BMAT Section 1 2020: 8 Tips for Section 1 BMAT

1. Understand the Elements of an Argument for BMAT Section 1

In the BMAT Section 1, it is important that you are able to understand and identify factors in text such as finding a conclusion, assumptions made, flaws, and even asking you to assess strengths and weaknesses in the argument presented to you. In order to do so, you must be able to understand the argument at hand.

2. Read the BMAT question and passage, then the answer options

It sounds obvious, but read the question carefully in the BMAT. You would be amazed how many marks are lost where BMAT students fail to read the BMAT question and interpret what it is asking properly. Refer to the passage to make sure you are accurate in your inference from the text and then chose you answer from the options provided. This small tip will go a long way to improving your BMAT scores.

Section 1 BMAT Question
BMAT Example Question

3. Don’t let lots of data throw you off in BMAT Section 1

There may be a LOT of information provided in BMAT Section 1 questions. This can be to throw you off, and make the answers appear harder to find. Don’t waste your time reading through loads of data, the question may ask you to just pick a few numbers or item of data. Remember you are against the clock.

4. BMAT Maths Tricks to help you with BMAT Problem Solving

It may sound silly but brush up on your times tables and your ability to square and cube numbers in your head. As well as being able to convert between fractions and decimals. These simple things will save you valuable time in your BMAT exam. 

5. Find a BMAT Section 1 Strategy that works for you

Section 1 BMAT Question
Section 1 BMAT Question

You’ve got to find the tricks and tips that work for you. If you aren’t finding them easy or helpful for you then don’t use them. We each study and work differently, so make sure to use your own tried and tested methods too.

6. Use your brain

This section is testing your BMAT problem solving skills, so make sure you think carefully about each question.

7 Try to skim read

Some of the pieces of text and the collections of data in BMAT Section 1 will be very large, it is important that you skim read these, taking in the main points, while also saving you valuable time. Having said this, once you’ve read the question do be sure to look in more depth at the section of text or data set that contains the answer.

8 Practice, practice, practice

As with many exams, BMAT Section 1 is no different. Ultimately to get better you need to practice, practice BMAT again, and then practice BMAT some more!

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