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Our dental tutors, consisting of distinguished academics and clinicians from the UK’s top universities, have expertise in helping students understand difficult concepts in dentistry, orthodontics and oral medicine.

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The team was very helpful in assessing my need and areas needing improvement. They kept in contact through the process and provided bespoke plans to help me improve my skills.

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        All of our tutoring sessions are tailored to the needs and goals of the students. Our dental tutors offer extensive assistance in a variety of ways.


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        Investing in tutoring is a worthwhile investment. Therefore, we guarantee a refund if you are dissatisfied with your online learning experience with Medic Mind.


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        Why You Need Medic Mind Dentistry Tutor

        Specialist Tutoring

        2 Lessons

        Our dental tutors can help you with your dental assessments, dissertation, research projects, and even logbooks and clinical work.


        Lesson 1
        Specialist Dentistry Tutors

        You may want to concentrate on a specific subject that you are having difficulty with, such as prosthodontics, oral surgery, aesthetic dentistry, periodontology, paediatric dentistry, dental sedation, and so on. We can connect you with a top Dentistry and Dental tutor who specialises in the subject you require assistance with.

        dentistry tutoring
        Lesson 2
        All Angles Covered

        Sessions are completely tailored to your specific needs, covering everything from UCAS to aptitude tests to interviews. Dental tutoring will also encourage and motivate you at every step of the way.

        Whether you are a student studying for the Dental Admission Test and need DAT prep, or an MSc student focusing on conservative dentistry, orthodontics, or dental nursing, our dentistry tuition will provide you with the skills you need to succeed.

        dentistry online tutor interview

        Award-Winning Strategies

        3 Lessons

        Our dental tutors, who are distinguished academics and clinicians from the UK’s top universities, have extensive experience in assisting students in comprehending difficult concepts in dentistry, orthodontics, and oral medicine. Feeling at ease and confident with these concepts is frequently critical to succeeding in your studies, achieving high marks in your exams, and/or excelling in your field.


        Lesson 1

        Our Tutors will assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of the mechanics underlying the problem you’re facing.

        online tutor
        Lesson 2

        As previously stated, our tutors have gone through the process and understand what you should look for when looking for a school. They will also assist you in preparing for any admissions exams that you may be required to take in order to be admitted. Your tutor will act as a mentor for you by going above and beyond the call of duty.

        live classes
        Lesson 3

        Everything you’ve learned will become second nature to you, allowing you to perform in any situation.

        online tutoring

        We Also Offer Interview Tutoring

        1 Lesson


        Lesson 1

        Our Dentistry Tutors have firsthand experience with Dental interviews and will help you focus your interview preparation. Your Dental Tutor may:

        Assist you in concentrating on answering Dentistry questions
        Practice manual dexterity tasks to boost your confidence.
        Prepare yourself for Dentistry MMI circuits.
        Sessions are tailored to your specific needs and will include detailed interview feedback.


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