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University of Bristol
5th Year
Checked DBS
Rating 4.9
Pleased student 74
Teaches subjects 10

About Me

Hello, I am Asha and I am a final year medical student at the University of Bristol. I have ample experience tutoring – I have taught in excess of 500 hours with Medic Mind, and I have worked alongside a wide range of students with different learning styles. I have a ‘Training in Teaching’ certificate from Yeovil hospital, and I have tutored for over 4 years.

I am very familiar with the UCAT, BMAT and application process, as well as experience tutoring A Levels and GCSE. Personally, I obtained a very high UCAT score, high BMAT score and all four interviews. The interviews which I had were a mixture of MMI, panel and group interviews, so I have first hand experience in all of the different types, and I also know what to expect from them! It can be a very stressful process, but I look forward to working with you, to help you with the more difficult aspects and draw on my own experiences as an applicant, tutor and current medical student.

I have also spent time helping students with subjects especially at GCSE and A-Level, where I have found taking a personalised approach to each student has been very useful. This helps to identify weakness, clearly explain and practice these areas alongside the other concepts in the syllabus. I have also taught chess for several years, drawing on my own experience as an international chess player at junior level.

My teaching style

I work with students individually and try to tailor it to the specific students needs, for example spending more time on the aspects which are more challenging, and hope to find ways to push students in these aspects. I am keen to establish open communication where students feel they can ask questions, reflect on how to improve and discuss all parts of the process, including exam technique

My past experience

Teaching Certificate with the University of Bristol and Academy at Yeovil Hospital
I have taught with Medic Mind for over four years, and during this time I have taught over 700 hours – including UCAT, BMAT, Interview prep, Personal statement discussions, A Level and GCSE subjects.

My Proudest Achievements

I achieved a very high score of 3010 on the UCAT exam, which required lots of dedication and focused preparation – I hope to pass on some of my tips from this experience.

Reviews (8)

I teach

  • Medicine Interview
  • UCAT
  • BMAT
  • Med Personal Statement
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Maths

My Results and Achievements

  • Top 10% UCAT score
  • Top 5% in QR and DM (800+)
  • Top 10% in S1 (6+)
  • Offer from Bristol
  • Offer from Sheffield
  • Offer from Southampton
  • A*A*A*A at A-Level
  • 10 A*s/9s at GCSE
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