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Keele University Medical School offers you medical training on a modern, spiral, highly-integrated medical curriculum, which combines a range of learning strategies including early clinical experience. The course offers great opportunities in both primary and secondary care settings, with inter-professional learning and the opportunity to pursue an additional qualification in a subject that interests you. From this you may even be lucky enough to publish scientific papers and also present at national and international conferences. 

Keele University use the Roles and Responsibilities form, and prioritise this to shortlist applicants for interview provided that applicants have met the minimum entry requirements. UCAT or BMAT (for international students only) scores are used to distinguish between borderline applicants. Therefore it is important to score well in the Roles and Responsibilities form, as well as the UCAT in order to secure an interview.

Key Points

  • Above average UCAT
  • Very competitive
  • PBL

About the university Compare

Key Information
Email[email protected]
Phone number01782 733632 /734644 /733642 /734651
Course Information
Teaching stylePBL
Problem based learning along with lectures, seminars, clinical skills teaching and also dissection for anatomy teaching.
Course length5-6 years
5 years - undergraduate course
6 years - undergraduate course with Health Foundation Year
Intercalated degrees are available to students after year 2, where you are able to do a BSc degree, alternatively after year 4, where you are able to do a BSc or MSc. Details of which are available here.
Courses offered2 courses offered
Undergraduate Course and Undergraduate Course with Health Foundation Year.
Graduate entryNo
But graduates are welcome to apply to the undergraduate programmes offered
Foundation or accessYes
6 - year programme with Health Foundation Year
University Life
Local areaKeele Medical School
Located in Stoke-on-Trent in the Newcastle -under-Lyme District.
Social life
Interview styleMMI Interview stations
There is also a separate test which will assess your ability to perform clinically relevant calculations. This is a pass/fail test and interviewees that do not achieve the pass score or higher will be judged as unsuccessful at interview. This test will include simple Maths as well as simple Data Handling.
Interview datesDecember - March
Interviews take place between late December and March.
Interview topicsTopics include:
  • Motivation/experiences informing your decision to pursue a medical career
  • Empathy and insight
  • Responsibilities and challenges of being a doctor
  • Awareness of ethical issues in health and society
  • Resilience
  • Comprehension
  • Effective communication
  • Admissions Tests
    UCATHome student status only
    Applicants score in the bottom 20% (decile 8 or below) or SJT in band 4 are automatically rejected.
    UCAT scores are currently only used in borderline cases. Pre-interview, applicants are ranked with scores from the roles and responsibilities form. Where the number of applicants with the same score exceed the number of interview slots available then the students are ranked based on their UCAT score.
    The UCAT score is also used in a similar way to distinguish borderline applicants post interview.
    BMATInternational student status only
    Cut off score: unknown
    Average BMAT score: unknown
    Weighting: 100% - International applicants are shortlisted for interview based on BMAT score alone, provided that they meet the minimum entry requirements.
    Academic Requirements
    GSCE GCSE’s used only as entry requirement
    Grades required: 5 GCSEs at grade A/7
    Subjects required: English Language, Maths and all sciences achieved at a minimum of grade B/6
    A-levelAAA is common
    Subjects required: Chemistry or Biology plus a third academic subject
    Grades required: AAA
    General Studies and critical thinking are excluded. Only one of Maths, Further Maths or Statistics are eligible.
    Retake policyYes
    Students who are resitting A-levels or who have taken more than 2 years to complete their A-levels must wait to have achieved their grades before applying.
    Scottish highersAAAAB
    Subjects required: Two sciences including Chemistry or Biology (at grades AB)
    Grades required: AAAAB
    Scottish advancedAB
    Subjects required: two sciences sat in S6 including Chemistry or Biology
    Grades required: AB
    IBHL 6,6,6
    Subjects required: Two sciences including Chemistry or Biology
    Grades required: HL 6,6,6; SL 6,6,5
    Points awarded for Extended Essay or Theory of Knowledge are not taken into account but these components must be completed.
    English language at SL grade 6 is acceptable in lieu of GCSE English Language.
    Bachelor's Degree (Gradutes Only)2:1 Honours degree
    Additional requirements: GCSE Maths, English and Sciences at grade B/6. Plus A-levels or equivalent at BBB minimum (with two sciences to include Biology or Chemistry)
    If grades not achieved an overall GAMSAT score of 55 or more with a section 3 score of 58 or more supported by a score of 50 or more in all other sections.
    Alternatively an overall score of 58 or more with sections 3 having a score of 55 or more, supported by a score of 50 or more in all other sections.
    Note - graduate applicants are also required to sit the UCAT or BMAT as required
    Applications in 19/201600 approximately
    Total number of home applicants: 1600 approximately
    Interviews in 19/20600 approximately
    Total number of applicants interviewed: 600 approximately
    Offers in 19/20300 approximately
    Total number of offers: 300 approximately
    Success rate in 19/20Application success rate:
    Offers per applicant: 1 in 5.3
    Interview success rate:
    Offers per interview: 1 in 2


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