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IMAT Group Course

IMAT Group Course | IMAT Courses 2023

IMAT Group Course 2023

Boost your IMAT score with Medic Mind's IMAT Group Course. With a mix of group classes and 1-1 tutoring, with all the IMAT resources provided, you'll ace your IMAT with our supportive and effective IMAT Group Course!

  • 60h of IMAT Group Classes
  • Dedicated Small Groups
  • All IMAT Resources Provided
  • Application Help and Advice
  • 30 - Week Programme
    (Mar 2023-Sep 2023)



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IMAT Group Courses 2023

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Improve Your IMAT Score...

Planning to take your IMAT in 2023? Are you looking for an effective, IMAT group course, run by experienced tutors and expert materials?

Then join Medic Mind’s IMAT Group Course, running from March to September 2023!

  • Experienced tutors
  • Expert IMAT materials, all included
  • Flexible online learning
  • Group classes + optional 1-1 support
  • 60 hours of IMAT teaching
  • 4 hours of group classes per week over 15 weeks
  • Small groups (>20) for individualised learning

The IMAT Group Course in a Nutshell

1IMAT Question Bank
2Online IMAT Classes
3Online Course

200+ IMAT Questions in a Realistic IMAT Simulator

Start preparing for your IMAT with our IMAT Question Bank, which contains realistic IMAT Practice Questions to help you become more acquainted with the exam.

Literary Culture (IMAT Questions)

An engaging and interactive IMAT Classroom

60h of interactive IMAT teaching will be provided by one of our expert IMAT tutors. We'll go over every IMAT section in detail, including timing techniques and tried-and-true strategies.


Access our IMAT tutorials and IMAT videos

When it comes to the IMAT, practice makes perfect! The more you practise, the more at ease you'll feel on the big day! Recap the more difficult lessons and focus on your strengths.


The IMAT tutoring is terrific! The teacher is very kind and knowledgeable! I definitely can see an improvement in my studies and results!

Larissa Domeneck


The plan for your
IMAT Group Classes

  • Timetable
  • Personal Feedback
  • Expert Tutors

You will join lessons every Saturday and Sunday at 9am-11am UK time on Teams. We will go over every section of the IMAT, including the fundamental techniques for answering the various types of IMAT questions.

online dental tutor

The plan for your
IMAT Group Classes

  • Timetable
  • Personal Feedback
  • Expert Tutors

You can participate in the session and receive personalised feedback on your individual timing, scores, and strengths by using our quiz platform. You will get individual feedback from assessments every 4 weeks.

OSCE online course

The plan for your
IMAT Group Classes

  • Timetable
  • Personal Feedback
  • Expert Tutors

Our IMAT team is welcoming, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. We make learning engaging, enjoyable, and productive!

study OSCE
Tiny student sitting on book pile and reading

Simulate the IMAT
with our 200+ IMAT Question Bank

Our realistic IMAT Practice Questions will help you become acquainted with the IMAT exam format. You can use these before your IMAT Live Day to do some preliminary revision and identify knowledge gaps. Return to your IMAT Question Bank after the IMAT Live Day and use the questions to consolidate everything you have learned.


Extensive IMAT
Online Course

We've assisted students from all over the world in preparing for their IMAT, and we have an excellent track record of assisting students in gaining admission to medical schoolโ€”over 90% of our students did in 2019!

OSCE materials

Our students love us, but donโ€™t
just take our word for it:

Our Reviews



Feb 2021

The overall session was very helpful. The tutors were extremely friendly and gave very helpful advice. Would highly recommend this course, all tutors were also happy to answer any additional questions which was very kind.

Neil A

Jan 2021

Has been very helpful and informative, covering current and ongoing hot topics that affect the medical world. For future hopeful medics, MedicMind offers a very comprehensive course that can aid anyone who wishes to undertake a career in medicine.


Jan 2021

I found the course very beneficial and I was provided with lots of tips and improvements so that I have a successful interview.

Ben C

Dec 2020

I would definitely recommend this course, the interviewers were brilliant and I gained a lot of really useful knowledge.

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  • Taught by IMAT Experts
  • Fully Live Online Classroom
  • Weekly IMAT Classes
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • 200+ IMAT Questions
  • 50+ IMAT Tutorials and Videos
  • 60h, 15 - week Programme
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Our Online Courses

Improve your IMAT score while saving money with one of our all-inclusive packages! Choose the best package for you, including our IMAT Video Course or some IMAT 1-1 Tutoring.
If you need any support deciding, please contact us at 020 3305 9593!

Select your bundle

IMAT Online Course

  • IMAT Online Video Course
  • IMAT Question Bank
  • Live IMAT Classroom Day
  • 2h 1-1 Tutoring

Normal Package

  • IMAT Online Video Course
  • IMAT Question Bank
  • Live IMAT Classroom Day
  • 2h 1-1 Tutoring

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