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It can be really frightening to start the medical school admission process. We are aware of how important it is for you to enter your UCAT exam prepared with the most recent information.

Medic Mind team has created a #1 Guide to Mastering UCAT, co-authored by Dr. Kunal Dasani, who scored 900, which is now available for purchase. Score higher on the UCAT by using our UCAT Guide Book, which includes 2000+ practice questions, 100+  lessons, and more with fully worked-out answers to make sure you are ready.


How our UCAT
Book works

48% of medicine applications are rejected. The #1 reason? LOW UCAT SCORES. Medic Mind's UCAT Book will help you to improve your UCAT score and ace the exam with flying colours.


How Medic Mind’s UCAT Book Works

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Learn Award-Winning UCAT Techniques

You will discover tried-and-true UCAT strategies from our UCAT Experts using our UCAT Book, our UCAT resources have greatly benefited thousands of candidates in improving their scores.


Over 2000 UCAT Practice Questions

The strategies are useless without practice, so we provide you with 2000+ UCAT practice questions in our UCAT Book 2022 to prepare you for your test day.


Receive Exam Day Tips from UCAT Experts

To avoid being caught off guard and to get a high UCAT score, get insightful advice from our UCAT Experts for the day of your UCAT exam with our UCAT Book 2022.

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Need more support? Medic Mind also offer 1-1 UCAT tutoring, UCAT online course and more! Improve your exam or interview performance in just one day with us!


How our UCAT Book

We believe that with our brand new UCAT Book, which is full of award-winning UCAT Resources, you'll ace your exam and get a high score which will set you apart from other candidates. The UCAT Book will help you study for the exam, that will ensure that you get accepted into the medical school of your choice. Additionally, you'll get access to a ton of materials to prepare from and use our practice questions for revision.

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Our UCAT Students

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Lara A

Scored 90th Percentile

I would not hesitate to recommend Medic Mind to anyone thinking of applying for medicine. I used Medic Mind for UCAT, BMAT, and interview help and it was the best investment I made.

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Jordan A

Scored 820

My UCAT tutor Shameena helped me prepare over 7 weeks for the UCAT. She was very motivational, and gave me some really useful tips for each section. Thank you Medic Mind!

Tutor Profiles for Dan.002 copy 3

Jorge S

Scored 710

As a GEM applicant, a high UCAT score was essential. I was delighted to be paired by an experienced fellow graduate tutor who helped me score well in both UCAT and BMAT.


Georgina L

Scored 780

My UCAT tutor Daniel was very friendly and insightful, helping me score 780 in the UCAT! He taught me some fantastic time-saving techniques for each section of the exam (July, 2019)

Tutor Profiles for Dan.002 copy

Raphael R

Scored 732

Honestly this is the best UCAT scheme available. The whole group were so supportive and replied instantly, from Max to Mohil. The UCAT tutors were great too, especially Cathy and Steph.

Tutor Profiles for Dan.002 copy 4

Danial N

Scored 860

The Medic Mind team have been an integral reason for me securing 4/4 offers. I booked 30 hours, which was a good amount for UCAT and used their great videos alongside.

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 8.18.20 pm

Sara S

Scored Top 10%

I had 6 hours of 1-1 with Medic Mind, which have been incredibly helpful. Everybody is friendly, knowledgeable and keen to help even if you are short for time.


Maryam A

These have specific strategies that really improved my scores. Not only that, but it is very affordable (especially compared to the majority of courses for the UKCAT and BMAT which are heavily overpriced) and the price is for unlimited access to the courses.


Sophie A

With the recent change from UMAT to UCAT, we were worried about how much companies in Australia would know about the UCAT. This is why we turned to the UK and were lucky to find Medic Mind!



Really great and informative resources on UCAT and BMAT exam!


Hana S

Learnt some useful skills for approaching UCAT. Good teaching style. Easy to follow the tutoring.

UCAT e-Book 2022

Jessica L

Brilliant resources, really broke down the ucat exam into the different sections and gave great tips for the various problems. Highly recommend!


Joshua W

The teacher was supportive and friendly when coordinating the UCAT session and helped in clearing any doubts about anything.


Megan A

It gave important information on the UCAT that I wouldn't know otherwise. I would like to pass on my thanks to Medic Mind!


Jessica L

Brilliant resources, really broke down the ucat and bmat exam down into the different sections and gave great tips for the various problems: especially abstract reasoning in ucat and essay writing for bmat. Highly recommend!


Daniel S

This course provided great tips and tricks for the UCAT exam, I would recommend it for any med-school applicants. It helped me understand each aspect of the exam and went through in detail how to answer each question style.


Haider S

The question sets were motivating and challenging, while still remaining similar to the real thing. In order to improve I would personally recommend spending more time on individual slides to give a better chance for mentees to make important notes.



The course I was given really boosted my confidence regarding the UCAT, as it informed me of numerous techniques on how to deductively choose answers for questions, guided me throughout the fundamentals of each section, and taught me how to prepare for this extremely important test.


Ahmad A

Thank you so much for helping me out. Went from 60% confidence to 100% so thank you again. The UCAT techniques were unique which I could not find in my books.


Karen C

As a parent who did not have experience of UCAT previously the advice and support that was demonstrated by medic mind was second to none. Their approach was one of nurturing and care as well as achieving results.

We cover every UCAT Section in the UCAT Book

Verbal Reasoning

Decision Making

Quantitative Reasoning

Abstract Reasoning

Situational Judgement

Verbal Reasoning




Verbal Reasoning is officially the hardest UCAT section - in 2019, the average UK score was 565. In this chapter, we will teach you the optimal approach for each question type, whether its a long scientific passage or a tricky statement question.


  • Lesson 1 Introduction to VR
  • Lesson 2 True, False, Can’t Tell
  • Lesson 3 Using Inferences
  • Lesson 4 Extreme Language
  • Lesson 5 Keyword Approach
  • Lesson 6 Passage Adjustments
  • Lesson 7 Writer Questions
  • Lesson 8 Type 1 Statements
  • Lesson 9 Type 2 Statements
  • Lesson 10 Factual Passages
  • Lesson 11 Timing Strategies
  • Lesson 12 Reverse Questions
  • Lesson 13 Timing Contingencies
  • Lesson 14 Causation vs. Correlation
  • Lesson 15 VR Test Day
  • Lesson 16 Tips from the Experts
  • Lesson 17 Summary and Overview
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Lesson 1

Introduction to VR

To begin with, the book will give you a short overview of Verbal Reasoning, discussing the different types of questions, the UCAT timing and the key challenges you’ll face

image_2022-06-30_200901065 BUY NOW

Lesson 2

True, False, Can’t Tell

The UCAT Book will teach you the easier True, False, Can’t Tell questions. We’ll discuss what each of these terms actually mean, and practice some questions together.

image_2022-06-30_200921016 BUY NOW

Lesson 3

Using Inferences

Inferences can change a UCAT statement from Can’t Tell to True. Being able to understand when you can and cannot make an inference is essential to scoring well in Verbal Reasoning.

image_2022-06-30_201033205 BUY NOW

Lesson 4

Extreme Language

Here we will introduce one of our most effective Verbal Reasoning techniques - Extreme Language. We discuss mild and extreme phrases, and how to spot them in the UCAT.

image_2022-06-30_201056005 BUY NOW

Lesson 5

Keyword Approach

To answer a Verbal Reasoning question in 30 seconds, you need to use the Keyword Approach. The UCAT Book will introduce this vital technique and then practice using it in UCAT questions.

image_2022-06-30_201116639 BUY NOW

Lesson 6

Passage Adjustments

Often there can be slight adjustments between the passage and the statement. The UCAT Book will teach you how to spot these, and avoid falling into these common Verbal Reasoning traps!

image_2022-06-30_201138639 BUY NOW

Lesson 7

Writer Questions

Here we discuss how to approach longer, subjective Writer Passages, including how to quickly find the writer’s conclusion in a long UCAT passage.

image_2022-06-30_201158550 BUY NOW

Lesson 8

Type 1 Statements

In this chapter, we tackle the more difficult Statement questions, discussing a range of techniques for time-saving and efficient working.

image_2022-06-30_190852948 BUY NOW

Lesson 9

Type 2 Statements

Here, we teach you how to apply our Verbal Reasoning techniques on the most difficult and long-winded questions in the UCAT - Type 2 Statement Questions.

image_2022-06-30_190944771 BUY NOW

Lesson 10

Factual Passages

In this chapter, we teach you how to successfully tackle the more complicated, abstract passages containing multiple numbers, facts and fine details.

image_2022-06-30_201224508 BUY NOW

Lesson 11

Timing Strategies

In this chapter, we consolidate all of the timing techniques we’ve learnt thus far, alongside introducing some new tips for beating that UCAT timer in Verbal Reasoning!

image_2022-06-30_201304861 BUY NOW

Lesson 12

Reverse Questions

Reverse or Negative Questions often trick UCAT students up. We’ll teach you how to spot them and answer them well in a limited amount of time.

image_2022-06-30_201323596 BUY NOW

Lesson 13

Timing Contingencies

What do you do if you have 10 questions left to do in 5 minutes? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through our contingency Cheetah and Rabbit strategies just in case things go wrong!

image_2022-06-30_191244786 BUY NOW

Lesson 14

Causation vs. Correlation

It's easy to make assumptions on links and correlations between UCAT statements. In this UCAT Book chapter, we’ll go through some tricky examples to teach you an important skill.

image_2022-06-30_201349835 BUY NOW

Lesson 15

VR Test Day

In this chapter, we’ll give you a week by week plan for your Verbal Reasoning preparation. We’ll also discuss how to perform at your best on UCAT Test Day.

image_2022-06-30_201453324 BUY NOW

Lesson 16

Tips from the Experts

We close up the Verbal Reasoning course with some final tips from our UCAT experts, all of whom scored above 850 in the exam.

image_2022-06-30_191412213 BUY NOW

Lesson 17

Summary and Overview

In this chapter, we re-cap all of the key UCAT Verbal Reasoning techniques we’ve taught you.

image_2022-06-30_191512777 BUY NOW

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