Which Universities Require the GAMSAT?

The GAMSAT is an admissions exam used to select graduate applicants for medical and dental schools. It was originally designed for use in Australian medical schools but is now being widely adopted across the world – including UK universities! UK GAMSAT universities use the GAMSAT score for shortlisting for both accelerated four-year graduate-entry medical degrees and standard five-year courses. Take a look at our medical school comparator tool to compare entry requirements and previous GAMSAT cut-off scores.

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If you’re a graduate considering applying the UK medical schools, read on to learn more about the GAMSAT universities. If you want to find out more about the exam, including all the important dates not to miss for UK GAMSAT Universities, check out our GAMSAT guide.

How to choose the right Medical School for you
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    Accelerated Graduate-Entry Courses

    Graduates are eligible to apply for 4-year accelerated medical degrees. Not only do these have the benefit of taking less time to study, but they also have more funding available. The following GAMSAT universities offer accelerated medical degrees for graduates.

    Cardiff University

    As one of only two Welsh medical schools, Cardiff University offers a graduate-entry medicine degree for graduates from one of the recognised feeder streams. This means you must have studied one of the four approved degrees prior to applying and will enter directly into Year 2 of the standard course. Graduate applicants applying to the standard 5-year medicine course at Cardiff are also required to sit the GAMSAT

    University of Liverpool

    Liverpool is one of the UK GAMSAT Universities open only to bioscience graduates who hold a 2:1 or above. Successful applicants enter Year 2 of the standard course directly. In previous years a score of 55/56 would be considered competitive. Any graduate applying to the standard course at Liverpool will also need to sit the GAMSAT.

    St George’s, University of London

    Located in South London, St George’s gives students the chance to train right in the heart of the city! The four-year graduate-entry course requires the GAMSAT. The last GAMSAT cut-off score for 2021 was a total of 60.

    Swansea University

    Swansea is unique among the UK GAMSAT Universities as it is a graduate-only medical school! This means that every student will have already completed a degree before starting the course. For 2020 entry, the GAMSAT cut-off score to receive an interview was a total of 62.

    University of Nottingham

    The four-year graduate-entry medicine course at Nottingham is one of the only courses to accept graduates with a 2:2 degree classification. This means it’s a great option for people with a slightly weaker academic history. In 2020 the minimum GAMSAT score required to be invited to interview was a total of 59.


    A unique partnership between both the Universities of St Andrews and Dundee, ScotGEM aims to meet the future needs of the NHS in rural areas of Scotland. For 2020 entry a total overall score of 50 with no subsection score lower than 49 was the minimum required for an interview.


    Based in Northern Ireland, Ulster Medical School will take its first students in August 2021. The accelerated graduate degree will require graduate applicants to sit the GAMSAT exam.


    This four-year graduate entry medicine course is only open to international students from outside the UK who already have a first degree in any discipline, but this may change in the future.

    Standard Courses

    Keele University

    Based in Staffordshire, Keele University welcomes graduates of any subject with a 2:1 honours degree or higher to apply for their standard medical degree. Ordinarily, applicants would take the UCAT however a sufficient score in the GAMSAT will waive the typical A-Level requirements. This means that if you’re applying from a non-science background or don’t have A-Levels in Chemistry or Biology, you can still meet the entry requirements by scoring well in the GAMSAT. Note that all applicants still need to take the UCAT regardless of GAMSAT score.

    Plymouth University

    Plymouth uses the GAMSAT for shortlisting for both their medicine and dentistry degrees. They don’t have any accelerated courses but graduates are welcome to apply for the standard-entry degrees. For medicine in 2021 the GAMSAT cut-off score to obtain an interview was a total score of 66 with minimum subsection scores of S1: 47, S2: 48 and S3: 54.

    University of Exeter

    Exeter requires graduate applicants to sit the GAMSAT as well as any applicants who sat their A-Levels more than two years ago. This GAMSAT university had a cut-off score of 60 for 2019 entry.

    University of Sunderland

    Sunderland is one of the newest UK medical schools. All applicants to Sunderland are required to sit the UCAT. So while Sunderland isn’t considered to be one of the GAMSAT Universities you can use a strong GAMSAT score to compensate for not meeting GCSE and A-Level requirements. This is great for applicants from non-science backgrounds who might not have taken the required subjects at A-Level.

    The University of Sunderland (pictured) is one of the UK GAMSAT Universities.
    University of Sunderland
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      Do all unis require GAMSAT?

      GAMSAT is required for graduate entry at the following universities: Liverpool, Nottingham, St George’s London, Swansea, Cardiff, Dundee.

      Who needs GAMSAT?

      UK GAMSAT universities use the GAMSAT score for shortlisting for both accelerated four-year graduate-entry medical degrees and standard five-year courses.

      How difficult is GAMSAT?

      The GAMSAT is an extremely demanding exam. An average GASMAT score ranges from 56-68. Competitive scores are between 61-64.

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