IMAT 2022: Effective IMAT Test Preparation Tips

How long should you prepare?

To prepare for the IMAT you should plan ahead on how you wish to tackle the IMAT exam. I would recommend taking around 3 months to prepare if not longer. Slow and steady practice is better than cramming the practice all at the end. You want to gradually increase the pace nearer to the exam date.

IMAT exam
IMAT exam

Take care of yourself

With any test preparation, even the IMAT, you need to make sure you keep yourself optimum so make sure you sleep properly, exercise regularly and eat healthily. It is easily forgotten to take care of one’s body and this will hurt you later on.

Keep yourself optimum
Keep yourself optimum.

Resources to Practice

Have a schedule for tackling the IMAT and make sure you tackle all of the different sections. To practice, you should use the TSA papers for section 1 and also the BMAT papers which are similar to the other sections. This will give you a good head start for preparing. Right near the end, you should do the IMAT  papers. You need to be familiar with the content near the exam date.

For section 2 you can look at the NSAA(Natural Science Admission Assessment) papers which can be found here. These are similar to the questions you will get for your science section,

Reflective Practice

Have a table for the IMAT exams where you have different tests you have taken, the date you have taken them and your strengths and weaknesses. There are a lot of studies that have shown great improvement in reflective revision. Focus on your specific weaknesses and do many new questions on those specific topics.

IMAT Exam Practice
IMAT Exam Practice

The Lead up to IMAT exam

1. Stationary

Make sure you bring a pencil and rubber if the exam is happening in person

2. Bring ID and Email Confirmation

On the day you will need to bring your photo ID that you registered with and both email confirmation.

3. Go early

Get to your IMAT exam centre location 30 minutes earlier to ensure you are not late as traffic can

4. Sleep well and do not cram before the IMAT examination day

Sleeping is very important to ensure you are able to remember everything for the IMAT exam.

5. Eat well before the IMAT exam

Coming up to the IMAT exam it is important you are well hydrated and are eating healthy. Eating junk food could make you feel groggy so it would be best to lay it off for a while.

6. Water bottle

During the exam you may start to feel dehydrated so it is best to keep a bottle of water with you at all times

7. Go to the toilet before the IMAT exam

You do not wish to waste precious time going to the toilet so make sure to go before.

8. If you have made any key fact list look over them the day before

Looking through key facts the day before and sleeping will ensure those memories are consolidated and are there to be retrieved quickly during your exam.

General Tips During the IMAT Exam

1. Read the questions carefully

The exam questions may have negations or may require only a specific part answered. Only answer what is asked and scan for important information.

2. Prioritise the questions that are easy

Try to maximise your marks by answering questions you know how to do well so you can guarantee you can get a high score.

3. Eliminate hyperbolic statements

For multiple-choice questions lookout for hyperbolic statements which use words like ‘all’ or ‘everyone’ ; these are less likely to be correct.

4. Do not leave any answers blank

Even if there is negative marking. You are better off attempting to answer as many questions as possible as there is more reward for getting the right answer than getting a question wrong.

5. Keep a watch with you

You can see if you are taking too much time on a question. If you are then guess and come back to the question.

Tips for IMAT Exam
Tips for IMAT Exam

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