UCAT Universities: Which Universities Require The UCAT?

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The UCAT has been part of multiple Universities application processes for many years. For a lot of students the Universities that the choose to apply to is one of the biggest decision they will have made in their life so far. And the entrance tests required by those Universities can have a big impact on which ones you may choose.

This article covers which Universities require the UCAT and it discuss briefly how it can be used to assess you. And should be able to help guide you in this difficult decision.

UCAT Universities

Universities UCAT
UCAT Universities

A total of 30 of UK medical schools use the UCAT. This makes up the majority of UK medical schools. The table below includes all of these and their UCAS codes.

UCAT UniversitiesUCAS Course Code
  A20University of Aberdeen  A100, A105, A201
  A60Anglia Ruskin University A100
  A80Aston University A100
  B32University of Birmingham A100, A101, A200
  B78University of Bristol A100, A108, A206, A208
  C15Cardiff University  A100*, A104, A200, A204
  D65University of Dundee  A100, A104, A200, A204
  E14University of East Anglia  A100, A104
  E42Edge Hill University A100, A110
  E56University of Edinburgh A100
  E84University of Exeter  A100*
  G28University of Glasgow  A100, A200
  H75Hull York Medical School  A100, A101
  K12Keele University  A100*, A104*
  K31Kent and Medway Medical School A100
  K60King’s College London  A100, A101, A102, A202, A205, A206
  L34University of Leicester A100, A199
  L41University of Liverpool A100*, A200
  M20University of Manchester  A104, A106, A204, A206
  N21University of Newcastle A100, A101, A206
  N84University of Nottingham  A100, A10L, A108, A18L
  P60Plymouth University  A100*, A206*
  Q50Queen Mary University of London  A100, A101, A110, A120, A200
  Q75Queen’s University Belfast  A100, A200*
  S18University of Sheffield A100, A101, A200
  S27University of Southampton  A100, A101, A102
  S36University of St Andrews  A100, A990
  S49St George’s, University of London  A100
  S84University of Sunderland A100
  W20University of Warwick  A101
List Of Medical Schools Requiring The UCAT

This list is correct as of April 2020. And an up to date list can be found at: https://www.ucat.ac.uk/ucat/universities/

How UCAT Universities use your UCAT 

There is no hard and fast rule for how a UCAT University will use you score during the application process. Some may have a cut off score that changes year on year. But, others may only use it in the case of borderline applications.

The best option is to visit each UCAT Universities’ website for those that you are interested in and search there. If this is unsuccessful you can also ring their admission teams. But it is worth noting that often the UCAT cut off score is not set until the University has all of the results. 

UCAT Score

If you are struggling to understand how the UCAT scoring works or what your score means. Then we have an article which breaks down how the scoring works and gives insight into each section of the test (https://www.medicmind.co.uk/medicine-ucas-guide/ucat-scores-guide-what-is-a-good-ucat-score/).


This article will help to give you further understanding of how the UCAT Universities use this test. And will allow you to target your applications to specific Universities depending on how strongly you perform in the test.


It can be difficult sometimes deciding which admission test is best. The different test types may suit different student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Oxford is one of the Universities that requires BMAT

As you can see from the table above the UCAT allows you to apply to the vast majority of UK medical schools. But ultimately this decision is going to come down to personal preference and where you want to study medicine. 


Choosing to sit the UCAT gives you the opportunity to apply to many of the top medical schools in the country. It is one of the key steps in your application process to becoming a medical student. Therefore it is key to be as well informed on the process as possible. And hopefully this article has helped show you the Universities that you will be able to apply to.

If you have any further questions about which Universities require the UCAT please leave a comment below and we will get back to you!

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