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Full Vet School Application Package

Veterinary Application Package

This year, Vet School Applications are more competitive than EVER.
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I used the Veterinary application package and was offered a place in all my selected courses!

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      Competition for vet school in 2024 is likely to be fierce. So how do you stand out from the rest? With Medic Mind’s Full Application Package, we will support you throughout the whole process, from your UCAS application to your interviews. If you don’t secure a placement, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!




      How our Full Application Package Works

      2024 is predicted to be the hardest year ever to enter vet school. So how do you stand out from the competition? With Medic Mind's Full Application Package, we will support you throughout the whole process, from your UCAS application, personal statement, to your interviews. If you don't secure a placement, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!


      How our Full Application Package Works

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        What does Medic Mind offer in the Full Application Package?


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        1. A-Level Tutors

          We guarantee to improve your test scores in your A-Levels. And with all of our tutors scoring in the 90th percentile, you're in good hands.

        2. Application Support

          We're here to support you through the UCAS application process and ensure your application stands out from the competition

        3. Full Veterinary Application Package
        4. Vet Interview Tuition

          Whether it's a panel interview or MMI, our expert tutors will ensure you are prepared for your interview with 1-1 tutoring, mock interviews and live days.

        5. Full Access to Online Materials

          Written by experts, our online courses and textbooks provide you with all the information you need to ace your application.

        6. Premium Tutors

          All of our application packages come with the option to upgrade to a premium tutor rated in the top 1% with vast experience in securing a place at vet school.

        7. Money-Back Guarantee

          We are so certain that you will gain a place at a vet school, that we offer a £500 money-back guarantee if you don't succeed.


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          We provide a 100% personalised application package to ensure you secure a place at medical school.


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          A full application service can be a big investment, we know that. That's why we offer a £500 Money Back Guarantee on the Platinum package if you do not secure a place at vet school.


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          How our Full Application Package

          We believe that a personal approach is best when supporting students in the veterinary application process. So our Full Application package is 100% personalised to your needs. We spend time getting to know you so that we can create a package that is tailored to your needs. In addition, you’ll have access to a wealth of online resources to boost your confidence and success.

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          1-1 Tutoring for A-Levels, UCAS or Interview

          After your consultation, we consider everything you’re looking for - from location to prospective universities, and find the right tutor. Our 1-1 tuition includes:

          • Award-winning strategies
          • Proven timing techniques
          • Expert tutors
          • Regular progress updates

          UCAS Application Support

          Your UCAS application is the first opportunity to make an impression. With the support from our experts, you will receive support when completing your UCAS form. In addition, we will provide guidance and feedback to make sure that it stands out from the crowd.

          Veterinary Interview Preparation

          Our vet interview preparation package not only includes 1-1 tutoring from our experts, but you can take advantage of extensive online resources and live days. Our 1-1 tuition includes:

          • 1-1 tutoring from veterinary experts
          • UCAT SJT ClockLive MMI circuit
          • Online interview course
          • Vet Interview Handbook
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          Premium Tutors

          Our highest-rated tutors have achieved scores in the top 10% of admissions tests and have demonstrated exceptional performance during interviews. Additionally, we offer a select group of Premium Tutors, who are among the top 1% of our extensive tutor pool and possess significant expertise in securing medical school admissions. Premium Tutors are automatically included in our Platinum Package, but if you prefer to have a premium tutor with our other packages, a fee of £5 per hour will apply to any booked package.

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            Our Successful Veterinary Students

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            The whole vet school package was great. I found the interview resources especially helpful and my tutor was brilliant and gave me confidence to answer even the hardest of questions!

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            Thanks to the application package, I was successful in getting offers from all my schools!

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            The whole application package was really useful. From the application check to the interview prep; all the tutors were first-class.

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            I felt that through the whole application package, there was someone holding my hand and supporting me. Great A-Level tutors. to boost my score, fab advice on which schools to apply to and amazing interview prep!

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            My confidence was boosted a lot with the vet school application package. At every step of the journey, there was an expert to talk to and answer all my questions.

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            The vet application package was so helpful. The tutors were so knowledgeable about the process and vet school entry requirements. It really helped me to set myself goals.


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