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HPAT 1-1 Course 2022

HPAT Course

COVID-19 made the HPAT more important than EVER.
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Medic Mind helped me develop my HPAT technique - my tutor was friendly, engaging and helped me score well!

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      In the United Kingdom, 64% of medical school applications are rejected without being read. The #1 reason? LOW HPAT SCORES.  Medic Mind Tutors will help you get a HPAT score that can grow to OVER 170!


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      68% of medical applications in Ireland are rejected. The #1 reason? LOW HPAT SCORES. Medic Mind Tutors can improve your HPAT score to OVER 170.


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        How can Medic Mind HPAT course improve my HPAT score?


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        1. Award-Winning Strategies

          You could be answering 1000s of HPAT questions but not getting any better. Your HPAT technique will be transformed by our HPAT Course.

        2. Proven Timing Techniques

          We teach you section-specific tactics that, which will speed up your HPAT technique by 37%.

        3. HPAT Course | HPAT 1-1 Course
        4. HPAT Course by our experts

          Our HPAT tutors have all received top marks on the exam and are qualified teachers with a track record of HPAT success.

        5. Personal 1-to-1 Approach

          Our HPAT tutors will serve as a companion, mentor, and teacher for you. You can ask our team questions at any time.

        6. Regular Progress Updates

          With regular progress reports, HPAT revision recommendations, and homework plans, we keep parents and students informed.

        7. HPAT Essay Marking

          We realise the significance of essay marking in the HPAT, so it is included in all of our HPAT 1-1 Course tutoring packages.


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          When it comes to teaching and learning, we feel that a individual approach is the most effective. When you enroll in our HPAT 1-to-1 Course, we'll assist you with HPAT revision through personalised approach and provide you with a wealth of online tools to help you revise and test what you've learned through our HPAT course.

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          Following your session, we take into account everything you want - from location to potential universities - and identify the best HPAT tutor for you. They've all got:

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          Based on the time until your test, your HPAT scores, and your weak areas, your HPAT tutor will create a custom lesson plan for you.

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          We'll give you the best chance of scoring above 170 if you practice hard and devote time to our HPAT course lessons.

          • Improve your HPAT technique
          • UCAT SJT ClockIncrease your HPAT speed
          • Work on your weaker sections
          • Use feedback to progress

          HPAT Scores are proven
          to improve with tutoring

          According to studies conducted by Leeds University, online coaching can considerably increase a student's grades as well as their aptitude exam results. This is true of the HPAT as well.

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            Our students love us, but don’t
            just take our word for it:

            Our HPAT Students



            Thank you Medic Mind, I found the tutoring methods logical and effective.

            Gareth B

            Nice work! The HPAT tutor I had was friendly and motivating :)

            Marissa K

            You guys have some really friendly and encouraging tutors.I like the WhatsApp format too and lessons via Zoom

            Sindy M

            The tutoring was worth the investment, my daughter benefitted a lot from the HPAT help.

            We cover every HPAT Section

            S1: Logical Reasoning+Problem Solving

            4 Lessons

            The materials in this section are based on a brief paragraph or piece of information displayed graphically and are drawn from a number of generic sources. Questions test your ability to grasp, make logical conclusions, discover significant facts, evaluate information, pinpoint additional or missing information, and build and test feasible theories.


            Lesson 1
            Introduction to S1

            Here, we’ll go over the most prevalent logical reasoning and problem solving question kinds and look at trends in question types over the last five years and beyond.

            BMAT Online Course Essay Section 3
            Lesson 2
            Interpreting Data

            Here we tackle the interpreting of data. We’ll discuss what these questions involve, and practice some questions together.

            BMAT Online Course Section 1
            Lesson 3
            Drawing logical conclusion

            After learning how to interpret given data, it’s important to know how to draw logical conclusions from them. If you are struggling, we will delve deeper and go into theory more.

            BMAT Online Course Chemistry
            Lesson 4
            Evaluating relevant information

            Not all the information can be relevant in HPAT and it’s important to know how to identify and evaluate the relevant information.

            S2: Interpersonal Understanding

            4 Lessons

            The ability to understand and think about people is assessed in Section 2. The questions are based on a scenario, dialogue, or other piece of text that depicts a specific interpersonal interaction. There will be several questions in most passages. The questions test your ability to identify, comprehend, and deduce the thoughts, feelings, behaviour, and/or intentions of the people featured in the circumstances.


            Lesson 1
            Introduction to S2

            Here, we’ll go over the most prevalent interpersonal understanding question kinds and look at trends in question types over the last five years and beyond.

            Lesson 2
            Identify, understand and empathise with the emotions and behaviour of others.

            The questions will include a scenario that will test your ability to identify, understand, and empathise with other people’s emotions and behaviours.

            Lesson 3
            Knowing your Role

            Do you know you role and in what way you need to approach your patients? Learn it today with us!

            Lesson 4
            Key Principles

            Learn about the key principles you need to know for Section 2 of HPAT admissions test with us today!


            S3: Non-Verbal Reasoning

            4 Lessons

            This section may contain a variety of questions. All of them are based on patterns or sequences of forms, and they’re meant to test your capacity to reason abstractly and solve problems in non-verbal situations.


            Lesson 1
            Introduction to S3

            Here, we’ll go over the most prevalent non-verbal reasoning question kinds and look at trends in question types over the last five years and beyond.

            Lesson 2
            Finding Pattern

            We will go over how to find patterns for shapes and much more!

            Lesson 3
            Problem-solving in an abstract context

            In contrast to the first two sections, this one focuses on visual elements such as patterns and shapes. This is a test of your ability to solve problems in an abstract setting.

            BMAT Question Bank
            Lesson 4
            Distractors in AR

            Do you know what are distractors and how to spot them? Learn it here with us today!


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