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Section 1 has two types of questions which is logical reasoning which is similar to the Thinking Skills Assessment and BMAT test papers that you have practiced. General knowledge is a little different. Here are some tips to help you with IMAT section 1.

Section 1 - IMAT Logical Reasoning
Section 1 – Logical Reasoning

10 tips for IMAT Section 1

1. Read the question in the IMAT exam.

 Although this is obvious, many students miss this. The question may ask for something that is ‘true’ yet students find the answer that is ‘false’.

2. Read more books and improve your ability to scan pages for the IMAT.

The more you read and try to read faster and gather more information while reading in a shorter period of time. Time yourself reading a page in a book and try to improve the speed over time.

3. Use keywords for the IMAT.

 Find if there is a keyword in the answer options that you can use to find in the passage. Then read the sentence before and after the keyword as well as the sentence containing the keyword.

4. Cover Tests for Conclusion Questions.

As passages are shorter for IMAT conclusion questions, it is better for you to scan the passage first, then think about the conclusion and then answer the question.

5. Try to estimate.

If the answer options are far apart and the calculation is not too complicated then quickly estimate to get to the right answer.

6. Eliminate options.

in the IMAT exam that do not seem feasible or are clearly incorrect. You are improving the chances for you to get the correct answer.

7. Watch out for units in the IMAT mathematical questions.

Make sure you convert everything into the same units before attempting the calculation for IMAT mathematical questions.

8. For assumptions, if something is stated it cannot be an assumption.

This may sound obvious but many students still make this mistake. An assumption is something that is not stated but it is vital for the conclusion to hold true

9. Go through the Thinking Skills Assessment Critical thinking book.

This goes through the thought process behind each question

10. Practice, Practice, Practice.

IMAT Section 1 has the most amount of practice papers related to this style of questions out there so this one is something you can genuinely do well on with more practice.

10 tips for IMAT Section 2

Section 2 for the IMAT is the biology section and it is testing you at a knowledge level of around high school.

IMAT Biology
IMAT Biology

1. Look at the IMAT Biology specification point

Cross off any points you have revised and then learn the content for the specification points you do not know. It may be worth looking at your revision guides from high school to revise any unknown topics.

2. Revise high yield topics

Look at questions that come up commonly in the IMAT exam and revise the topics those questions stem from.

3. Eliminate incorrect answers

Remove incorrect answers so you increase the chances of getting the right answer.

4. Answer the questions that are easy first

Come back to harder questions later so you are not spending a lot of time on questions you do not need to.

5. Read the questions carefully.

It is easy to read a question incorrectly and put the answer you think is right. Careful of negatives and answer exactly what they want.

6. Read all the answer options.

Sometimes you see an answer and you think it is correct but there may be another answer which actually fits the answer to the question better.

7. Use diagrams when revising

There are a lot of labelling questions in the IMAT exam so you need to get used to knowing how to do this.

8. Use spaced repetition

Revise definitions of biology terms using a spaced repetition system such as Anki or Quizlet or Brainscape.

9. Practice other question banks

Biology questions in the Natural Science Exams and in the BMAT are good to practice.

10. Revise mistakes

Revise mistakes made on the IMAT questions, revise that topic and make questions on that topic so you are prepared if they ask questions similar to that topic.

10 tips for IMAT General Knowledge

General knowledge is testing you on important facts and figures that are expected to be known by many Italian people and around the world. These are usually correlated with historical facts and big institutions.

IMAT General Knowledge
IMAT General Knowledge

1. Read the question carefully in the IMAT exam

It is easy to read a question incorrectly and put the answer you think is right. Careful of negatives and answer exactly what they want.

2. Eliminate incorrect answers

Remove incorrect answers so you increase the chances of getting the right answer in the IMAT exam.

3. Look at the common IMAT general knowledge questions

Make a list of what is important to know by looking at all the past general knowledge questions for the IMAT exam. Read this article to find a breakdown

4. Make mnemonics

General knowledge is mostly memory recall for the IMAT exam so it might be worth making mnemonics that will help you remember key facts you might forget.

5. Search up general knowledge questions

Practice Italian General Knowledge quiz and trivia questions to practice

6. Make flashcards

Use a spaced repetition software such as Anki or Quizlet of all the important films, institutions and people that you know and add any that you come across in your exam so you will know for next time.

7. Do not spend too much time on one question.

General knowledge is a spot knowledge test, if you do not know it then guess and move on. You are more likely to get marks in the other sections

10 tips for IMAT Section 3

This is the chemistry part of the IMAT which is more about applying chemistry knowledge rather than regurgitating definitions.

IMAT Chemistry
IMAT Chemistry

1. Learn the methods

Try and apply knowledge of your chemistry for IMAT chemistry-based questions such as how to calculate neutron numbers or how to balance equations.

2. Memorise key facts

For the IMAT memorise formula such as enthalpy and kinetics and functional group names e.t.c

3. Draw out molecules

In the IMAT exam if you are unsure about the bonding and count the number of bonds that an element should be able to make.

4. Eliminate incorrect answers

Remove incorrect answers so you increase the chances of getting the right answer in the IMAT exam.

5. Memorise Oxidation Rules

For oxidation states make sure you memorise the different rules and practice the oxidation state questions similar to those seen in IMAT exams in other papers such as A level past papers.

6. Practice physical chemistry questions

Practice those that commonly comes up in IMAT. You can search these on google for example titration calculations and finding moles.

7. Be familiar with nomenclature patterns

It is important you can identify the compound by looking at the name

8. Go through the specification

Tick and cross points that you know well and those you do not know well.

9. Draw out Isomers

Turn all the formulas into one type of formula such as display formula so you can identify the isomer more easily.

10. Make educated guesses

If a question is taking too long it is best to make an educated guess and then move on rather than wasting time on one question.

10 tips for IMAT Section 4

This is the mathematics section and this usually takes simple maths concepts and makes them challenging. However, they are questions which you should be able to do quickly realistically so do not overthink these.

IMAT Section 4
Tips for IMAT

1. Practice, practice, practice.

Maths is all about practice the more you practice the better you will get at it.

2. Search up YouTube videos

If there are any shortcuts for solutions these will be found on YouTube. You may use techniques similar to the Maths Olympiad

3. Look over the IMAT specification

To see which methods you are familiar with and go over the ones you are not familiar with. Do not try to learn all the IMAT specifications top to bottom.

4. Draw on the diagrams

For the IMAT mechanics questions you will need to draw things out.

5. Draw out probability tree diagrams

Draw the tree diagrams out where it is appropriate to solve for the probability questions. It will help visualise things better.

6. When solving complicated equations see what is similar between them

If there are multiples or you can manipulate the numbers so the base is the same, do that for IMAT indices questions.

7. Read the IMAT question carefully

It is easy to read a question incorrectly and put the answer you think is right. Careful of negatives and answer exactly what they want.

8. Check units for all IMAT calculation questions.

They may have different units so make sure all the units are the same before continuing with calculations

9. Use the answer options to help you.

 If they have put the answer of angles in the form of cos^–1(θ) then think about how you would work the question out to find it in that form. This stops you from using a long-winded method which will waste time.

10. Eliminate incorrect answers

Remove incorrect answers so you increase the chances of getting the right answer in the IMAT exam. This is especially true for questions which are very long.

How to Achieve Good IMAT Test Results

To achieve a good result in the IMAT test results follow the tips highlighted in the Top 10 tips for each section on the Medic Mind website. This will help you know exactly what to do for each section and give you an edge over other students who have not read the tips.

It is important you take care of yourself throughout the process which will help improve your chances of getting a brilliant score on your IMAT exam. You need to nourish your brain by eating healthy and hydrated. Exams can cause a lot of stress and sleepless nights which can lead to you performing worse. To make sure you are on your A-game it is important you sleep adequately, eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water.

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