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The UCAT for graduate students is just the same as the UCAT exam for undergraduates. There are no changes or adaptations to the test, which means if you have sat the UCAT exam before you will know what’s coming and have a start on how to prepare. 

Are graduate applications are more competitive?

It can be said that your maturity of thought, and skills learnt in your undergraduate degree such as critical thinking, along with more exam sitting experience, can assist you in scoring well in the UCAT. After all, scoring highly in the UCAT is essential for graduate entry medicine, as it is even more competitive than undergraduate medicine. Therefore, a high score is essential to make your application competitive and secure you not only an interview, but also a place at medical school!

How should I approach sitting the UCAT again?

Any experience of the UCAT is useful. If you’ve done the exam before, you will know how things work on test day and how to revise better this time around. Depending on when you did the UCAT, the sections may be the same – the only recent major change is the introduction of Decision Making to replace Decision Analysis. You probably won’t remember the practice questions you used, so you can use similar question banks to last time – although check out new question banks that may be present, as they may be more accurate and modern. 

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