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We provide online Microbiology tuition and Microbiology tutors worldwide. Our tutors are carefully chosen and rigorously interviewed from the best universities. They work with students of all levels, from beginner to advanced, from all over the world!

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Big thanks to all the support from the Medic Mind tutors who have been really flexible and consistently friendly with great guidance!

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          You can be sure that you will receive an excellent addition to your education when you have the opportunity to speak with a tutor who has years of experience working as both a friend and a tutor.

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          Our tutor works with their students on a one-on-one basis. They provide customised advice, support, and guidance to help students achieve their objectives.

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          We keep parents and students in the loop, with regular progress reports, revision tips and homework plans.

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          We provide you with video tutorials, questions and books via your own online portal.


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          We believe that a personal approach is best when it comes to teaching and learning. So when you sign-up for our 1-to-1 tutoring, we’ll create your study plan and you’ll receive ongoing support tailored to your needs. In addition, you’ll have access to a wealth of online resources to revise and test everything you learn.

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          Rabia Ramsay
          Daria William

          Why do you need a private tutor?

          Your tutor can assist you in determining the best approach to your independent study sessions so that you can replicate it in the future. They also provide one-of-a-kind advice on how to manage your time effectively while taking a test or studying. You can put these skills to use in future exams or classes.

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          Our experienced microbiology tutors have developed a comprehensive range of strategies to help you get the best results in the shortest time possible. We also provide regular progress updates and online materials to help you stay on track. The tutors can show you techniques for reducing test-related anxiety, which can plague students during important exams.

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          Our experienced microbiology tutors have years of experience in providing 1-to-1 tuition and are passionate about helping you reach your goals. We carefully select our tutors for their knowledge and expertise, so you can be sure you're getting the best quality advice available.

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            They give you useful tips, keep you up to date with any changes, and provide excellent tutoring 1-1 with experienced tutors, who are willing to push you beyond your limits so to achieve the best out of you. The lessons are well organised, structured, and engaging. They don’t miss a detail. The free live sessions they offer you compliments well with the tutoring, further consolidating your learning.


            The tutors were readily accessible and were well matched with the needs of each of my children. Likewise, I found great support from the Medic Mentor team when I had any enquiries. Very friendly and efficient! Thank you for all your support!


            A fantastic opportunity to get hands on experience in a safe and comfortable environment! Feeling much more prepared than before. Thank you so much!


            It was really well organised. They were very less time spent on going through less necessary things like introduction and general teaching.


            They gave really constructive feedback and the peer review allowed for more varied ideas of improvement. All the tutors were very lovely and helped you feel less stressed whilst giving you an accurate idea


            all of the tutors were super friendly and gave loads of constructive criticisms. there was also a large variation of questions so I was able to explore topics i havent encountered before at all.


            Was very useful and Arun was very helpful in explaining and going through each section in detail and giving tips and making sure we understood it all. It was interactive and enjoyable. Got a lot out of it!


            All of the tutors were so helpful and it came across that they genuinely did care. It was well structured and I’m really glad that I did this course. I was kind of dreading the course but really learnt a lot and surprisingly enjoyed myself.


            The tutors are really friendly and put your mind at ease. The questions are very similar to the exam so you get plenty of preparation before you go


            Jasleen was absolutely everything I could’ve asked for in a tutor! She was friendly, very focused on making sure content was covered thoroughly and in good time and was always making sure I understood what she’d said before moving on.


            . The tutors were very professional and gave good feedback that I was able to use and improve with.


            Extremely useful. Prior to these sessions I had no clue on how to tackle any of the questions efficiently but these sessions gave me lots of tips and strategies on how to answer every section. Highly recommend


            Very good experience, tutors were informative and really helpful, highlighted how to make improvements very well and were very kind for the most part.


            The sessions made me feel more confident and have made me practice a lot of common questions til I could talk naturally and come up with good answers to each of them.


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