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Don't take a chance on your place at Vet school. With our vet interview mock preparation help, you can get into the vet course of your choice!

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My tutor, Claire helped me prepare interview at RVC for veterinary medicine - I was incredibly nervous and she gave me so much confidence and helped me get in!

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      A quick intro...

      Preparing for a vet interview can be nerve-racking, especially in these turbulent times when competition is fiercer than ever. Rather than generic MMI Circuits preparation with no feedback on how to improve your answers, you require 100% personalised and tailored to your vet interview preparation support by taking part in our realistic vet interview mock. Watch this video to learn more about how Vet Mind, like 93% of our customers, can guarantee your offer! ✅


      How Vet Mind’s 1-1 Mocks works

      Vet interview preparation can be scary –
      3 applicants to 1 place makes this the
      most competitive hurdle.


      How Vet Mind’s 1-to-1 Mock works

      Note: From our medicine course but the same principles apply ☝️

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        How can tutoring help?

        Your vet school interview may be your first formal interview, and you can prepare for it by learning the core topics covered and perfecting your interview technique by participating in a vet interview mock.


        Your time is valuable.
        So we’ve summarised it for you!


        How can we improve you?

        1. Increase your confidence

          Learn to express yourself clearly by honing your language, tone, posture, and mannerisms.

        2. Detailed feedback

          We will provide you with detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your model answers in order to assist you in developing them.

        3. working-girl-mobile
        4. Develop answers with depth

          Do you want to avoid the cliché? Vet Interview Mock can teach you how to create personalised and genuine responses to the big questions.

        5. University-specific guidance

          Learn what your university wants and tailor your response to them - we have model responses for over 20 veterinary schools.

        6. Practice mocks

          We practise mock interviews with you and then provide you with video recordings and extensive analysis.

        7. Vet Interview experts

          Get advice from vet interview experts who have a lot of experience with mock vet interviews.


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            Our Reviews



            July 2019

            Max and his team are very helpful right to the night before the interview. They are very helpful throughout the whole application process and provide the necessary support at every step.


            July 2018

            Without Medic Mind's help I would never have gotten into my top university choice. Their support was so heart-warming. The vet interview mocks couldn't have been more helpful. Thank you!


            March 2019

            Medic Mind go the extra mile. I liked how accessible the Skype lesson were, and the quality of the tutorials and mocks was superb. They also had lots of King's specific content for me to use.


            October 2019

            Their MMI mocks were fantastic! My coach Riya, prepared me with the updates on latest issues, Vet hot topics and vet interview techniques in a systematic way.


            December 2018

            I secured 4/4 vet offers! Medic Mind have been an integral part of me achieving 4 out of 4 veterinary offers. Their veterinary interview course is of the highest quality!

            Daniel S

            March 2020

            Medic Mind’s interview mock is outstanding! I signed up for the 10 hour package offer. All my mocks were incredible- thank you!


            Feb 2020

            My 1-1 vet interview mock was incredibly resourceful and the feedback provided useful tips. With the help from medic mind, I was fortunate to receive offers to study veterinary medicine for 2020 entry.


            Jan 2020

            I loved the format of each vet interview mock and MMI stations as well as the materials used to explain. My tutor helped me prepare well for my interviews by giving really good constructive feedback.


            December 2019

            My vet interview mock was really good and helpful. The tutor gave me some really useful feedback and insight on my university-specific mock interview. I definitely recommend Medic Mind!


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              The interview is the final stage of your application, and it is the only thing that stands between you and veterinary school, aside from your exam results. So, at Medic Mind, we want to do everything we can to make sure you give it your all!


              • Unique MMI Mocks for each of 10+ Vet Schools
              • Exclusive insider info from past students
              • Extensive question bank covering Panel interviews

              We build model answers
              with you

              Access everything. Anywhere.

              As a student of Medic Mind, we will record each lesson so you can watch it back wherever you are on your laptop or other devices.

              24/7 support throughout

              Our tutors know first-hand the stress of the vet interview, and they are there to promptly respond to anything you’re struggling with. After the interview, you might even want to chat to them about what universities to choose.

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