Buckingham Medicine Interview Questions

Note: This interview Q&A is based on pre-COVID in-person interviews (from 2019 and before). All university interviews changed in 2020-2021 to an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This article has been updated in November 2021 with the latest information, and we will continue to regularly update it! 

Buckingham University uses selection days with MMI style interviews to assess candidates. Offers are made based on the performance of candidates. The length of the overall interview is approximately 2 hours. In this guide we provide an expert insight into past Buckingham MMI stations, the Buckingham interview day and tips for converting your interview into an offer!

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Buckingham Medicine Interview in a Nutshell

Interviews are set up in three cubicles, each with a student and examiners.
Interviews are set up in three cubicles, each with a student and examiners.

What is the Buckingham interview style?

The Buckingham University MMI typically has 10 stations, each lasting 7 minutes, with 2 rest stations. This year however, interviews will be conducted online, via Microsoft Teams, so they will be structured slightly differently. Based on the 2020-21 virtual interviews, there were 6 eight minute stations and then a 21 minute station comprised of 3 mini-stations, each including about a minute’s reading time. Due to COVID-19, the Buckingham medicine interviews will continue to be online for 2021-22.

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    What are the Buckingham Medicine interview dates?

    Buckingham University has a selection of predetermined interview dates that successful applicants will be invited to select from. The dates for 2021-22 have yet to be released but for January 2021 entry, they ran from February to October of the previous year (2020).

    What are the common topics covered at the Buckingham Medicine Interview?

    • Ethical Scenarios
    • Video Analysis
    • Teamwork
    • Qualities of a Doctor
    • Previous Experiences

    List of Recent Buckingham Medicine Interview Topics

    ThemeBuckingham Example Questions
    Ethical ScenarioColleague malpractice
    Problem-solving and reasoning
    Discussing and interpreting GMC guidelines
    Work ExperienceGeneral work experience questions
    Alternatives to work experience
    Communication & Role-PlaySpeaking to vulnerable individuals
    Problem Solving StationImagination and divergent thinking
    Approaches used by doctors
    Motivation for MedicineReasons for choosing Medicine over Nursing (or other healthcare careers)
    Ethical Scenario 2Competency
    Principles guiding patient care
    Communication with the medical school
    Numerical Ability StationData interpretation
    Information Extraction
    Simple calculations
    Analytical StationCurrent NHS topics
    Resource and funding allocation
    GP-Patient Interaction StationSummarise video
    Assess interaction

    If you would like to practice for the Buckingham Medicine Interview, have a go at the following questions and check out our video on approaching data interpretation stations here

    • When should problems in a healthcare setting be reported to a higher authority?
    • Why is confidentiality important? (You can also check out our interview video on confidentiality here )
    • Imagine someone could not obtain work experience, what are other ways they could gain insight into the responsibilities of a doctor?
    • A patient is prescribed 50mg, tablets are 12.5mg each: how many tablets will you give?
    • A drug is available as 20mg/5ml: your patient’s prescription is for 40mg, how many ml will be given?
    • What are the different uses of a shoelace?

    Insider Guide: Buckingham Medicine Interview Day

    How does the Buckingham University Interview day work?

    In the past, the online interview was conducted on Microsoft Teams. After identity verification, all candidates were added into one room for a briefing by the Buckingham University admissions officers. They did a presentation describing how the MMI would go. Each station was in a different room on Microsoft Teams and had varying numbers of examiners.

    After the interview, there was a Q&A session where staff and two current students discussed the advantages of Buckingham University and their experiences. This included a Q&A for applicants to gain further insight into the course and Medicine at Buckingham.

    What do you have to bring for the Buckingham Medicine Interview?

    You will not be required to bring any items, though there is a formal dress code, as with any interview. No notes or calculators are allowed during the interview.

    How do you receive information for each Buckingham University MMI station?

    Upon entering a Teams room, the examiner will greet you before sharing their screen. They then gave candidates one minute to read the instructions and proceeded with the station. The instructions were quite generic and did not give much insight into the specifics of the station.

    What are the Buckingham University MMI examiners like?

    There are typically a range of examiners, with some being neutral in their interactions and expressions in order to provide an unbiased assessment while assessing the applicant’s capacity to deal with stressful situations.

    Do the Buckingham Medicine interviewers ask a lot of follow up questions?

    There are not many specific questions listed on the instructions. Be aware that they tend to have multiple follow up questions and the interviewers will rush along to ask all of them to ensure you are equally assessed alongside other applicants, which resulted in quite a fast-paced interview. Be concise and to the point for the best result.

    How long is the actual Buckingham University Interview?

    It is typically about 1.5 hours long overall, barring the introductions and closing sessions. There were six 8 minute stations and then a 21 minute station which included the numerical ability station, an analytical station and a GP-Patient interaction station. Some delays were also experienced where candidates had technical difficulties or a poor connection.

    Was there much guidance with timing for the Buckingham Medicine Interview?

    Applicants will be given guidance about the timing for each station in the initial briefing however, the Buckingham interview can be quite fast-paced.

    What are the Buckingham University MMI role play stations like?

    The actors are typically really natural, which can be slightly tricky if the interaction calls for a difficult scenario. Additionally, be prepared to get straight into it, potentially without an introduction from the examiner.

    How long does it take to hear back after the Buckingham University medicine interview?

    Students typically hear back in a few weeks but delays are to be expected due to the pandemic.

    Top Tips for Buckingham University Medicine Interview  

    • Prepare for the mathematical stations – brush up on mental mathematics as well as analytical skills as these are assessed. Students often stress about this, but you’ve likely done similar preparation for QR in UCAT.
    • Read instructions carefully – be prepared to read the question / station slides again if you aren’t sure, some may seem ambiguous but the stations aren’t as intimidating as they may seem at first.
    • Use the transition and reading time to take deep breaths – even though the exam is fast-paced, take time to think before you speak, don’t fall into the trap of rushing through a station.
    • Have your gear ready and set the scene – if your interview is online, ensure that you have a strong connection in a suitable place where you won’t be disturbed by others or a background noise. Prepare and have everything in place so that you’re aware of how close you need to be to your camera, bearing in mind that you may use hand gestures whilst talking. Practice by doing an online mock interview if possible (this is a key feature of our Interview Lessons, find out more here Medicine Interview Tutors
    • Be professional – one of the key values of the GMC is ensuring the professionalism of doctors is of the highest standard. This leads us onto our final tip…
    • Knowledge and abidance to the GMC guidelines is essential – stations featuring this can be very specific, so be prepared! Practice solving multiple scenarios; perhaps off the GMC website or even the SJT section on the UCAT this can be found here UCAT SJT
    Medicine Interview Online Course
    Breakdown of the Most Common Interview Question Types, How to Perfect Your Interview Technique, and Mock Interviews Tailored to Your University Choices
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    Download Free Medicine Interview Notes

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