques on how to deductively choose answers for questions, guided me throughout the fundamentals of each section, and taught me how to prepare for this extremely important test.

            Laura A

            Overall, the experience given to me has solidified my understanding it, and alleviated my worries via their guidance.

            Michael A

            My knowledge and determination has excelled as I am now comfortable with the problems surrounding the UCAT, and have learned how to manage myself and the questions for when the time comes - a vital aspect.

            Jessie A

            The course I was given really boosted my confidence regarding the UCAT, as it informed me of numerous techniques on how to deductively choose answers for questions, guided me throughout the fundamentals of each section, and taught me how to prepare for this extremely important test

            Rueben J

            Taught me good approaches to work out UCAT and BMAT

            Ahmad A

            Thank you so much for helping me out. Went from 60% confidence to 100% so thank you again. The UCAT techniques were unique which I could not find in my books.

            Karen C

            As a parent who did not have experience of UCAT previously the advice and support that was demonstrated by medic mind was second to none. Their approach was one of nurturing and care as well as achieving results.

            Tanya A

            They instilled me with confidence in their ability immediately unlike some of the other companies who simply wanted to sell their products in addition to the tuition.

            Cherie A

            Following the first session the development and confidence in my daughter was amazing. Her scores increased rapidly and her test result was excellent. Thank you medic mind.

            Nyah K

            Really helpful for UCAT prep

            Milly L

            Maya was very good at simply explaining the course of the UCAT and how to answer each type of question as well as tips that helped and I haven’t seen elsewhere

            Safa S

            Maya was amazing at explaining each of the sections in UCAT. Making sure that all of the pupils understood before moving ahead. She gave us many questions and examples to look at. Better than other courses!!

            Safia J

            When learning about hit the different aspects of UCAT, Maya was very engaging and able to explain different concepts well. Similarly, her anecdotes helped us to see the reality of the test, as well as providing us with important information which I will use for my own UCAT test.

            Ben M

            The Ucat session was very informative session with very useful tips, to help with my preparation for the Ucat test.

            Arjan B

            Maya helped me understand how to answer the ucat sections in a more efficient way

            Precious S

            The UCAT session was extremely useful. It gave me some useful tips that I will be able to use in my exam.

            Anjini K

            Maya gave a really informative and interesting session about the UCAT.


            Maya was very informative and interactive with us. And I learnt a lot from her teaching us about the UCAT.

            Emerald C

            The UCAT session that was delivered was very helpful and gave many useful hints and tips with how to complete the different sections in the short amount of time given.

            Sukhraj S

            Maya explained every section within be UCAT really well - giving top tricks and tips on how to answer questions quickly and precisely. She was very useful, fully recommend.

            Zenith S

            Medic Mind were brilliant with my daughter who was struggling with her ucat exam and did everything to help her, i really appreciated the regular progress checks on whatsapp. Thanks so much!!


            Lydia really enjoyed the lessons for Ucat and we noticed an instant improvement on her scores in Medify. Thanks to her tutors she was able to improve on her scores and get an offer as she did really badly the year before.

            Jonathan A

            What I liked most was that they told her what to do outside of the lessons and gave homework which helped guide her revision.

            Charis A

            Maya was very informative and managed to make studying the UCAT interesting.

            Amelia J

            Everyone was really helpful and gave lots of support. Felt so confident in my UCAT exam and couldn’t have done it without their help!

            Krishan V

            The lessons were super clear and they tailored them to my pace and focused on what I needed. Thank you!

            Tilly A

            I was really pleased with the tutoring I received! I was very happy from the onset when speaking to Medic Mind. They provided a brilliant experience for my daughter and I cannot fault them at all.

            Jamie A

            Right from the get go they were very prompt in organizing everything efficiently and they really improved her UCAT score. Thanks so much Medic Mind!

            Sara T

            The thing that I liked most about it was that they know how to identify your weakest areas and provide constructive advice on how to improve. I previously had group and online courses with other UCAT exam prep providers, but I felt that 1 to 1 tutoring benefited me more.

            Heshan M

            Helped me understand and improve the way I answer UCAT questions. The online 1 to 1 was helpful, tutors recommended me some great resources and went through each section clearly to help me prepare.


            The UCAT Medic Mind course was game changing for me! Before, I was struggling with speed but after the 1 to 1 tutoring and the online course, I learned some really useful techniques to boost my speed and score.

            Sanjay J

            In terms of lessons they were very informative, flexible and well suited to my needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone applying to medicine at university!

            Susan F

            This is a good concept / idea for students who wish to practice more on their skills required for UCAT. This service is student friendly and they provide the required support throughout your application!

            We cover every UCAT Section

            Verbal Reasoning

            17 Lessons

            Verbal Reasoning is officially the hardest UCAT section – in 2019, the average UK score was 565. In our in-depth lessons, we will teach you the optimal approach for each question type, whether its a long scientific passage or a tricky statement question.


            Lesson 1
            Introduction to VR

            To begin with, your UCAT tutor will give you a short overview of Verbal Reasoning, discussing the different types of questions, the UCAT timing and the key challenges you’ll face

            Lesson 2
            True, False, Can’t Tell

            Your UCAT tutor will teach you the easier True, False, Can’t Tell questions. We’ll discuss what each of these terms actually mean, and practice some questions together.

            Lesson 3
            Using Inferences

            Inferences can change a UCAT statement from Can’t Tell to True. Being able to understand when you can and cannot make an inference is essential to scoring well in Verbal Reasoning.

            Lesson 4
            Extreme Language

            Here we will introduce one of our most effective Verbal Reasoning techniques – Extreme Language. We’ll discuss mild and extreme phrases, and how to spot them in the UCAT.

            Lesson 5
            Keyword Approach

            To answer a Verbal Reasoning question in 30 seconds, you need to use the Keyword Approach. Your UCAT tutor will introduce this vital technique and then practice using it in UCAT questions.

            Lesson 6
            Passage Adjustments

            Often there can be slight adjustments between the passage and the statement. Your UCAT tutor will teach you how to spot these, and avoid falling into these common Verbal Reasoning traps!

            Lesson 7
            Writer Questions

            Here we discuss how to approach longer, subjective Writer Passages, including how to quickly find the writer’s conclusion in a long UCAT passage.

            Lesson 8
            Type 1 Statements

            In this tutorial, we tackle the more difficult Statement questions, discussing a range of techniques for time-saving and efficient working.

            Lesson 9
            Type 2 Statements

            Here, we teach you how to apply our Verbal Reasoning techniques on the most difficult and long-winded questions in the UCAT – Type 2 Statement Questions.

            Lesson 10
            Factual Passages

            In this tutorial, we teach you how to successfully tackle the more complicated, abstract passages containing multiple numbers, facts and fine details.

            Lesson 11
            Timing Strategies

            In this tutorial, we consolidate all of the timing techniques we’ve learnt thus far, alongside introducing some new tips for beating that UCAT timer in Verbal Reasoning!

            Lesson 12
            Reverse Questions

            Reverse or Negative Questions often trick UCAT students up. We’ll teach you how to spot them and answer them well in a limited amount of time.

            Lesson 13
            Timing Contingencies

            What do you do if you have 10 questions left to do in 5 minutes? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through our contingency Cheetah and Rabbit strategies just in case things go wrong!

            Lesson 14
            Causation vs. Correlation

            It’s easy to make assumptions on links and correlations between UCAT statements. In this UCAT tutorial, we’ll go through some tricky examples to teach you an important skill.

            Lesson 15
            VR Test Day

            In this UCAT tutorial we’ll give you a week by week plan for your Verbal Reasoning preparation. We’ll also discuss how to perform at your best on UCAT Test Day.

            Lesson 16
            Tips from the Experts

            We close up the Verbal Reasoning course with some final tips from our UCAT experts, all of whom scored above 850 in the exam.

            Lesson 17
            Summary and Overview

            This revision lesson will re-cap all of the key UCAT Verbal Reasoning techniques we’ve taught you.

            UCAT Verbal Reasoning Keyword Strategy

            Decision Making

            18 Lessons
            31 minutes

            Decision Making is a relatively new section but also the hardest to grasp in terms of techniques. Watch our award-winning techniques to help you maximise your score in a challenging but fun section!


            Lesson 1

            To begin with, your UCAT tutor will give you a short overview of Decision Making, introduce the 6 question types and identify the key challenges faced.

            Lesson 2
            Syllogisms: Theory

            Your UCAT tutor will teach you our evidence-based method for tackling Syllogisms using Venn Diagrams. It is quite a detailed UCAT tutorial so brace yourself!

            Lesson 3
            Syllogisms: Questions

            Your UCAT tutor will help you now put this into practice by going through questions based on the official UCAT Consortium.

            Lesson 4
            Venn Diagrams I

            There are lots of questions which require you to draw a Venn without even telling you! It’s a key part of Decision Making and you need to get familiar with it early.

            Lesson 5
            Venn Diagrams II

            Your UCAT tutor will put these techniques into practice and give you an array of questions designed to test you to your limit.

            Lesson 6
            Probability: Theory

            Whether you have a basic or expert level of knowledge of maths, Decision Making Probability will give you a refresher and help you cover the content in detail.

            Lesson 7
            Probability: Questions

            After covering the content you will put it into practice and go through UCAT Probability Questions

            Lesson 8
            Logic Puzzles: Theory

            This is a favourite for UCAT Decision Making authors and a question style bound to trip up many so pay attention to this one!

            Lesson 9
            Logic Puzzles: Questions

            Logical Puzzles in Decision Making require lots and lots of practice so watch our walkthrough video to help guide you through it all.

            Lesson 10
            Ordered Puzzles

            In this UCAT Tutorial we go through how to answer ordered puzzle questions as well as covering vital theory to help you score 800+

            Lesson 11
            Tabular Puzzles

            UCAT Decision Making tends to have lots of information in tables and they purposely distract you with overload of information. Learn how to tackle these questions.

            Lesson 12
            Spatial Equations

            These have come up in the past two years of the UCAT Decision Making based on our research so it’s an important question type to get your head around.

            Lesson 13
            Conditional Scenarios

            Here we get to grips with how UCAT Decision Making requires you to have two-step thinking and help you take shortcuts.

            Lesson 14
            Interpreting Data

            It’s crucial to know how to consolidate pieces of information in UCAT Decision Making and score highly by not being fooled by distractors

            Lesson 15
            Assumptions: Theory

            UCAT Recognising Assumption questions are relatively straightforward but we discuss the common pitfalls that students face.

            Lesson 16
            Assumptions: Questions

            These are the easiest type of UCAT Decision Making questions however it helps to get 100% in these questions to set you up for the rest of it.

            Lesson 17
            Tips from Experts

            Hear from UCAT Decision Making experts who can give you their insight into how they did well in this area and what they found useful.

            Lesson 18

            Here we wrap up everything we’ve taught you and help condense everything into the salient points as well as telling you the next steps on how to formulate your revision.

            Quantitative Reasoning

            18 Lessons
            24 min

            We approach Quantitative Reasoning by systematically working through the 15 key question types that appear in the UCAT. Whether it be Percentages, Ratios, Fractions, Venn Diagrams, Tax Questions or Areas, we’ve got you covered!


            Lesson 1
            Introduction to QR

            Your UCAT tutor will take you through an overview of Quantitative Reasoning. What is the timing? What types of questions commonly come up? What are the key challenges?

            Lesson 2
            Estimation vs. Precision

            A key technique for saving time is estimation. Your UCAT tutor will teach you when to estimate, how to estimate, and work through different UCAT scenarios to challenge your technique.

            Lesson 3
            Reading The Information

            It’s crucial to understand when to read the QR question stem, and when to skim read. Your UCAT tutor will teach you how to recognise the type of question, and the approach to take.

            Lesson 4
            Units in the UCAT

            In this UCAT tutorial, your UCAT tutor will take you through unit variation in questions, common units traps, unit conversions and time-saving tips for units questions.

            Lesson 5
            Means, Median, Mode

            With your UCAT tutor, you will work through realistic UCAT scenarios relating to means, weighted means, median and longer time-consuming data calculations.

            Lesson 6
            Area Questions

            UCAT area questions can often be challenging, time-consuming and tricky. With your UCAT tutor, you’ll tackle the most common area questions, teaching you some successful strategies.

            Lesson 7
            Quantitative Formulae

            Your UCAT tutor will introduce the common UCAT formulae and test you with some examples – including UCAT questions on the area of a cylinder, volume of a sphere, diameter of a polygon, use of pi and much more.

            Lesson 8

            You often need to use ratios within UCAT questions, whether it be in a map scale, or calculating proportions of items. Ratios can be tricky, but don’t worry we have you covered!

            Lesson 9
            The UCAT Calculator

            The UCAT Calculator really slows you down. Your UCAT tutor will teach you how to use it quickly and efficiently using our proven shortcuts. We’ll also discuss the UCAT Whiteboard and Flagging function.

            Lesson 10

            Being able to use and convert fractions is a very useful skill for UCAT Quantitative Reasoning. Using our techniques, by the end of this tutorial fractions we will make ‘fractions your friend’!

            Lesson 11
            Interest Questions

            Compound interest, simple interest, interest calculations – these are common nightmares for UCAT students. In this UCAT tutorial, your UCAT tutor will challenge you with some time-consuming exams.

            Lesson 12
            Tax Questions

            Tax bracket calculations have commonly been asked in the UCAT, and students struggle to get their head around them. In this UCAT tutorial, your UCAT tutor will work through many examples to overcome your fear!

            Lesson 13
            Venn Diagrams

            Being able to use, draw and understand Venn Diagrams is an essential skill in both the Quantitative Reasoning and Decision Making sections of the UCAT

            Lesson 14

            Percentages are almost guaranteed to come up in the UCAT! We teach you a unique, super fast method for percentage change, increase and proportions.

            Lesson 15
            Speed, Distance, Time

            In this UCAT tutorial, your UCAT tutor will take you through examples relating to the Speed, Distance, Time Formula. We will teach you how to avoid common traps for these questions (e.g. unit traps).

            Lesson 16
            Tips from Experts

            We close up the Quantitative Reasoning course with some final tips from our UCAT experts, all of whom scored above 850 in the exam. Your UCAT tutor will share some of their own personal closing tips.

            Lesson 17
            QR Test Day

            In this UCAT tutorial we’ll give you a week by week plan for your Quantitative Reasoning preparation. We’ll also discuss how to perform at your best on UCAT Test Day. You can discuss any concerns you have with your UCAT Tutor and talk them through in depth!

            Lesson 18
            Summary and Overview

            This revision lesson will re-cap all of the key UCAT Quantitative Reasoning techniques we’ve taught you.

            Abstract Reasoning

            20 Lessons
            13 minutes

            Abstract Reasoning is a tricky section to grasp especially as there are so many different patterns you could get! We’ll teach you award-winning methods to help you crack through the questions using pattern recognition techniques.


            Lesson 1

            Your UCAT tutor will give you an overview of Abstract Reasoning, including a summary of question types, the common pitfalls and the key techniques required.

            Lesson 2
            AR Question Types

            There are 4 Abstract Reasoning question types. In this UCAT tutorial, your UCAT tutor will introduce each one, and discuss the differences in approach, timing and difficulty.

            Lesson 3
            Warm Up Quiz

            In this UCAT tutorial, your UCAT tutor will warm you up with some practice patterns before you jump into trickier sets later on. You’ll be able to see how AR works, and understand how to spot patterns.

            Lesson 4
            Type 1 Questions

            Type 1 questions are the most common type in Abstract Reasoning. We will discuss the ideal strategy for these questions, and practice some sets. Your UCAT tutor will also share their personal tips for Type 1 Questions.

            Lesson 5
            The SPONCS Method

            In this UCAT tutorial we will summarise the key types of patterns that appear in the UCAT, including Shape, Position, Orientation, Number, Colour and Size patterns.

            Lesson 6
            AR Triggers

            In AR, you haven’t got enough type to look for every pattern from SPONCS. You need to spot triggers, which will guide you towards the right direction and save crucial time.

            Lesson 7
            Number Patterns

            Your UCAT tutor will teach you how to look for common Number patterns, including the number of sides, number of total shapes, number of intersections and much more.

            Lesson 8
            Shape Patterns

            Your UCAT tutor will teach you how to look for common Shape patterns, including presence of a specific shape, symmetry, curved vs. straight-sides, regular vs. irregular and much more.

            Lesson 9
            Size Patterns

            Your UCAT tutor will teach you how to look for common patterns relating to the relative size of shapes, including common combinations of Size with other pattern types.

            Lesson 10
            Position Patterns

            Your UCAT tutor will teach you how to look for common Position patterns, including position of shapes in quadrants, rotation and much more.

            Lesson 11
            Colour Patterns

            Your UCAT tutor will teach you how to look for common Colour patterns, including patterns involving grey, black, striped and spotted shapes. Colour patterns are often combined with other pattern types.

            Lesson 12
            Orientation Patterns

            Your UCAT tutor will teach you how to look for Orientation patterns, including patterns involving direction, arrows and relative position of shapes.

            Lesson 13

            UCAT questions often have distractor shapes and boxes, which are designed to waste your time. We’ll explain how to spot them, avoid them and focus on the important shapes.

            Lesson 14
            Dependent Patterns

            Sometimes patterns involve two steps, whereby one pattern depends on another pattern. These questions can be tricky, so we will practice them and discuss the best approach.

            Lesson 15
            Secondary Patterns

            Sometimes sets have two patterns – one major pattern, and one minor pattern. We will discuss when to look for a second pattern, and when to save time and move on.

            Lesson 16
            Timing Strategies

            Abstract Reasoning is the quickest UCAT section. It can fly by, so it’s especially important to be sharp with your timing. Your UCAT tutor will teach you how to spot patterns efficiently and quickly.

            Lesson 17
            Type 2 Questions

            Type 2 Abstract Reasoning questions involve a series of shapes, with the question asking you to finish the series. Your UCAT tutor will take you through examples, and teach you how to approach them.

            Lesson 18
            Type 3 Questions

            Type 3 Abstract Reasoning questions involves spotting relationships between pairs of shapes. Your UCAT tutor will take you through several examples, and again discuss the best approach.

            Lesson 19
            Type 4 Questions

            Type 4 Abstract Reasoning questions involve a similar approach to Type 1 questions, with a slight twist. Your UCAT tutor will test, discuss and perfect your technique for these questions.

            Lesson 20
            AR Test Day

            In this UCAT tutorial we’ll give you a week by week plan for your Abstract Reasoning preparation. Your UCAT tutor will also discuss how to perform at your best on UCAT Test Day.

            Situational Judgement

            20 Lessons
            25 Minutes

            We approach Situational Judgement by working through the GMC Guidelines and Medical Ethics to help you understand the ethical knowledge and grasp the technique required to secure Band 1.


            Lesson 1
            Introduction to SJT

            Your UCAT tutor will breakdown the different question types you can get in the Situational Judgement section of the exam and help you adjust to the skills required here.

            Lesson 2

            In this lesson, UCAT tutor will introduce the “appropriateness” type of questions and lay out a step by step strategy on how to answer questions related to this.

            Lesson 3

            Your UCAT tutor will introduce the “importance” type of question in Situational Judgement and help you understand how to differentiate between very important and not important at all

            Lesson 4
            Tackling the Scenario

            Your UCAT tutor will share our expert strategy which has been devised by current doctors and medical students based on their insight into the clinical environment.

            Lesson 5
            Knowing Your Role

            When you are faced with a scenario, you have to identify the status and profession of the person involved. E.g. capabilities and responsibilities of a GP will be very different to that of a Medical Student.

            Lesson 6
            Key Principles

            Your UCAT tutor will give you an overview of the principles of situational judgement including patient safety and professionalism. You will learn which of these are most important in a clinical setting.

            Lesson 7
            Patient Safety

            The most important thing you are taught as a medical student is to always be safe! It is drilled in and is the most important quality in medicine. Your UCAT tutor can share their own experience on the hospital wards to add to the tutorial!

            Lesson 8
            Working with Remits

            This applies in particular to situations revolving around medical students – Medical students are not authorised to make decisions surrounding medical care or give any treatment. Your UCAT tutor can share their own experience on the hospital wards to add to the tutorial!

            Lesson 9

            Confidentiality is important for many reasons – this includes patient trust in the profession. Patients are often anxious to come to doctors and so when they do inform them of information they expect that it will not be told to anyone else

            Lesson 10

            Doctors and dentists should be responsible in healthcare setting and outside healthcare settings. This means that all students and doctors should act responsibly as they are representing a whole profession

            Lesson 11
            Honesty & Integrity

            Everyone makes mistakes and it’s important that if mistakes are made that we follow the right protocol to identify them. You should not directly influence patients’ decision – the modern model of healthcare is patient centred – we want patients to be at the heartbeat of their decisions.

            Lesson 12
            Teamwork & Respect

            No one is above anyone else – it’s why doctors and nurses wear the same type of scrubs. We go through common SJT scenarios around this and help you spot key patterns in their questions. Your UCAT tutor can share their own experience on the hospital wards to add to the tutorial!

            Lesson 13
            Duties of a Doctor

            Here we condense the GMC Principles in a series of short videos with interactive question-based UCAT tutorials. Your UCAT tutor will explain their personal insight into the duties of a doctor in the hospital.

            Lesson 14
            GMC #1: Performance

            Your UCAT tutor will take you through the first GMC principle of Knowledge, Skills & Performance and go through Situational Judgement questions around it.

            Lesson 15
            GMC #2: Safety

            Your UCAT tutor will take you through the second GMC principle of Safety and Quality and go through Situational Judgement questions around it.

            Lesson 16
            GMC #3: Teamwork

            Your UCAT tutor will take you through the third GMC principle of Communication, Partnership & Teamwork and go through Situational Judgement questions around it.

            Lesson 17
            GMC #4: Trust

            Your UCAT tutor will take you through the fourth GMC principle and go through Situational Judgement questions around it.

            Lesson 18
            Medical Pillars

            Your UCAT tutor will discuss the 4 Key Medical Pillars and talk through real life SJT scenarios to help you get to grips with the exam.

            Lesson 19
            Tips from the Experts

            Your UCAT tutor will share some final tips from their experience of the Situational Judgement section of the UCAT.

            Lesson 20
            Test Day

            Your UCAT tutor will answer any remaining worries you have going into test day, helping you to feel prepared and relaxed before your UCAT!


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