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The University of Cambridge offers you the opportunity to study medicine at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. With teaching based at Addenbrookes Hospital, students receive outstanding clinical training and medical education with a heavy emphasis on biomedical research relevance. The university also offers a specially designed graduate entry course, which is a unique course in comparison to other graduate entry medical programmes. 

Cambridge university students also benefit from the college structure of the university, with campus accommodation and family atmosphere that the colleges provide. Along with this students have access to state of the art facilities and world renowned lecturers and clinicians teaching the next generation of leading clinicians.

Key Points

  • Graduate Entry
  • Very Competitive
  • Traditional Course
  • Oxbridge

About the university Compare

Key Information
Phone number +44 1223 333308
Course Information
Teaching styleTraditional
Pre clinical years followed by clinical years.
Course length4 or 6 years
Undergraduate entry - 6 years
Cambridge Graduate Course - 4 years
Courses offered2
Undergraduate entry - 6 years
Cambridge Graduate Course - 4 years
Graduate entryYes
Cambridge Graduate Course (CGC) - 4 years
Foundation or accessNo
University Life
Local areaCambridge
Cambridge is a vibrant city in the heart of the countryside in Cambridgeshire. The city is steeped in history and provides students with a beautiful setting to study at one of the country's most prestigious universities.
Social lifeCambridge University offers a unique social life to its students. Students are allocated a college, which many describe as their family. Further to this there are many sports clubs and societies for students to join. Moreover cambridge has a buzzing nightlife with another big university also within the city, meaning that over half the population of the city are students.
Interview stylePanel
Most candidates will have at least two panel interviews lasting 20-45 minutes, and usually have two interviewers; a medical practitioner and an admission tutor.
Interview dates December
Interviews usually take place over the first three week or December, sometimes even earlier than this. However, some students have also been invited to attend an interview in early January too.
Interview topicsCambridge recommended reading the Medical schools Council’s Consensus Statement on the role of the doctor, as well as Guiding principles for the admission of medical statement.
Key topics to note:
  • Knowledge of scientific basis of medicine including most recent developments
  • Personal qualities relating to good medical practice
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Understanding the importance of physical, psychological and social aspects of patient care
  • Appreciation of ethical, legal and community issues with regards to medicine
  • Ability to demonstrate teamwork
  • Possess the capacity for inquiry and prepared for continued learning, teaching and evaluating research throughout your role as a doctor.
  • Admissions Tests
    BMATAverage BMAT scores 2019
    Section 1 = 5.7
    Section 2 = 6.0
    No threshold BMAT score used, however students with a higher BMAT result are more likely to be invited to interview.
    Average BMAT scores of offer holders for 2019 admissions cycle:
    September sitting section 1 = 6.0
    September sitting section 2 = 6.1
    October sitting section 1 = 5.4
    October sitting section 2 = 5.9
    Academic Requirements
    GSCEGCSE’s not stated
    A-levelA*A*A is common
    Subjects required: Chemistry and one of either Biology, Physics, or Mathematics.
    Grades required: A*A*A
    Note that some colleges require particular subjects, please see college websites for details.
    In the last three admissions cycles 96% of applicants for medicine A100 offered three or more science/mathematics subjects at A-level. Of 3% of applicants only offering two science/mathematics subjects at A-level, only 3% of these applicants were successful in gaining a place.
    Retake policyNo
    Scottish highers
    Scottish advanced
    IB40-42 points
    Subjects required: Chemistry and one of either Biology, Physics, or Mathematics
    Grades required: 40-42 points with 776 at higher level
    Bachelor's Degree (Gradutes Only)2:1 Honours degree
    Subjects required: any academic discipline
    Grades required: 2:1 or above including passess in A level requirements.
    Graduate applicants may apply as an affiliate student to the standard A100 course, or to the accelerated graduate entry course.
    Applications in 19/20Total number of home applicants: 1591
    Home: 1058
    EU: 207
    International: 326
    Interviews in 19/20Information not held by the University of Cambridge
    Offers in 19/20Total number of offers: 334
    Home: 298
    EU: 13
    International: 23
    Success rate in 19/20Application success rate
    Offers per applicant: 1 in 4.8


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