Applying for Graduate Entry Medicine

What is Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM)?

Graduate or professional entry medicine (GEM, GEP or GPEP) is an accelerated medical degree course designed for graduates, usually of science or dentistry degrees, who wish to study medicine.

Since graduate entry programs started, back in 2000, there has been increasing demand for places, as more and more students convert to medicine following their undergraduate degrees. 

There are 15 UK medical schools offering accelerated graduate programs, with around 850 places between them, making competition for these few places even harder than the standard undergraduate medical programs. 

Application Process for GEM

The GEM application process is the same as that of the undergraduate course. You apply through UCAS with a personal statement and reference, and you are allowed to apply to up to four medical schools. 

Similarly you will need to sit one of the entrance exams; UCAT, BMAT or the GAMSAT (graduate only entrance exam) depending on the universities that you are applying to. Check out our list in the table below to see which medical school requires which entrance exam!

Interviews for GEM

Once you have sent your UCAS application off and sat your entrance exam/s it becomes a waiting game for invites to interview. The interview process is a little harder than the undergraduate interviews – be sure to check out our section on graduate interviews for top tips on how to prepare and what they entail.

A key element of the interview is discussing your undergraduate degree. You should touch on what you learnt, what you enjoyed and give an overall reflection of your time at university. You may also have more experience of medicine than an undergraduate applicant – e.g. hospital placements during gap years – so use this to illustrate your passion for medicine. 

After all of this, you will then hear a decision from your chosen universities about your application – fingers crossed for offers!

List of GEM Universities

The table details the average number of graduate places available at each university per year, with slight variation year on year. 

Medical School/UniversityApproximate number of GEM placesAptitude test requiredNon-science degrees accepted
Barts and the London (QMUL)40UCATYes
Cambridge40None Yes
Dundee/St Andrews55UCATYes
King’s College London30UCATNo
St Georges60GAMSATYes

As a graduate you are in quite a fortunate position, as much as GEM is competitive, you do have the advantage of being able to apply for undergraduate courses too. Further to this, many graduate entry courses will offer you a place on their undergraduate course if you do well but fail to secure your place on the course. 

If you need any guidance or assistance with your application for graduate entry medicine then please do let us know.

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