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Universities across the UK offer a wide variety of medicine summer school programmes to give those applying to medicine a good understanding of their future and equip them to have that upper edge in the interview and during the degree. These schools are designed for those in year 12 rather than year 11, but it is good to keep in mind what you might like to do as places on these courses can be pretty competitive due to the wealth of knowledge they offer applicants. 

These courses can be costly; however, there are many short courses available online that can subsidise the knowledge offered and allow you some insight into how that medical school may teach. For those who may meet criteria in line with disadvantaged backgrounds, you may be eligible to attend these courses for free or at a minimised cost. 

Below are my top five recommendations offered by medical schools across the UK:

Medicine Summer School
Medicine Summer School
1 and 2 week programmes – hands-on medical experience in Central London

Top 5 Medicine Summer Schools in UK

Lancaster (Residential)

  • They offer a joint summer school provided by a conjunction of Lancaster, Liverpool and Edge Hill medical schools.
  • It provides students with an in-depth look into core skills needed to the student at an undergraduate level.
  • Range of insight into societies and social life across all three University campuses
  • You’ll start to tackle evidence-based learning (EBL) in group discussions as well as during independent research. 
  • You may also get to participate in clinical skills and anatomy teaching which will provide you with a solid basis of progression for going into your first year at their respective universities 

Leicester (Online)

  • Solid support with MMI & UCAT top tips and practice MMI stations to prepare you.
  • Has recently been held virtually but may differ this year.
  • Experience other Allied Health Professions. 
  • Attend a variety of medicine-related conferences that usually cost a pretty penny to attend.
Medicine WEx Programme
5 days of hands-on medical work experience in Central London

Keele (Online/Residential)

  • More research focused on critical research skills needed throughout your medical career
  • Introduction to evidence-based learning 
  • Insight into academic pathways as a doctor.
  • A good grounding in medical ethics and research.

Exeter (Residential)

  • Real clinical scenarios in field hospitals with guidance to gain insight into your potential future working environments 
  • Practice important qualities of being a doctor, teamwork, leadership and empathy.
  • Have talks from medical professionals covering the use of medical diagnostic tools, procedures and your future ambitions. 

For those who are unsure if medical school is for them or want to gain more experience before their interviews then medical summer schools are a great opportunity if you find the time during your busy summer. 

Medic Mind (Residential)

  • Insight from Doctors & Students: You’ll learn pathways training as a doctor in the NHS and practice being a GP, an A&E registrar and Medical SHO!
  • UCAT & BMAT Teaching: Our packed schedule includes award-winning strategies proven to improve performance in UCAT and BMAT. You also get access to 10,000+ Questions. – The only summer school from the list above which offers this
  • Care for patients on simulated ward: You’ll be immersed into a high-fidelity simulated environment where you’ll deal with emergencies like cardiac arrests, confusion, and infection
  • Learn to suture and do CPR: You’ll dive into the deep end as you’ll practice CPR on simulated dummies and learn the important skill of suturing
  • UCAS & Personal Statement: Together we can begin your medical application, and work on planning your timeline for the next year, including writing your Personal Statement, choosing medical schools and preparing for interviews.

This is my top choice for summer school since it combines a good variety of work experience, UCAT/BMAT and also clinical skills. You can use the code SUMMER100 to get £100 off.

Frequently Asked Question

→What are medical summer schools in the UK?

Medical summer schools in the UK are programs designed for students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. These programs provide hands-on learning experiences, mentorship from medical professionals, and opportunities to explore different medical specialties.

→Who can attend medical summer schools in the UK?

Medical summer schools in the UK are typically open to students who are currently in high school or college, with a strong interest in pursuing a career in medicine. Some programs may have specific requirements, such as a certain grade point average or coursework in science subjects.

→How do I apply for medical summer schools in the UK?

To apply for medical summer schools in the UK, you will typically need to complete an application form, provide transcripts or other academic records, and submit letters of recommendation. Some programs may also require a personal statement or essay, and may have an application deadline several months before the start of the program.

→How do I choose a medical summer school in the UK?

When choosing a medical summer school in the UK, it is important to consider factors such as the program’s reputation, the types of activities offered, the cost and length of the program, and the qualifications of the instructors and mentors. You may also want to consider the location and accessibility of the program, as well as any networking or career development opportunities offered.

→What types of activities are included in medical summer schools in the UK?

Medical summer schools in the UK typically include a variety of activities, such as lectures, workshops, hands-on demonstrations, and clinical simulations. Students may also have the opportunity to observe medical procedures, participate in research projects, and shadow medical professionals in different specialties.

→What are the benefits of attending medical summer schools in the UK?

Attending a medical summer school in the UK can provide students with valuable insight into the field of medicine, including different specialties and career paths. These programs also offer opportunities to develop practical skills, network with medical professionals, and gain experience that can be helpful when applying to medical school.

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