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Medic Mind provides an excellent team of online Neuroscience tutors, all of whom are experts in their fields and highly qualified to help you!

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The tutor was very informative and managed to make studying Neuroscience interesting.

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      To fulfil our tutoring mission of online education, our online tutoring centres are available 24/7, ready to help students with all aspects of Neuroscience.


      Whether you are beginning a BSc in neuroscience, finishing an MSc, or finishing a postgraduate PhD. Our tutors will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable and confident when dealing with difficult concepts in your degree. Understanding these complex concepts is usually the key to mastering Neuroscience and getting good grades on your exams.


      How our 1-1
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      Whether you are beginning a BSc in neuroscience, finishing an MSc, or finishing a postgraduate PhD. Our tutors will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable and confident when dealing with difficult concepts in your degree.


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          When it comes to teaching and learning, we feel that a individual approach is the most effective. When you join up for Neuroscience 1-to-1 tutoring, we'll build a study plan for you and provide you with ongoing help that's personalised to your specific needs. You'll also have access to a multitude of online tools to help you review and test what you've learned.

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          Alayna Pruitt
          Molly Worthington
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          Medic Mind's Extraordinary Tutor Team

          Our Neuroscience tutors will provide you with the tools you need to gain a thorough understanding of Neuroscience that you can apply in future courses. We can provide a variety of services because we have tutors in all Neuroscience topics. Our online Neuroscience tutors will do the following:

          • Give specific information for homework assignments
          • Reduce complex topics to easily digestible informational units
          • Adapt instruction to your preferred learning style
          • Examine broad conceptual concepts and chapters
          • Respond to any Neuroscience-related questions
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          Medic Mind's Mission

          To fulfil our mission of online education, Medic Mind is ready to assist students who need help with all aspects of Neuroscience. Our Neuroscience tutors can assist you with any size project, and we challenge you to find better online Neuroscience tutoring anywhere.

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          24/7 Support From Online Tutors

          Our tutors are as committed to your academic success as you are, so they are available around the clock to help you with any Neuroscience-related assignments you need help with.

          • Having access to highly skilled tutors
          • UCAT SJT ClockKeep your education progressing smoothly
          • Strengthen your confidence level
          • No conflicting schedules get in the way.
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          Standardised Neuroscience Learning Materials

          Our Neuroscience courses are designed specifically for online learning to provide greater flexibility. You will be added to an MS Teams class with learning materials and practise homework provided.

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            Our Supportive Students


            Ellen Hardy

            Maya is a great presenter and gave very useful information


            Very professional tutoring. Helped me a lot in my preparation.

            Ahmad Arif

            Thank you so much for helping me out. Went from 60% confidence to 100% so thank you again.

            Abhijith Ajayaghosh

            Amazing tutor, highly detailed explanations. Made everything really easy to understand would 100% recommend to anyone.

            Reuben John

            Taught me good approaches to work out Neuroscience

            Caelan Cabemaiwasa

            My knowledge and determination has excelled as I am now comfortable with the problems surrounding Neuroscience. Overall, the experience given to me has solidified my understanding it, and alleviated my worries via their guidance.

            Sahil Ravisangar

            I hope that every one gets the chance to use medic mind and truly appreciate the immense support given. I feel very confident and sure of myself thanks to all the help I have been given. The exam is very stressful and I found myself very worried about the horror stories I had heard.

            syed Haider

            The speaker was confinement and spoke in a clear and considered way and projected their voice very well. The question sets were motivating and challenging, while still remaining similar to the real thing. In order to improve I would personally recommend spending more time on individual slides to give a better chance for mentees to make important notes.


            This is a good concept / idea for students who wish to practice more on their skills required for Neuroscience. This service is student friendly and they provide the required support throughout your application!

            Sanjay Jaikumar

            The tutors were super supportive and the overall service was flawless. I don't think I could have found a better company to help me. In terms of lessons they were very informative, flexible and well suited to my needs.

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            All hours booked can be used flexibly between any other Medic Mind courses over the next 15 months and shared between friends and family.

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            • Effectiveness

            Medic Mind Tutors

            • Help students reach their full potential

            • Keep students on track

            • Prepare you for exams, work on specific areas

            • Give encouragement and praise

            • Create an environment free of distractions


            • Easily get bored or under-stimulated

            • Can't track their progress

            • Learn all, don't know which part is important

            • Easily overwhelmed or frustrated

            • Requires extreme self-control

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