How to choose best work experience for medicine?

Medicine work experience is essential for an aspiring young doctor for so many reasons. Not only does it help to cement your desire to work in the medical profession, but it is also a requirement of many medical school courses. Showcasing your medical work experience in your personal statement is the first step in your medical application process, with the last step being the medical interview, where you will undoubtedly be asked questions related to your experiences. 

Obtaining medical work experience may seem like a huge hurdle, with massive popularity with many NHS trust work placements. So how can you think outside the box and avoid disappointment when organising this vital aspect?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! From young doctor experiences to 2 week programms, we’ve compiled the top 5 medicine work experience programmes run by reputable companies with track records of helping 1000s of aspiring medical students. We cover all types from hospital work experience, medicine summer schools and young doctor programmes. This comprehensive guide is sure to give you all the information you need!

Medic Mind – London Hospital Work Experience

medic mind London hospital work experience

Medic Mind is a UK-based company who have supported over 12,000 students from the UK and internationally with all aspects of their medical school applications. With a Trustpilot rating of 4.8 from over 1,400 students, the reviews say it all!

Our London Hospital Work Experience runs for 5 days and takes place in central London. We also offer alternative locations such as Manchester and Birmingham. Offered to UK and international students from 16-25 years, this immersive medical programme takes students through various medical simulations and provides hands-on practical skills. We also support students in the medical application process. For students living further afield, accommodation and food can be provided and a dedicated Safeguarding team is on hand at all times. Check out the timetable below:

Day 1Palliative CareThe aims and principles of palliative care by spending the day with palliative doctors and nurses in a local hospice
Day 2Emergency Room SimulationHigh-fidelity simulated environment where you’ll deal with emergencies like cardiac arrests, confusion, and infection
Day 3Trauma Skills and Basic Life SupportYou’ll dive into the deep end as you’ll practice CPR on simulated dummies and learn the important skill of suturing
Day 4UCAT TeachingPacked schedule, including award-winning strategies proven to improve performance in UCAT. You also get access to 10,000+ Questions.
Day 5UCAS Application and Medical InterviewSupport with your medical application; work on planning your timeline for the next year, including writing your Personal Statement, choosing medical schools and preparing for interviews.

PreMed Projects – London Hospital Work Experience

Premed Projects London hospital work experience

Premed Projects was set up in 2014 and has provided tens of thousands of students from 14-25 with hospital work experience. Their courses give students the opportunity to experience the world of healthcare as well as provide support in the UCAS application including the personal statement and medical school interviews. They score a 4.9 on Google reviews (based on 16 reviews). PreMed Projects hospital work experience takes place in London over 5 days, although there is a 10-day option as well. Accommodation and food are provided to all students and staff are on hand 24/7. Take a look at a timetable below:

Day 1UCAS Application and Medical Interview Support on the application process including personal statement, UCAT/BMAT and the med school interview. 
Day 2London Hospital – RotationsSeveral stations to gain practical experience including taking patient notes, reading x-rays, venipuncture and suturing. Led by doctors.
Day 3London Hospital – Cancer ResearchHands-on experience in a cancer research facility with an afternoon practical session. 
Day 4First Aid CertificateYou will gain a first aid certification and be certified for three years.
Day 5Palliative CareSpend the day with nurses and GPs in a private nursing home & hospice.

InvestIN Young Doctor Experience

Investing young doctor experience

InvestIN is a London-based organisation providing 12-18 year-old with a range of work experience programmes within various different sectors. Locations include London, Manchester and Dubai.  To date, they’ve helped over 45,000 students and have over 1,400 reviews on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.7. 

The InvestIN Young Doctor Summer Experience is available to students from 15-18 and takes place in London. With options for a 5, 10, or 15-day immersive experience, students can expect to take part in hands-on practicals in a London hospital, including taking blood, suturing and attending patient consultations. Accommodation and food are provided at an added cost if required and a team manager is on-hand 24/7 throughout the programme. Have a look below at what they offer in each package.  

London 5-dayLondon 10-dayLondon 15-day
Perform clinical procedures including CPR & suturing; meet real patients; take medical histories; medical school application advice. xxx
2 full days in a teaching hospital; shadow doctors on simulated ward rounds; treat a robot patient on a trauma ward; practise taking blood. xx
Private networking session with senior doctors. xx
World-class professional development training: 5 days of coaching on all the skills you need to become a top medical professional. x
Medicine WEx Programme
5 days of hands-on medical work experience in Central London

Summer Boarding Courses Medicine Summer School

SBC medicine summer school

Summer Boarding Courses (SBC) have supported over 14,000 students by providing summer work experience placements in a variety of sectors. SBC have a 4.4 average review score on Trustpilot (based on 10 reviews) and 99% customer support satisfaction on their website. 

SBC’s Medicine Summer School is available for 15-17 year-olds and takes place in Cambridge, although other locations are available such as Oxford. In this 2-week programme, students gain practical skills and medical knowledge. They will also gain a First Aid certificate as part of the programme. SBC also offer support in the medical school application process with preparation in writing personal statements and attending med interviews. Accommodation and food for all students is included as they will be staying on-site throughout the programme. Their medical summer school includes:

  • ​​Subject areas fundamental to medicine
  • Explanation of subjects including pathology, histology, biochemistry, and epidemiology
  • Professional 21st-century skills through team research initiatives
  • Public speaking and presentation skills building
  • Med School application – personal statement and interview preparation
  • Complete First Aid instruction.

SBC also offer a Future Doctor Programme for 13-16 year-olds.

Immerse Education Medicine Summer School

immerse education medical summer school

Immerse Education was founded in 2012 and provides 13-18 year-olds with work experience programmes in a diverse range of sectors. Their placements take place at universities in Oxford, Cambridge and London and accommodation and food are provided to all students. They have an average Trustpilot score of 4.8, based on 193 reviews. 

The Immerse Medicine Summer School for 15-18 year-olds takes place in London. They also offer experiences in Cambridge and Oxford for 13-15 year-olds and 16-18 year-olds. This medical work experience includes project-based learning, practical skills and a range of guest speakers offering sessions on skills such as public speaking as well as medical insights. 1-1 career coaching is also offered. Their summer school is based on different modules, with more information below.

Module 1Medical Research & TheoryLearn about medical research. Use the principles of scientific methods to investigate a specific medical condition and write treatment plans and social implications. Build skills in decision making and present patient findings.
Module 2Practical ExperienceHands-on experience and opportunities to explore different medical technology in a range of medical centres. 
Module 3Real World ProjectUsing patient case studies, review a diagnosis, write a treatment plan and discuss with medical practitioners. 
Module 4Professional DevelopmentSessions include guest lectures, discussions with medical experts and skill-building workshops such as public speaking. 1-1 mentor sessions to gain feedback on future plans. 

Medical Work Experience in a Nutshell

Medic MindPreMed ProjectsInvestINSummer Boarding CoursesImmerse Education
Duration1 week5 days5/10/15 days2 weeks2 weeks
LocationLondon, Manchester, BirminghamLondonLondon, ManchesterCambridge, OxfordLondon, Cambridge, Oxford
Age Range14-2514-2515-1815-17 (option of 13-16)15-18 (option of 13-18)
Rating (Trustpilot/ Google Reviews)4.8
(1,800 reviews)
(16 reviews)
(1,400 reviews)
(10 reviews)
(190 reviews)

Remember that the specifics of each programme vary, so it’s essential to research and compare the details of the different opportunities available to find the one that aligns best with your goals and interests.

Want a Comprehensive Medical Work Experience Programme?

Don’t forget to check out our London Hospital work experience, or our similar programmes in Manchester and Birmingham

Our medical work experience course takes you through practical opportunities in medical areas such as trauma, emergency room, surgery and palliative care. Run by medical experts, they’ll be on hand to answer all your questions as well, providing a great networking opportunity. What’s more, we’ll help you with your medical application from the personal statement, UCAT preparation, to the medical interview including a mock MMI.

Having difficulties travelling to a work experience programme? We also offer a 5-day virtual medical work experience. With the constraints of an online platform, the only real difference with the virtual package is that we swap the practical hands-on experiences for a more problem-based learning approach. You will work with medical experts to review case notes and diagnose patients by learning to analyse consultation notes and medical imaging. Check out our timetable here:

Day 1History Taking in GP & A&EIn this session, you will learn the fundamental principles of conducting history taking and understand with the help of doctors what makes a good history. You will interact with patients and become familiar with taking histories in a multitude of scenarios including GP and A&E.
Day 2UCAT TeachingWe will give you a full day of teaching on the UCAT Exam delivered by our top 1% tutors giving you a real insight into the exam
Day 3Care for patients on simulated wardYou’ll get the opportunity to interpret Chest X-Rays, ECGs, look at Blood Reports and by the end of the day you’ll be able to run your own ward round as a junior doctor!
Day 4Learn how to do A-E AssessmentsWe’ll focus on how to deal with emergencies like car accidents, heart attacks and sepsis. You will work alongside doctors and learn the basics of ABCDE and work against the clock to save simulated patients’ lives.
Day 5UCAS & Personal StatementTogether we can begin your medical application and work on planning your timeline for the next year, including writing your Personal Statement, choosing medical schools and preparing for interviews.

If you would like to learn more about any of our medicine experience programmes, why not book a FREE consultation with one of our experts who would be happy to give you more information!


What is the difference between a Medicine Summer School and traditional Medical Work Experience?

A Medicine Summer School typically offers a structured educational programme for aspiring medical professionals. It can include lectures, workshops, and hands-on activities to introduce various medical fields. In contrast, traditional Medical Work Experience involves shadowing doctors and observing real-life medical settings, providing a firsthand view of daily routines and patient interactions.

How does London Hospital Work Experience differ from other medical work placements?

London Hospital Work Experience specifically takes place in hospitals in London, offering exposure to a diverse and high-paced healthcare environment. Participants get the chance to interact with professionals at the forefront of medical innovation and research, potentially providing a more intense and varied experience compared to other placements.

What advantages does a Young Doctor Experience offer compared to other medical programmes?

Young Doctor Experience typically involves simulations and role-playing activities, allowing participants to step into the shoes of a doctor. This immersive approach can offer deeper insights into decision-making, patient communication, and teamwork, which might not be as extensively covered in other medical work experience opportunities.

How does a Medicine Summer School prepare students for future medical careers?

A Medicine Summer School often covers a broad range of medical topics, from anatomy and physiology to ethics and medical research. This comprehensive exposure can help students refine their interests within the field and build a strong foundation for pursuing medical education. It may also provide networking opportunities with peers and professionals.

Is London Hospital Work Experience limited to local residents, or can international students participate?

London Hospital Work Experience is usually open to both local residents and international students, making it an attractive option for individuals from various backgrounds. However, international students may require a visa. Engaging with the healthcare system in a major global city like London can provide valuable insights into healthcare practices and challenges on an international scale.

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