University of Central Lancashire

Key Points

  • Private medical school
  • Competitive interview
  • No entrance exam
  • Low A-levels

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Key Information
Email[email protected]
Phone number
Course Information
Teaching styleTraditional
2 years of pre-clinical study followed by 3 years of integrated clinical study with increasing clinical exposure with each year.
Course length5 years
A100 - Standard entry MBBS - 5 years
BSCNot offered
Courses offered1 course offered
A100 - Standard entry MBBS - 5 years
Graduate entryNot offered
Foundation or accessNot offered
University Life
Local areaLancashire
Social life
Interview styleMMI
8 stations each lasting 7 minutes which consists of 2 minutes reading about the activity and 5 minutes of interaction with an MMI assessor to complete the activity.
Assessors may be scientists, clinical teachers, patient volunteers of actors.
You will be marked at each station, and must pass 6/8 stations, otherwise you will automatically fail the interview.
Interview dates December - June
Interview dates vary for UK and International applicants.
Interviews for UK applicants take place at the end of March, while International applicant interviews take place from December to June in a variety of locations including Preston, Dubai and Botswana.
Interview topicsUCLan recommend that you read the GMCs Good Medical Practice, for guidance on the skills and attributes of a doctor that UCLan will be assessing at interview.
Further to this stay up to date with current medical news and also review the types of dilemmas that health professionals have to consider
Admissions Tests
UCATNot used
BMATNot used
GAMSATNot used
Academic Requirements
GSCEGCSE’s used as minimum entry requirement only
Subjects required: English language
Grades required: Grade B/6 or higher in English Language
Subjects required: Chemistry plus another science and a third academic subject. Grades required: AAB
Retake policyUnknown
Scottish highers
Scottish advanced
IB36 points
Subjects required: Chemistry and an additional science subject, plus one other subject at higher level Grades required: 36 points with a minimum of 5 points in required subjects at higher level
Bachelor's Degree (Gradutes Only)2:1 Honours degree
Degree Subjects: recognised degree in a healthcare profession, or at least one year’s professional work experience Degree Class: 2:1 degree classification of above Additional requirements:
A Masters qualification or higher degree does not compensate for these degree requirements.
Applications in 19/201634
Total number of home applicants: 1634
Home/EU: 529
International: 1105
Interviews in 19/20707
Total number of applicants interviewed: 707
Home/EU: 228
International: 479
Offers in 19/20312
Total number of offers: 312
Home/EU: 23
International: 293
Success rate in 19/20Application success rate:
Offers per applicant: 1 in 5.2
Interview success rate:
Offers per interview: 1 in 2.3


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