What is a good IMAT Score?

The highest possible score for the IMAT is 90 as there are 60 questions each worth 1.5 marks if you get the answer correct however, you also lose 0.4 marks for every incorrect answer. Generally, a score above 45 is deemed good as this surpasses the cut off for most universities. The highest University with a cut off of 50 is the University of Bologna. The highest score students achieved when applying to university is 66.60.

Although these seem like high scores, you can still get into IMAT universities with lower scores. The lowest IMAT cut off score is by the University of Padova of 27.5. It would be advisable to apply to universities with variations of cut off scores to ensure you are able to have a good chance of being admitted to do your chosen subject of Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine.

The general rule of thumb is to aim to get a score as high as possible for you. It is best to keep practising and improving until you are able to perform the best you can do in the exam. This stops you from limiting yourself by having a target to hit for the IMAT exam.

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