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The University of Glasgow offers you the opportunity to study at a Russell group university that is in the top 100 universities of the world. Not only this by you will benefit from studying at the award-winning Wolfson Medical School Building with first-class clinical skills suites. The university has strong links with the postgraduate Deanery, ensuring you a smooth transition from your undergraduate study to postgraduate training, producing highly trained and competent graduates. 

Interview invites are sent to high achieving UCAT applicants, provided they meet the minimum entry criteria. Therefore, Glasgow is a great choice of medical school if you have a strong UCAT score, but a slightly weaker academic profile, yet still meet the minimum entry criteria.

Key Points

  • Scotland
  • PBL
  • High UCAT
  • competitive

About the university Compare

Key Information
Email[email protected]
Phone number+44 (0)141 330 6216
Course Information
Teaching stylePBL
The teaching style focuses on problem-based learning following a spiral curriculum, where different subject material is revisited at different stages of the curriculum with increasing depth and clinical focus.
The course is split into 4 phases with gradually integrated clinical exposure from the beginning of the course.
Course length5 years
5 years undergraduate entry
Over 20 options available for iBSc as well as the option to complete a full BSc (Hons) degree over two years. These are taken between year 3 and 4 of the MBChB programme.
Courses offered1 course offered
5 year undergraduate entry MBChB programme
Graduate entryNo
Graduates enter into year 1 of the undergraduate program. However, Dentistry graduates are offered entry into year 3 of the MBChB programme if successful in their application to the standard undergraduate programme.
Foundation or accessNo
University Life
Local areaGlasgow
Based around west scotland you will benefit from placements including the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.
Social life
Interview stylePanel
Interviews last around 30 minutes, with candidates being interviewed by 2 panels (A and B) each consisting of two interviewers. Candidates will swapping panels at the mid-point of the interview. This means that multiple candidates will be interviewed in the same room.
Interview datesDecember
Most students are normally interviewed in December
Interview topicsFor one of the panels you will be required to read and select one of two scenarios to discuss. Details of which will be provided to applicants during their interview.
Other topics covered in the interview include:
  • Glasgow medical curriculum
  • Achievements and skills
  • Personal characteristics required to be a doctor
  • What does being a doctor means
  • Reflection on previous interactions or experiences
  • Personal statement - interviewers will not have read your personal statement prior to your interview
  • Admissions Tests
    UCATLowest score obtaining offer in 2018: 2680
    Achieved UCAT scores are used to allocated interview invites to students who have met all other screening aspects. These include minimum academic requirements and satisfactory personal statement and references.
    Currently Glasgow do not consider the SJT section results of the UCAT in any part of their application procedure.
    Minimum UCAT scores achieved by applicants successful in gaining an offer:
    2018 application cycle= 2680
    2017 application cycle = 2630
    2016 application cycle = 2680
    Academic Requirements
    GSCEGCSE’s only used for minimum requirements
    Grades required: B/6 in English (only requirement)
    A-levelAAA is common
    Subjects required: Chemistry and one of either; Mathematics, Physics or Biology
    Grades required: AAA with grade A in Biology or Human Biology if only offered at AS level
    General Studies, Critical Thinking and Global Perspectives & Research are not accepted subjects.
    Mathematics and Further Mathematics are not considered as separate A-level subjects
    Retake policyNo
    Normally re-sits are not accepted. Applicants with exceptional circumstances will be considered and should contact the Admissions Administrator prior to submitting an application.
    Scottish highersAAAAA
    Subjects required: Biology/Human Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics or Physics are essential
    Grades required: AAAAA or AAAABB
    Highers are not considered alone for entry from level S5. S6 required for entry. Details of grades are below
    Scottish advancedAB or BBB
    Subjects required: Chemistry and Biology/Human Biology and either Mathematics or Physics
    Grades required: S5 minimum and 2 Advanced Highers at AB, with one Higher at B.
    Alternatively S5 minimum and three Advanced Highers at BBB.
    IB38 points
    Subjects required: Chemistry and Biology (both at HL6)
    Grades required: 3 higher level subjects at 6,6,6
    Mathematics or Physics as the third HL subject is preferred. However are accepted provided SL6 is achieved. English at SL6 is required.
    Mathematics studies is not accepted where Mathematics is required.
    Bachelor's Degree (Gradutes Only)2:1 Honours degree
    Subjects required: Related science degree, obtained within seven years of entry date.
    Grades required: 2:1 honours minimum
    Applicants offering a non-science degree will be required to meet the A-level (or equivalent) entry criteria.
    Graduates who have obtained their degree more than 7 years ago but also offer a masters of PhD in a relevant field may compensate for not having Higher/A-level Chemistry and Biology.
    Dentistry graduate - are accepted into year 3 of the MBChB course. Must be a UK BDS graduate and have obtained their degree within the last seven years.
    Veterinary Medicine Graduate - must have completed their BVMS degree within the last seven years, and will be considered for entry into year 1 only.
    Applications in 19/20Total number of home applicants: 2063
    Scottish applicants: 680
    EU applicants: 426
    Rest of UK applicants: 600
    International applicants: 357
    Of these applicants:
    School leavers: 1507
    Graduates: 486
    Interviews in 19/20Total number of applicants interviewed: 859
    Scottish applicants: 354
    EU applicants: 82
    Rest of UK applicants: 300
    International applicants: 123
    Of these applicants:
    School leavers: 672
    Graduates: 158
    Offers in 19/20Total number of offers: 543
    Scottish applicants: 252
    EU applicants: 49
    Rest of UK applicants: 159
    International applicants: 83
    Of these applicants:
    School leavers: 429
    Graduates: 92
    Success rate in 19/20Application success rate:
    Offers per applicant: 1 in 3.8
    Interview success rate:
    Offers per interview: 1 in 1.6


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