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Ultimate Dentistry Interview Book
Master the Dentistry Interview 2023

Ultimate Dentistry Interview Book

Is it time for your dental interview? Not sure where to start? With our brand new Dentistry Interview Book, you'll be able to ace your interview with expert advice, 120+ practice questions, comprehensive lessons, and more!
  • #1 Dentistry Interview Preparation Guide
  • Expert Dentistry Interview Advice
  • Tailored Specificically for Dentistry Interview
  • Dentistry Interview Timing Tips
  • 120+ Dentistry Interview Practice Questions
  • Seal Your Offer at the Final Stage of Application!
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Master the Dentistry Interview: Get into Dental School

Applying to dentistry can be tough! The course is super competitive, there’s only one shot at your exams and in your interview with all candidates in these fields scoring high against you. Donโ€™t take a chance on your application, let the expectations here at Medic Mind help you achieve success and do your best!

Filled with top tips and tricks, this specially designed book for aspiring dentists is what you need to pass the dentistry interview stage and gain a place at your dream dental school. We will take you through the process step-by-step and tell you everything you need to know, from the different interview formats, types of questions and how to answer them, the selection criteria for every dental school in the UK, key dos and donโ€™ts, and plenty of practice questions for you to use in your preparation.

While there is no easy fast track to success, this book is here to help you put your best foot forward for that all-important interview.


✓ Expert advice
✓ Common pitfalls
✓ Timing tips
✓ 120+ sample questions with feedback and model answers
✓ Hot topics


Ace your
Dentistry Interview

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Numerous example questions with feedback and a runthrough


Award-winning resources


Up to Date For 2022/23 Dentistry Interviews

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The greatest moment to begin your Dentistry Interview preparation adventureย is today! Speak with our tutors if you have any questions!

A quick intro...

Your Dentistry school interview may be your first formal interview. Don’t know where to start? Prepare for the dentistry interview day similarly by learning the core topics covered and perfecting your interview technique.

The Medic Mind team has created the #1 Dentistry Interview Guide, which is now available for purchase! Use our Dentistry Interview Guide Book to ace the Dentistry Interview, which includes expert dentistry interview guidance, 120+ dentistry interview practice questions with feedback and a run-through, including current Hot Topics, GDC, and much more!


How our Dentistry Interview
Book works

With dentistry interviews moving online in 2022/23 and oversubscription in 2021/22, becoming a dentist is more competitive than ever. You do not require generic practice; rather, you require assistance that is completely personalised and tailored to you.


How Medic Mindโ€™s Dentistry Interview Book Works

Want to check out the book? Buy it today!โ˜๏ธ

How will this book help me with the Dentistry Interview?

1Proven Dentistry Interview Techniques
2Dentistry Interview Questions
3Dentistry Interview Day Tips
4Extra Support

Learn Award-Winning Dentistry Interview Techniques

You will learn tried-and-true Dentistry Interview techniques from our Dentistry Interview Experts by using our Dentistry Interview Book. Our Dentistry Interview materials have assisted thousands of applicants in improving their scores, and they will

dentistry tutoring

120+ Dentistry Interview Practice Questions, Hot Topics, GDC and More

Since strategies are useless without practice, we include 120 Dentistry Interview practice questions in our Dentistry Interview Book to help you prepare for your interview day. The Dentistry Interview Book also covers Hot topics, GDC and more!

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Receive Exam Day Tips from Dentistry Interview Experts

Use our Dentistry Interview Book to get valuable support from our Dentistry Interview Experts on the day of your Dentistry Interview to avoid being caught off guard and to succeed in your Dentistry Interview.


Sign up for our 1-1 Dentistry Interview Tutoring and more

Do you require any additional support? In addition, Dentist Mind provides one-on-one Dentistry Interview tutoring, online Dentistry Interview courses, and other services. If you choose us, you can improve your exam or interview performance in just one day!


How our Dentistry Interview Book

We believe that by using our brand new Dentistry Interview Book, which is jam-packed with award-winning Dentistry Interview Resources , you will ace your interview and impress the admissions team, putting you ahead of the competition. The Dentistry Interview Book will help you prepare for the interview and ensure acceptance into the Dentistry school of your choice. You will also have access to a plethora of tools to assist you in your preparations by accessing 120+ Dentistry Interview practice questions. expert advice, best dentistry interview preparation tips, hot topics in dentistry, GDC, and much more!

Our students love us, but donโ€™t
just take our word for it:


I would not hesitate to recommend the book to anyone thinking of applying for dentistry. I used Dentist Mind Book for dentistry interview help and it was the best investment I made.


The dentistry interview book was very useful for my interview preparations!

Josie K
Josie K

My dream job is in dentistry, so I was determined to knock out the interview. Thank goodness, I was able to get the book, it was very helpful!


I was doing dentistry tutoring and also got the book. Managed to ace my interview with no problem!


The dentistry book has been one of the integral reason for me securing 4/4 offers. Thank you!

Keiran W
Keiran W

Could not recommend this book enough! Has tons of useful tips and practice material!


The specific strategies mentioned in the dentistry book really improved my scores. Not only that, but it is very affordable!


I’m so glad I bought this book. Very useful for dentistry interview preparations!

Ruth H
Ruth H

Really great and informative resources for the dentistry interview!

Maddie F
Maddie F

Learnt some useful skills for approaching the interview. Useful techniques. Easy to follow.

Eoin G
Eoin G

Brilliant resources, really broke down the dentistry interview into the sections and gave great tips for the various problems. Highly recommend!

May W
May W

It gave important information on the dentistry interview that I wouldn’t know otherwise. I would like to pass on my thanks to dentistry interview guide!


Amazing resources! Could not recommend this book enough to my friends!


This course provided great tips and tricks for the interview, I would recommend it for any dentistry-school applicants. It helped me understand each aspect of the interviewand went through in detail how to answer each question style.

Halley B
Halley B

The question sets were motivating and challenging, while still remaining similar to the real thing. In order to improve I would personally recommend spending time reading the book and attempting each question!

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