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Our nursing tutors are here to ensure that you learn as much as possible while attending school and attempting to obtain your licence.

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      You may be confident that you are studying the proper material by working with a nursing instructor. They will also guarantee that your study habits are active. In this manner, you may be certain that you are taking the steps to earn the necessary passing grade.

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          We understand that Nursing tutoring can be an expensive investment. That is why, if you are not satisfied with your two-hour trial lesson, we will refund your money.


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          This is why working with a nursing tutor is essential. They will not only be able to ensure you are not wasting time by creating a schedule around you. But with each session, you will see yourself progressing. Your tutor will be able to supplement what you are learning so that you are confident that you are on the right track.

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          We can help you with all aspects of your nursing degree, including core biomedical concepts of health and disease like human biology, physiology, pathology, and clinical and laboratory biochemistry. To be successful, a nursing student must not only become an expert at applying these concepts to clinical nursing practice, but also acquire the transferable skills required to care for patients and their families in a variety of nursing and healthcare settings.

          Uma Underwood
          Alayna Pruitt
          Molly Worthington
          Kameron Stanton
          Rabia Ramsay
          Daria William

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          Medic Mind provide specialised assistance and tuition for nursing exams, dissertations, clinical case studies, and the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). We want to give our students the confidence and skills they need to succeed as health professionals.

          • Student's Personalised Schedule
          • Student-Friendly Approach
          • Learn at Your Own Pace and Work on Weaknesses
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          How Medic Mind Works

          To begin, get in touch with us to set up a trial lesson with a tutor to see if you like them. Your tutor will assist you in determining how many hours per week or month you will require to achieve your goals.

          If you don't like your trial lesson, we'll replace it for free with any new tutor of your choice. We're confident that you'll find the ideal tutor!

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          online tutoring

          Where Lessons Take Place

          You will meet your tutor online in the MS Teams classroom: the platform that includes everything you need for your lessons!

          Learning in the MS Teams classroom is secure and convenient because:

          • Lessons are recorded and available to review
          • UCAT SJT ClockYour homework, vocabulary, files and notes are all in one place.
          • Available on your mobile device
          • 24/7 support from your tutor
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          Our Tutors are Extraordinary

          We have a dedicated team at Medic Mind that manually checks and approves each tutor profile. We only show you tutors who have passed this strict selection process. If your tutor is not the right fit for you, our friendly customer support team is always available to listen and assist you in obtaining a free replacement.

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