Best-Rated GAMSAT Preparation Material

GAMSAT preparation is essential and the key to success. In addition to these preparatory materials, I recommend you read our top tips for each section. There are endless resources and preparation materials available and it can be hard choosing which are best to use. Here are our best-rated GAMSAT preparation materials:

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1. ACER Preparation Materials

ACER produces the only official GAMSAT questions so these provide the most realistic and relevant questions to practice. When you register for the GAMSAT, youโ€™ll be provided with โ€˜Practice Questionsโ€™, there are 4 other E-books available. You can find them here


Preparation MaterialPrice
Practice TestUK: ยฃ28
Ireland: โ‚ฌ32
Practice Test 2UK: ยฃ28
Ireland: โ‚ฌ32
Practice Test 3UK: ยฃ28
Ireland: โ‚ฌ32
Sample QuestionsUK: ยฃ17
Ireland: โ‚ฌ19
Practice QuestionsUK: ยฃ17
Ireland: โ‚ฌ19
Written Communication Practice TestUK: ยฃ10
Ireland: โ‚ฌ11
Written Communication Practice Test 2UK: ยฃ10
Ireland: โ‚ฌ11

2. Griffiths GAMSAT Review

Most students whoโ€™ve sat the GAMSAT would agree that the online Griffiths GAMSAT Review series is one of the best resources available. It consists of 6 books and covers all of the sections of the GAMSAT. It costs ยฃ147 for the complete set and you can find them here

You can also download a free sample practice test here: 

Sample Practice Test 

Download Free GAMSAT Notes

    3. Textbooks

    If you prefer to learn from a textbook, any A-level science book will cover the topics needed. There are multiple different โ€˜GAMSATโ€™ textbooks available but if itโ€™s the core theory you want to learn, any A-level science book will be sufficient. Try to avoid paying for overpriced textbooks which offer the same content but class themselves as โ€˜GAMSAT specificโ€™ and therefore charge more money.

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    Some books I recommend are:

    Section 1:

    ‘When Breath Becomes Air’  by Paul Kalanithi

    ‘Complications’ by Atul Gawande

    ‘Do No Harm’ by Henry Marsh

    Section 2:

    ‘The Meaning of Things’ by AC Grayling

    Section 3:

    If you have done science for A-level, try to find your textbooks and use these! If not, consider purchasing, and remember you can always get them second-hand. The โ€˜For Dummiesโ€™ series are a good place to start and they have books on each of the science disciplines. The โ€˜Organic Chemistry for Dummiesโ€™ is ยฃ12.79.

    4. Online resources

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    Itโ€™s tempting to go straight to the specific GAMSAT preparation materials, however the free online resources can be just as good and may even go into further detail in their explanations. Here are some links:

    Khan Academy – great for studying Chemistry, Biology and Physics

    Armando Hasudungan – short and simple videos to increase your Biology knowledge

    Revision World – easy to read articles on various topics

    BBC Bitesize – good for brushing up your basic knowledge before tackling harder concepts

    5. Mastering The GAMSAT

    For the 2023 entry, Medic Mind is excited to announce the release of the most recent and accurate GAMSAT Guide Book, titled “Mastering the GAMSAT.”

    The award-winning Medical Admissions Tutoring Company in the UK and Australia is the publisher of the most thorough GAMSAT book currently on the market, the “Master the GAMSAT” Guide.

    Written by subject-matter experts for the 2023 Entry, it contains 100+ key points, a vast array of practice questions written in the format and difficulty level of the actual exam, and efficient time-saving strategies that will enable you to finish challenging questions within the allotted time. GAMSAT in-depth instruction and guidance from professionals in the medical field. Each question has fully developed worked solutions that walk you through the quickest, most efficient method of determining the correct response. The authors of the book are licenced physicians with countless hours of GAMSAT tutoring experience.

    The GAMSAT Book by Medic Mind offers outstanding guidance on all of the topics needed to obtain high GAMSAT scores. The GAMSAT book is a great tool as it teaches you how to recognise efficient exam techniques, pitfalls to avoid, and methods to perfect for the test. This is your Ultimate GAMSAT companion, featuring insights and advice from knowledgeable GAMSAT Tutors, and it is a MUST-BUY for anyone aiming to perform well on the test.

    Master the GAMSAT by Medic Mind

    Tips for buying and using GAMSAT Preparation resources:

    • Before making any purchases, think about your current knowledge and understanding. You may find that if youโ€™ve majored in English or literature that you wonโ€™t need many resources for section 1 and similarly if you have a science background, you wonโ€™t need to invest in resources for section 3. 
    • If you wish to purchase materials, look at the reviews and ratings. Also check if other GAMSAT students have discussed the book within forums such as on The Student Room
    • Use a variety of resources: To gain a well-rounded understanding of topics, use different resources. Whilst textbooks may be great for gaining a grounded understanding of a topic, videos may help to allow you to visualise things in real-time and 3D.
    • Itโ€™s great to learn the theory but practising questions is of utmost importance. The GAMSAT purposely offers most of the knowledge you require within the question stems as it aims to test your ability to interpret information. So whilst knowing the theory is great and will help with your answering speed. 

    Tutoring is also a great resource to enable your learning and ensure you achieve a great grade, check out our available options here

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    Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

    GAMSAT Online Course
    70+ Video Tutorials, GAMSAT Questions & Textbook
    Join nowยฃ99
    Download Free GAMSAT Notes

      Frequently Asked Question

      โ†’What is the best way to prepare for the GAMSAT?

      Preparation is absolutely key, there are 3 different sections and each requires a different set of skills. Becoming familiar with the content and the style of questions will help to build your confidence and allow you to relax a little more on the day of the exam.

      โ†’What should I read to prepare for GAMSAT?

      If you prefer to learn from a textbook, any A-level science book will cover the topics needed. There are multiple different โ€˜GAMSATโ€™ textbooks available but if itโ€™s the core theory you want to learn, any A-level science book will cover the relevant topics.

      โ†’How many hours a week should I study for GAMSAT?

      The general consensus is that students should start preparing 3 โ€“ 6 months prior to the GAMSAT and spend 2 โ€“ 3 hours per day.

      โ†’What are the best-rated GAMSAT preparation materials?

      The best-rated GAMSAT preparation materials are those that provide comprehensive and high-quality study materials, practice questions, and mock exams to help students prepare for the test. Some of the most highly recommended GAMSAT preparation materials include AceGAMSAT, Gold Standard GAMSAT, Des O’Neill GAMSAT, and Fraser’s GAMSAT.

      โ†’What should I look for in GAMSAT preparation materials?

      When selecting GAMSAT preparation materials, you should look for materials that provide a thorough understanding of the test format and content, as well as plenty of practice questions and mock exams to help you prepare. You should also consider the reputation of the publisher and the experience and qualifications of the authors.

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