Medic Mind Free Webinar Series for Year 12s 2021


Mohil Shah


Are you in Year 12 and applying for medicine? Unsure where to start preparing? Unsure when to start preparing?

You’ve come to the right place. Medic Mind is the UK’s Leading Provider of Medical School Application Support also supporting students in Australia and New Zealand. We’re running a series of weekly webinars on the medical application process from UCAT to BMAT to everything you need to know for the Personal Statement.

In these webinars we cover a range of topics and we’ll keep it fully interactive giving you the ability to speak to our admissions experts who have helped get over 200 students into medical school. You can ask questions on absolutely everything from what books you should read, how to keep up to date with the news and more.

Find a list of our upcoming webinars below and click “register” to sign up for them.

We only have 100 spaces available for each webinar so it is first come first serve so be sure not to miss out!

All webinars will take place at 11am UK Time (BST) and 8pm Australian Time (AEST).

Past Medic Mind Webinars

#001 What is the UCAT? (FINISHED)

#002 What is the BMAT? (FINISHED)

#003 Work Experience + Volunteering (FINISHED)

#004 Introduction to UCAT Verbal Reasoning (FINISHED)

#005 Introduction to UCAT Decision Making (FINISHED)

#006 Intro to UCAT Quantitative Reasoning (FINISHED)

#007 Intro to UCAT Abstract Reasoning (FINISHED)

#008 Intro to UCAT Situational Judgement (FINISHED)

#009 How to Prepare for the UCAT (FINISHED)

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AnonymousMedic Mind Tutor

16 January 2021

Will there be recordings available?

AnonymousMedic Mind Tutor

16 January 2021

Where can I access the recordings of the webinars?


Anna CharlotteMedic Mind Tutor

6 June 2021

They will be on our youtube channel and also linked above here 🙂

AnonymousMedic Mind Tutor

2 March 2021

When will there be more webinars for BMAT, please?

AnonymousMedic Mind Tutor

11 March 2021

Could you do a bmat series please?


AnonymousMedic Mind Tutor

14 March 2021

Elle and Shivam have been incredibly helpful to understand about UCAT.
Cannot Thank you enough