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Brighton & Sussex medical school offer a distinctive and innovative medical course, that they feel prepared graduates to enter an ever-changing and developing world of healthcare. Benefit from the early clinical exposure that the course offers, with clinical experiences within your first year of study. The course also has a heavy focus around general practice, which provides students with the opportunity to place clinical problems in the wider context of patients social and emotional backgrounds as well as belief systems. 

Current medical students at BSMS love the integrated teaching style, as well as the cadaveric dissection, meaning you learn human anatomy first-hand, starting in your second week of study. BSMS are proud of their research-integration which many students get involved with, as well as the opportunity to intercalate in one of the 16 BSc and MSc courses on offer. Students also benefit from the rich culture and beautiful surrounding areas of Brighton and Sussex.

Key Points

  • BMAT Focus 
  • Early Clinical Contact
  • iBSc

About the university Compare

Key Information
Email [email protected]
Phone number +44 (0)1273 643528 / 643529 / 641966
Course Information
Teaching styleIntegrated
Integration of systems based learning with clinical teaching in both primary and secondary placements. In early years you will also cover core biomedical and psychosocial sciences with cadaveric dissection and prosection teaching.
In later years you will focus on general specialties and specialist disciplines alike as your knowledge base grows.
Course length5 Years
BMBS undergraduate entry - 5 years
Interaction only offered between years 3 and 4. 16 different BSc and MSc courses offered between the Universities or Brighton and Sussex. Intercalation numbers are capped at 40% of the total cohort, with priority given to those without a prior degree.
Courses offered1 course offered
BMBS undergraduate entry - 5 years
Graduate entryNo
Graduates with a 2:1 science degree are welcome to apply to the undergraduate entry programme.
Foundation or accessNo
Currently not offered. However, a widening participation is offered to qualifying students.
University Life
Local areaBrighton
Being located in Brighton, students will be living in a vibrant city with a busy nightlife. The community is greatly diverse which offers students both a great learning opportunity, as well as the opportunity to live in a multicultural city, with lots to offer. The location offers both a city environment as well as the seaside, which appeals to many students.
Social life
Interview styleMMI
5 stations, each 10 minutes in length. With a 1 minute break between each station/discussion.
The MMI at Brighton and Sussex takes the form of several discussions with each interviewer. On the BSMS website there are video examples of these discussions available to try give prospective students an idea of the types of questions and format of the interview. Although the interview remains a formal process, the interview has adopted a more relaxed approach to help put students at ease.
Interview datesDecember and January
Interviews are held throughout December and January.
For international students dates for interviews will be February and March
Interview topicsThe medical school suggest reading the core values and attributes document and work experience guidelines published by the Medical Schools Council for preparation for interview. Links to these are available on the BSMS website.
  • Reflect on work experience
  • Refer to skills and values documents
Admissions Tests
BMATAverage score 17.3
Cut off score: Yes, it fluctuates year on year, below are previous cut off score totals:
2014/15 - 15.1
2015/16 - 16.1
2016/17 - 17.3
2017/18 - 16.4
2018/19 - 16.1
Please note for widening participation there is no BMAT threshold score.
Weighting: 100% provided students meet the minimum entry requirements. Applicants are the ranked according to their total score out of 28 and the university work down the rankings to fill interview places.
Academic Requirements
GSCEGCSE’s used for minimum requirement
Grades required: grade B/6 or above in Maths and English Language or Literature
A grade 5/C is acceptable for applicants for widening participation.
A-levelAAA is common
Subjects required: Biology and Chemistry
Grades required: AAA
BSMS prefer a humanities or arts subject as the third A-level, as they recognise the value in broadening academic horizons.
For widening participation, AAB is the standard offer.
General studies is not accepted
Retake policyYes
Resit applicants are considered, however, due to large numbers of applicants BSMS will only consider resit applicants from applicants who have slipped a grade in 1 subject, and obtained a grade B.
Examples being: AAB/ A*AB/ A*A*B but are predicted to achieve a grade A in the re-sat subject.
Scottish highersAA
Subjects required: Biology and Chemistry required, plus 2 additional subjects.
Grades required: AA
Scottish advancedAAA
Subjects required: Biology and Chemistry
Grades required: AAA
Or AA in Biology and Chemistry with grades AA in 2 additional highers.
IB36 points
Subjects required: Biology and Chemistry at Higher level.
Grades required: 36 points with grade 6 in required subjects
35 points acceptable for widening participation applicants.
Bachelor's Degree (Gradutes Only)2:1 Honours degree
Subjects required: science degree
Grades required: 2:1 or above
Candidates must be able to demonstrate adequate knowledge of Biology and Chemistry equivalent to A-level standard. This can be through having studied these subjects at A-level or through relevant degree modules.
GCSE requirements must be met.
Applications in 19/20Total number of applicants: 1939
Total number of home applicants: 1549
Total number of international applicants: 390
Interviews in 19/20Total number of applicants interviewed: 766
Total number of home applicants interviewed: 695
Total number of international applicants interviewed: 71
Offers in 19/20Total number of offers: 434
Total number of home applicants with offers: 405
Total number of international applicants with offers: 29
Total number of places available: 203
Home applicants: 193
International applicants: 10
Success rate in 19/20Application success rate:
Offers per applicant: 1 in 4.5
Interview success rate:
Offers per interview: 1 in 1.8


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