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Bristol Medical School dates back to 1737, where training was given at Bristol Infirmary, and combines a traditional training with modern teaching. Benefit from early clinical exposure in not just the hospital setting, but the community and also primary care settings. You will also enjoy the use of new state-of-the-art anatomy facilities, and being able to take part in research projects.

Key Points

  • UCAT Focus
  • City
  • Early Clinical Contact
  • Competitive

About the university Compare

Key Information
Email[email protected]
Phone number +44 (0)117 394 1649
Course Information
Teaching styleIntegrated
With clinical exposure from first year, and more time spent on placement each year.
Course length5-6 years
Undergraduate entry - 5 years
Gateway to Medicine entry - 6 years
Between years 3 and 4 you have the opportunity to intercalate in a medical science or humanities subject
Courses offered2 courses offered
Undergraduate entry
Gateway to Medicine entry
Graduate entryNo
Foundation or accessYes
Gateway to Medicine - 6 year course
International Foundation Program - 1 year, apply directly to Bristol University.
University Life
Local areaBristol
Clifton campus and external placements.
Social life
Interview styleMMI
7 stations, each taking 6 minutes, with 1 of those minutes used for reading instructions, and the other 5 for completing the task.
Each station will have one for two interviewers.
Interview datesNovember to February
Interview offers are sent out on a rolling basis from early November onwards. Some interview dates are known as late as the end of March.
Interview topics
  • Details about the course at Bristol - Why Bristol?
  • Work experience and voluntary work
  • Communication skills - in role play scenario
  • Realistic interest in medicine
  • Relevant life skills
  • Calculations
  • Ethical dilemma
  • Teamwork/Leadership
Admissions Tests
UCATHigh scorers are given interviews based solely on UCAT score
UCAT scores, without the use of the SJT subset are used in conjunction with academic performance to invite applicants to interview. In 2017/18 entry applicants that scored over 2660 (one subset was removed in this years sitting) were automatically invited to interview, based solely on their UCAT score.
There is no UCAT cut-off score, but minimum scores for interview vary year-on-year depending on the strength of the cohort.
Applicants for the gateway to medicine 6 year course has a lover UCAT score weighting for their application, counting for only 20% of the score used to rank applicants.
Academic Requirements
GSCEGCSE’s not used past minimum entry requirements
GCSE scores count for 10% in Gateway to Medicine applications
Grades required: 7/A in Maths and minimum of 4/C in English
A-levelAAA is common
AAC contextual offer
Subjects required: Chemistry and one of either Biology, Physics or Mathematics
Grades required: AAA with AA in Chemistry and one other science subject, as listed above.
Contextual offer must include grade A in Chemistry and minimum of B in one other science subject as listed above.
Retake policyYes
Bristol will consider applicants resitting GCSEs and/or A-levels, with a maximum of one resit allowed in any one subject. Unless there are extenuating circumstances.
Scottish highersAAAAB
Non subject specific
Scottish advancedAA
Subjects required: Chemistry and one of Biology, Physics or Mathematics.
Grades required: AA
IB36 points
Subjects required: Chemistry and one of either Biology, Physics, or Mathematics
Grades required: 36 points with 18 at Higher Level. With 6,6 at higher level in Chemistry and one other required subject.
Bachelor's Degree (Gradutes Only)2:1 Honours degree
Grades required: 2:1 degree as well as ABB at A-level with a grade A in Chemistry and B in either Biology, Physics or Mathematics.
Applications in 19/204540
Total number of home applicants: 4540
Interviews in 19/201800
Total number of applicants interviewed: 1800
Offers in 19/20550
Total number of offers: 550
Success rate in 19/20Application success rate:
Offers per applicant: 1 in 12.1
Interview success rate:
Offers per interview: 1 in 3.3


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