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The University of Leicester has been training medical professionals for the past 40 years. Students will learn from experts in their field and from patients, with clinical exposure from the very beginning of the course. The university also boasts excellent training facilities for medical students, including specialist facilities for anatomical dissection of human cadavers. 

The University of Leicester use equal weighting of your academic performance and UCAT score to rank applicants for invites to interview, therefore it is important that you perform well in both of these areas if you wish to apply to the University of Leicester.

Key Points

  • Heavy UCAT Focus
  • Early Clinical Focus
  • Very Competitive

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Key Information
Email[email protected]
Phone number0116 252 2969
Course Information
Teaching styleIntegrated
Integrated teaching style where students benefit from meeting patients from day one. Enabling you to acquire the medical knowledge and professional competencies that are essential for effective medical practice.
Course length 5-6 years
Medicine MBChB - 5 years
Medicine MBChB with Foundation Year - 6 years
There are five different intercalated degree options available to medical students, including MSc options. For more information on these please click here.
Courses offered 2 courses offered
Medicine MBChB A100
Medicine MBChB with Foundation Year A199
Graduate entry No
Previously Leicester offered a graduate programme, however they no longer have a graduate entry programme available. Having said this graduates are able to apply for the undergraduate programme.
Foundation or accessYes
Medicine MBChB with Foundation Year (A199)
University Life
Local areaLeicester
Social life
Interview styleMMI
8 MMI stations
Interview dates December - February
Invitations are sent out via email in Late November and will be sent out on as part of the ongoing process until the end of February
Interview topicsTopics include:
  • Motivation to study medicine
  • Insight into your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Ability to reflect on your own work
  • Problem solving
  • Insight into your own health
  • Skills including communication, reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Ethical judgement
  • Honesty
  • Empathy and ability to care for others
  • Admissions Tests
    UCATThose who score highly in the UCAT will be invited to interview provided they meet the minimum entry requirements. Candidates who score lower in the UCAT will be considered on an individual basis, taking into account their whole UCAS application. This can include your academic performance at A-level and GCSE (or equivalent), personal statement and references.
    There is no cut-off score used by the medical school,making Leicester a great option if your application is strong, but your UCAT score is not as high as you would have liked.
    Academic Requirements
    GSCEGCSE’s are taken into consideration when shortlisting applicants for interview
    Grades required: Grade B/6 in English Language, Mathematics and two sciences (including Biology, Chemistry or Double Award Science) achieved at first sitting
    The University of Leicester do not specify a minimum number of A* (8/9) grades achieved at GCSE, however, they do take GCSE performance into consideration when selecting applicants for interview. Therefore, achieving well in your GCSEs is level is essential if you wish to apply here.
    A-levelAAA is common
    Subjects required: Chemistry or Biology, and one of either; Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Psychology.
    Grades required: AAA or A*AB
    General Studies, Citizenship, Critical Thinking or Global Perspectives are non accepted.
    Please note that only one of Mathematics or Further Mathematics may be counted towards your potential offer.
    Retake policyYes
    Applicants who attain AAB in their first sitting of A-levels can apply to resit in one subject, and applicants who obtain ABB at their first A-level sitting can apply for resits in two subjects, only if there were significant mitigation that the admissions tutors have accepted and agreed to in writing prior to application.
    Applicants with lower A-level grades at first attempt and have significant mitigation can apply if their mitigation is accepted and agreed to in writing prior to application. These applicants must apply once they have attained the required AAA grades. Predicted grades will not be considered for such applicants.
    GCSE’s minimum requirements must have been met at first sitting unless significant mitigating circumstances have been previously accepted by the admissions tutors.
    Scottish highersN/A without Advanced Highers
    Will not be considered alone without Scottish Advanced Highers
    Scottish advancedAAA
    Subjects required: Chemistry or Biology, and one of either; Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology
    Grades required: AAA
    IB36 points
    Subjects required: Chemistry and one subject from; Biology, Psychology or Physics required at Higher Level.
    Grades required: 36 points with 6,6,6 at Higher Level. Note this is not including core or bonus points.
    BDGA only2:1 Honours degree
    Subjects required: Any discipline - provided applicants meet the minimum GCSE requirements and also has a grade B at A-level in either Chemistry or Biology.
    Grades required: 2:1 or 1st Degree
    Please note that Leicester do not consider applicants who are did not obtain a minimum of a 2:1 in their first degree, even if they are completing a second undergraduate degree, Masters or PhD.
    Applications in 18/19Total number of home applicants: 2305
    Home/EU graduate applicants: 453
    Home/EU non-graduate applicants: 1616
    Overseas graduate applicants: 25
    Overseas non-graduate applicants: 211
    Interviews in 18/19Total number of applicants interviewed: 1241
    Home/EU graduate applicants: 182
    Home/EU non-graduate applicants: 966
    Overseas graduate applicants: 7
    Overseas non-graduate applicants: 86
    Offers in 18/19Total number of offers: 852
    Home/EU graduate applicants: 141
    Home/EU non-graduate applicants: 676
    Overseas graduate applicants: 2
    Overseas non-graduate applicants: 33
    Success rate in 18/19Application success rate:
    Offers per applicant: 1 in 2.7
    Interview success rate:
    Offers per interview: 1 in 1.5

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