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Note: This interview Q&A is based on pre-COVID in-person interviews (from 2019 and before). All university interviews changed in 2020-2021 to an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This article has been updated in November 2021 with the latest information, and we will continue to regularly update it! 

The University of Manchester interviewed 1765 candidates, or roughly 52% of its applicants for it’s 2020-21 5-year course. Statistics regarding the number of offers made last year are not yet available but in previous years, it has consistently stood at roughly 1 in 1.4 people receiving an offer! 

For more statistics and general information about the University of Manchester Medical School, click here: Manchester Medical School.

Manchester has a 4-5 station MMI, with a 2 minute gap between stations. In this guide we provide an expert insight into past Manchester MMI stations, the Manchester Medicine interview day and tips for converting your Manchester Medicine Interview into an offer! 

MANCHESTER MEDICAL SCHOOL: Manchester is one of the largest Medical Schools in the UK, which is ideal for students who want to meet lots of people on their course. The Medical School has excellent learning resources and the city location makes it beneficial for students who want to be part of a busy environment.
MANCHESTER MEDICAL SCHOOL: Manchester is one of the largest Medical Schools in the UK, which is ideal for students who want to meet lots of people on their course. The Medical School has excellent learning resources and the city location makes it beneficial for students who want to be part of a busy environment.

2021/2022 Manchester MMI in a Nutshell

What is the Manchester Medicine Interview style?

Due to the pandemic, Manchester had altered their interview format for last year’s intake. They have yet to release their plans for Medicine MMIs in 2021/22. However, they will send out detailed information about the interview format and processing to all invited candidates.

For more information about the interview structure, have a look at this page: Manchester Interviews

Does everyone do the Manchester MMI circuit in the same order, with the same stations?

Stations may change across various circuits, however, they are all standardized for marking purposes. In 2020-21, Manchester allocated random starting stations for each student but everyone would have to undergo all the stations.

When are the Manchester Medicine Interviews held?

December to February. Interviews will take place between December and February, with a break over the festive period. International applicants may be welcome to attend their interview either at Manchester or across a selection of international interview centres including Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and Mauritius.

What are the common topics covered at Manchester?

The Manchester MMI is not a test of clinical or scientific knowledge. It aims to assess an array of non-academic criteria related to the skills and behaviors of a professional medical student. 

Topics covered include:

  • Communication skills
  • Motivation to become a doctor
  • Previous caring experience*
  • Medical interests & Medicine in Media
  • Ethical Debate 

*In keeping with the events of the last year, Manchester has noted that gaining work experience would have been very difficult. Hence, they have stated that this experience need not be in a traditional medical role. 

How many people were interviewed in 2020/21 at Manchester?

In 2020/21, Manchester Medical School interviewed 1765 students, with 10% of those being international candidates.

How many interviewed applicants received an offer from Manchester?

This data is not yet available for 2020-21. However, in 2019/20, 1120 of the 1546  students interviewed received a Manchester Medicine Offer. This means 1 in 1.4 students received a Manchester Offer after the interview. 

To learn more about the Manchester Medicine course in general, have a look at their official page: Manchester Medicine

At Medic Mind we’ve helped many students secure offers from Manchester and other medical schools. If you’re applying to Manchester, we can do a high quality 1-1 mock with you with a Manchester tutor and realistic stations uniquely for Manchester. 

List of Recent Manchester MMI Stations

ThemeManchester Example Questions
Motivation for MedicineWhy Medicine?
Why Manchester?
Work ExperiencePractical and emotional experiences in a caring environment
Roles of healthcare professionals
Communication & Role-PlayInter-professional communication with colleagues 
Dealing with distressed people
Personality & SkillsTeamwork  
Soft-skills that would be helpful in Medicine
Coping with Stress
Data InterpretationPicture scenario – assessing verbal skills
Medical EthicsRole of the BMA
End of life care 
Discussing and interpreting GMC guidelines
Personal StatementGeneral personal statement questions

If you wish to practice Manchester MMI medicine stations, here are some sample questions:

  • Why do you want to study medicine at the University of Manchester, specifically?
  • Why medicine and not nursing?
  • What did you learn about yourself during your work experience?
  • How do you manage stress and why is managing stress important as a doctor?
  • Discuss and evaluate the idea of a 7 day NHS.
  • Describe a time when you have worked in a team? Why is teamwork important?
  • Speak to an actor who is a family member of a patient who is dying, comfort them and discuss end of life care with them.
  • You work in a hospital, where you have noticed that one of the members of staff doesn’t wash their hands in between patients, how do you approach this situation?

To prepare for your Manchester MMI interview, may wish to check out our guide to approaching MMI role plays

Insider Guide: Manchester Medicine Interview Day

How did the Manchester Medicine Interview day work?

The Manchester MMI was moved to a virtual format for the 2020-21 cycle due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past, it had been in-person. It is unclear which format they will be using for this year’s cohort but will be sending detailed information to those invited to an interview. 

Last year, stations lasted 7 minutes long with a 2 minute gap between stations. No information was provided beforehand and there was no reading or writing aspect to any of the virtual stations. The starting stations were allocated at random, after which applicants would rotate around the rest. Each station was marked by an independent assessor. 

Prior to the interview, an ID check will be conducted. 

Historically, in-person interviews have included an optional tour of the facilities. This may or may not be included in the 2021-22 applicant cycle dependent on the nature of the interview as well as COVID guidelines. 

What did you have to bring for the Manchester Medicine Interview?

The dress code is as usual for an interview – smart clothes. ID is required, but nothing else specifically. If the interview is held virtually, a strong Wi-Fi connection, working camera and microphone and a quiet and bright space is needed. 

How did you receive information for each Manchester MMI station?

Past MMIs included 2 minutes of reading time prior to the stations. The instructions tend to be quite detailed. Manchester has noted that their interview style is conversational and monologues are frowned upon. 

What were the Manchester MMI examiners like?

The medical interviewers were engaging and friendly, and showed a genuine interest in you as a student. Manchester looks for students to speak naturally and conversationally, which means that their examiners will engage with this too. The MMI examiners will be genuinely interested in finding out more about you and your experiences off paper. 

Does the Manchester MMI require technical and/or scientific knowledge?

While the interview will not require specific medical or scientific knowledge, it is best to have a good grasp of basic sciences, as expected for an A-level graduate. Furthermore, some technical understanding of popular medical advancements, such as the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines might be helpful. Manchester MMIs will require an informed understanding of current media events in Medicine. Reading journals or reputable articles online will help with this.

Did the Manchester MMI interviewers ask a lot of follow up questions?

In past interviews, follow-up questions were uncommon and if present, were not from a predetermined list. Often, follow-up questions will be based on something you’ve said that has caught the examiner’s eye.

How long is the actual Manchester MMI Interview?

Last year, their virtual MMI cycles lasted roughly 45 minutes to an hour. In-person interviews may take longer due to logistical reasons.

Logistical advice for the interview? 

If the interview is held in-person, Manchester University and its medical school are very accessible by local public transport. If you’re coming in overnight, staying anywhere in the city should allow you to get there with ease by the bus. 

For virtual interviews, ensure you have a quiet and bright space with a strong Wi-Fi connection and working camera and microphone. Ensure you will not be disturbed during your interview and avoid sitting in front of a bright light or window to prevent glare. Ideally, set up your interview space prior to the day and practice in that setting a few times to ensure comfort and logistical ease. If the university allows, it is helpful to have water to sip on throughout the interview.

How long did it take you to hear back after your Manchester Medicine Interview?

You will not be accepted into Manchester without an interview. If invited, it takes a few months following the interview to hear back, roughly 2-3 month in the past. 

CLINICAL EXPERIENCE: Students gain extensive clinical experience from day one, both in the form of placements and with regards to sessions in the Communication Skills Learning Centre (CSLC) with dedicated stimulated patients. Manchester is also one of the few medical schools that still have full cadaver dissections as part of their curriculum.
CLINICAL EXPERIENCE: Students gain extensive clinical experience from day one, both in the form of placements and with regards to sessions in the Communication Skills Learning Centre (CSLC) with dedicated stimulated patients. Manchester is also one of the few medical schools that still have full cadaver dissections as part of their curriculum. 

Top Tips for Manchester Medicine MMI Interview  

1. Know your why! Manchester medical school has a strong focus on delving into the reasons behind your application to Medicine. Be prepared to answer questions about your motivations and inspirations as well as future goals. Avoid clichéd answers.

2. Studying medical ethics is vital. Manchester focuses on quite specific ethical points, including GMC guidelines. Therefore it’s important to be well informed so you can add content and examples to your arguments.  Here is a great page to help you answer questions about medical ethics: Medical Ethics

3. Be prepared to talk about work experience. It might be better to go over any notes you made during work experience to refresh your memory. Make sure you’re able to reflect on everything you saw or did! You can also include any information or experiences you’ve gained during your work experience when answering questions about your motivation to study medicine. For further help in structuring your answers for these types of questions, have a look at this page: Model Answers

4. Try to utilise your reading time to structure your answers. Unlike other universities, you get an extended period of reading time – 2 minutes – with detailed instructions. Therefore it’s important to practice planning your answer in the time allocated to you, and use this reading time wisely.

5. Don’t rehearse answers! Manchester are very clear on their attitude towards rehearsed and robotic, monologue-style answers. Their format is very conversational and your communication should be tailored to that – i.e.; natural and friendly. Have bullet points prepared for topics that are most likely to come up to serve as a conversational guide but avoid preparing rehearsed answers.

Covid – 2020 Changes

Is the University of Manchester Medicine Interview different this year?

All interviews will take place from December to February, and will be held online. Your interview will consist of 4 or 5 multiple mini interviews, with each station lasting 7 minutes long and at least a 2 minute gap in between each station. No information will be given to you in advance, and there are no reading or writing components to any of the online interviews. You will be allocated to a station  randomly, and will move around until all stations have been completed.

Where can I find more information about the changes?

Full details of the changes for 2021 entry interviews can be found here: 2021 Interviews

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