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Tamsin Dyer

Tamsin Dyer

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July – October 2020: UCAT. 

The UCAT is an admissions test that many universities require. You can sit the exam anytime between 1st July and 2nd October 2019. Check out the UCAT section of our blog for more information. 

  • Registration: 1st May – 18 September 2020
  • Testing begins: 1st July 2019.
  • Bursary application deadline: 18 September 2020
  • Last test date: 2nd October 2020.
  • UCAS application deadline: 15 October 2020.

August or October 2020: BMAT

The BMAT is another admissions test that some universities require. Universities either require the UCAT or BMAT – not both. Unlike the UCAT, there are specific testing dates for the BMAT – it is sat in an exam hall like a normal exam, whereas the UCAT is done alone in a test centre like a driving theory test.

  • Registration for August BMAT: 24 June – 11 August 2020
  • Registration for October BMAT: 1 September – 1 October 2020
  • Test Dates: August 31st, October 30th 2020
  • Results for August BMAT: 20th September 2020
  • Results for November BMAT: 22nd November 2020

September 2020: Submitting UCAS Application

From September you can submit and send your UCAS application, where it will be sent to the universities you have applied to. Your application includes your school grades and predicted grades, your employment history (usually only required if you are a graduate of gap year applicant), as well as your personal statement, course choices and your reference. 

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15th October 2020: Deadline for Medical Applications

This is a very important deadline, all medical school applications via UCAS have to be submitted before this day. It is also the deadline for Dental, Veterinary Medicine and Oxbridge applications. 

November 2019 – March 2020: Invites to Interview. 

The timings of interviews differ between medical schools. Some universities like to get all their interviews done before the new year, while others drag them out starting in December with interview dates going on till mid March. So don’t worry if you don’t get an interview straight away, there is still plenty of time! Check out our university by university guides, which give you specific information on the interview dates of different universities. Your invites will come through individual university portals and also through UCAS. 

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    4th May 2020: Deadline for Responding to Offers

    Deadline for you to reply to universities if you received offers before 31st March 

    5th May 2020: Deadline for Universities to Give Offers

    Deadline for universities to reply to you with either an offer or rejection. 

    August 2020: A-Level Results Day

    On results day, if things go well then your place in medical school will be confirmed! If you miss your grades, call up universities as they may still accept you. If you did not get any offers, you should still call up universities as Medicine offers can be found in clearing!

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